Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla says to everyone if i don’t go to work then nobody else will. Manda says what new trick is this now ? Kamla says this is the decision of being one. If we all people who work at house, drivers, maids and servants decide not to go to work then we can stop their lives. I wasn’t going to work was just letting them know that I won’t work anymore. If we all say that to our boss then it will make a difference. A lady says how will we feed our children. Kamla says we can cry on the house which is left for 2 days. Then we will feed our children on roads. I am no saying this is easy but if you wanna fight the decide how will we. We have no way no just except for unity and belief. That is how our ancestors won this country. Manda says what you wanna say ? Kamla

says no poor will work fro rich people now. If they think that we are worthless then we will show them that they can’t move without us. Everyone supports Kamla and says yes no work from today.
Kamla goes in front of her God, Kamla says to how will the poor live if they don’t trust themselves. Everyone has the right to see dreams. I am fighting for the right to live and you are of dreaming dreams. You have to top the exams.
I have seen a hope in you. Pakiya says we are with you. Kamla says I want Kalpi to win our hearts. Pakiya says lets go Kalpi you have to study.

Scene 2
Kalpi tells Vitthal all what happened downstairs. Vitthal says this is the fight of justice. I know Kamla will win this. Kalpana says this is what I want. I want Ai to win. Vitthal says then go and take your bag and help your Ai in this win. Pakiya says don’t worry Kalpi everything will be all right.

Scene 3
Paki is on her way to somewhere. She sees a car from which Raghav is coming out. She sees him and smiles. She asks driver to stop the car. She says I will be back in a moment. She starts moving towards Raghav, who is discussing his projects with the workers.
She stops behind him. The driver gets out of the car to walk. Paki calls Raghav Sir. Paki says look I told you we will meet again. Raghav says to workers bring it in the office. He starts moving. Paki says please listen to me sir. Raghav says I think you should go from here. Paki says we will together what will happen if we talk a little. Raghav says I don’t have time for that and so don’t you. Its your exams. Paki says I have plenty of time. She says you know all about me. He says yes I keep an eye on the people I know. He smiles and says yes you have a lot of time. He points towards backside where police has taken Paki’s car. Paki says what will I do now ? You will drop me ? He smiles, Paki follows him. He sits in the car and doesn’t open door for and leaves. Paki is disappointed.

Scene 4
Sahil is looking for the newspapers. Prem asks where is his coffee. Nettu says I don’t where is this kamla. Prem says I need coffee. Sahil says I have to go hungry to the office. Nettu says i am bringing it.
Nettu enters the kitchen.
Kamla along with all other people is protesting against the work.
Nettu sees her neighbor doing her work. She asks why are you doing this ? She tells her that all drivers and servants are meeting downstairs. Nettu says oh she is up with a new drama.
A maid asks Kamla that how will we leave our work ? Its not easy to get a new job. Kamla says this problem will never be solved. This can happen with you too. This is not thye fight of me alone but all of us. We will show them that we are united only then they will understand that they can’t deprive us off our rights. Nettu claps and says wow Kamla. You are living on out property illegally. Just a phone call to police can get you all arrested. Everyone stands up to run. kamla says we are just fighting for our right. Police can’t do anything. Everyone starts moving just the people of chowl are left there. Nettu says to Kamla get lost from here now. We don’t need people like you. You can buy anything from money. Kamla says you can’t fire me until you don’t change the decision constructing malls. She says I will untie all the poor When we wake up we shake everything with us.

Precap- Raghav tells Sammy that Kamla bai has started a fight against Kapoors. Sammy says when you know everything why don’t you help them., He says if anyone in the chowl has brain they will come to you trying to find me. Sammy says but who ? Raghav says the game has just started Sammy..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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