Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone talking about Tanya and thinking where she is. The sage scolds everyone for yesterday’s mistake. He asks them to find Tanya in the ashram. Everyone are looking out for Tanya in the ashram. Parulben is hungry and wonder where Tanya went. Poonam sees Ambika’s hand hurt and asks how did this happen. Ambika tells her everything about Tanya and Sagar. She says there is something wrong, I don’t think Sagar is a good man, I m afraid he can do anything with Tanya.

Poonam says Tanya might be near, don’t worry, be positive. She says lets go and find her. Poonam goes to find Tanya and sees Tanya lying under some leaves. She is shocked and shouts no. At home, Akash tells Shashikant that he is going to meet his new client and would come home

late. Mangla asks him to have tea. They get the news about a woman’s death and are shocked. Everyone look at each other and gets worried for Poonam.

The police comes to the ashram and surround the area. They ask the sage whom do you doubt. Ambika looks on. The sage says this ashram is of the Lord, I don’t doubt anyone. Pinky tells the sage that you don’t know the truth, I will tell you the truth, come with me. Akash is calling at the ashram. The call does not connect. Akash says I don’t know how is Poonam. Akash says how to find out about Poonam. He tells Mangla that he is going to Haridwar to Poonam. Vandana cries. Mangla says is that woman Poonam and gets worried.

The sage asks Pinky what do you want to say. Pinky points to Ambika. The sage supports Ambika and says why will Ambika kill Tanya. Pinky says because they fought yesterday and Ambika said she will kill Tanya. Poonam says what she saw was right, but Ambika did not kill Tanya. Parulben asks Poona to not support Ambika. She says she has done what she said. Poonam says no, you are misunderstanding. Pinky says Ambika has killed Tanya. The sage asks Pinky are you mad, its a big sin to call anyone a murdered. Pinky says I saw her when she came back in this room and slept.

She says I have proof also against her. Sagar hears all this. Pinky shows the blood on the Ambika’s pillow and says is this Tanya’s blood. Everyone are shocked. Ambika is tensed. Parulben asks the sage to give Ambika to the police. Poonam shouts enough. Poonam says this is not Tanya’s blood, its Ambika’s blood as her hand is hurt. Poonam tells even Parulben said she will kill Tanya.

Poonam asks Ambika to tell everyone what she saw yesterday night. Ambika tells everyone that Tanya was with Sagar yesterday night. The sage is shocked. Ambika brings Sagar inside the room. Aarti starts crying. Ambika says Tanya was with him last night, I did not point to him as I don’t know the truth. Ambika says I did not kill Tanya. She cries seeing everyone blaming her. Poonam looks at her. Poonam shouts yes, she has done a murder. Everyone looks on.

Poonam goes to Parulben and says Ambika killed her husband whom she cared for. She says do you know why she did, because her husband tries to rape her maid, so she killed him. She says think what would she do seeing that. She says she can’t kill any woman. Poonam scolds everyone. Everyone are ashamed. Poonam says you all should be ashamed. Poonam pacifies Ambika. The sage says now you know her truth, its not good to tell like this about anyone. The sage asks Sagar were you with Tanya yesterday night. Sagar says yes, I was following Tanya. The sage asks why. Sagar says I was keeping an eye on them as I m giving them a hefty amount.

He speaks against Tanya. He says I missed her and I don’t know where she went. Pinky says then who killed her. Vidya says it means we can be next on the murderer’s list. Everyone are worried.

Poonam says we should help in finding the murderer. Everyone supports her. The sage looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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