Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa going on hunger strike. She says I will also become like jai, staying inside my room, getting disconnected from the world. jai says Ansubaa….. Everyone looks on and get worried hearing this. jai says even he won’t have food till Ansubaa ends her strike.

Dhara speaks against Ansubaa infront of jai and she does this purposely. He gets angry and takes Ansubaa’s side. He says I love her a lot. She says if you really love her much, then tell me what you did for her. He says I can’t do what she asked for. Dhara says I thought you love her and you value her words. He says I can’t give her what she wants. Dhara tries to convince jai. He says leave me alone, go from here. Dhara says everyone care about you. jai says no one wants to understand me, Bhoomi was my life, I can’t forget her. Dhara says who is asking you to forget her, everyone remembers her.

Dhara says Ansubaa loved Bhoomi a lot, everyone is sad about Bhoomi’s death but still they thought about you, cared for you, but you did not think about anyone, you thought about yourself, you lost your wife, but everyone lost you too. jai says go from here. Dhara says you are punishing the family since six years, Bhoomi won’t forgive you, if you want her to forgive you, give your life a second chance for Ansubaa’s sake.

jai says I will be like I m now, I m happy. Dhara says you are selfish, if you feel you are right, have this food, it won’t be fine. She asks him to think about Ansubaa. Dhara leaves. Komal calls everyone and thinks where did Chandrika, Vilas and Paritosh go. She prays for their safety. Someone comes to Komal and asks what are you doing here, your family went to Rajkot. Komal is shocked. Komal comes to know that Chandrika called her dead for her. Komal does not believe her. She says Chandrika is not good to you. Komal says I can’t believe this, they can’t leave me like this. The woman asks Komal to believe this and take care. She leaves. Komal is stunned.

Komal says was this true, what will happen then, if they really left me and went, where will I go, what will I do. Komal cries. Dhara comes to Kishan ji’s idol and talks to him about jai. She saays I scolded jai but he is adamant as he is not ready to agree with Ansubaa and Parul. She apologizes to the Lord and says the whole family wants to see him happy and he is upset. She says I want to return Parul her son. Parul comes to her and hears all this. She says the pandit was right about you, you can do what others can’t. She says I know you will do some miracle today. Parul hugs Dhara.

jai thinks about Dhara’s words being in his room. He says Dhara called me selfish, I did so much for my family. He cries seeing Bhoomi’s photo and says no one understands me here, it was only you who understood me. Bhoomi appears and jai says you. Bhoomi says yes, me, she comes to him and she says I m your past. He says you are not my past. She says I m not your present, tell me where I m in your present. He says you are in my heart and this is the truth. Bhoomi explains him and says I know whats going on in your heart. She says you are responsible for this, why do you want to waste your life, your Bhoomi has died. She says you have to live your life, alone. jai says I don’t want to live. Bhoomi says you have to, for your family.

She says its time to move on. She says agree with the family. He says how. She says I know what they want, but even I want this. She holds his face in her hands and says now the time has come that we have to say final goodbye to each other. He holds her hands and she says I will go, t make space for someone else. She says I don’t want to ruin your future. He says you are my life. She says I was, but not now. She says hold your life and start living, I have to go for everyone’s happiness. jai hugs her and cries.

Bhoomi cries and holds his hands and convinces him. jai looks at her and she leaves his hand and moves away. Bhoomi smiles and disappears. Karsan and everyone ask Ansubaa not to be adamant like jai. Ansubaa says I won’t take medicines. They try to convince Ansubaa saying jai is not going to listen to us. Ansubaa says I will do what I have to, no one can change my decision, even the Lord. Dhara comes with the milk but Ansubaa does not have it. Everyone are worried about Ansubaa. Parul takes Dhara with her.

Parul asks Dhara about jai. She says they both are very much adamant. Dhara says don’t worry, the Lord will do. Parul asks Dhara not to face jai as he is very angry. Dhara says I don’t care. jai comes and scolds Dhara and says she always put her words on me, giving me lecture. He says I m not going to listen to anyone, he asks Dhara to leave and go to her house. Dhara is shocked. Parul looks at her. Dhara cries.

jai talks to Ansubaa and says you want to get married, I will do it for your happiness. Everyone are happy.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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