Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno unable to get the money from the locker. Poonam and Akash come back from Lucknow. Kanno is tensed seeing the jeweller and tells him I will send you the money by my husband. The man asks for the money and gets angry as she has kept the jewellery and is not paying him. Everyone come in the hall and see this drama. Kanno asks him to go and she will pay him tomorrow. The man gets furious. Mama tells Mangla I will see that man but Mangla stops him and says let the drama rise more. Kanno argues with that man. The man taunts her. Akash interferes and scolds the man for talking with Kanno like this.

He asks him to leave. Mangla comes and scolds the man and says I will close your shop if you don’t respect us. Shashikant hears all this and is very much

angry. He asks whats going on. The man tells him everything that Kanno ordered jewellery and is not paying him money and everyone are scolding him, not Kanno. Shashikant is shocked knowing this and says enough, how dare you talk like this. He asks Mangla to pay him the money and send him. Mangla brings the money and pays him. The man leaves. Kanno looks on and is tensed.

Mangla tells Shashikant that I told you how is Kanno, so careless and selfish that she cares only about herself. Shashikant takes Kanno’s side and asks Mangla to forgive her and give her another chance. Mangla agrees on one condition that Kanno will be punished for this and asks Kanno to give away the jewellery to her. She says this jewellery will be Poonam, Dadi and mine. Shashikant says but Mangla. Mangla says I m following what you said, this is my way to improvize her mistake. Mangla gives the jewellery to Poonam. Kanno is angry but quiet. Mama tells Shashikant that Kanno has made new rules that everyone will iron their clothes.

Vikas and Shilpa are fooling Prabhunath and Vandana doing their petty works like ironing their clothes. Prabhunath and Vandana are bowled over seeing their affection. Prabhunath says you are like Poonam and Akash for us. Vandana says you both think this is your house. Vikas ans Shilpa smile cunningly. Mangla wears the jewellery and is happy that she taught a lesson to Kanno. She says Kanno is illiterate but her choice is best. Mama says how will she manage the house. Mangla says she can’t as that needs smartness. She says I will not let her rule in my house.

Mama says since she got the keys, she is upto something or the other. Mangla says go and inaugurate the sofa. Mama says its great, I can’t stop. She says let the night begin, let everyone slee, then you do. Mama smiles and says I understood. Its night, Vandana calls Poonam and says Vikas and Prabhunath are playing chess and Shilpa is working in kitchen. She says Vikas and Shilpa are really good. Poonam asks for Monica’s Didi’s number. Poonam hears Prabhunath talking with Vikas. Mama spoils Kanno’s sofa with water.

Some guests come to meet Mangla. Mangla keeps Satsang and everyone are happy as its at home. Kanno comes. Mama smiles seeing her and tells Mangla that Kanno is coming. Kanno sits on her sofa and is shocked seeing it wet. Mama and Mangla smile. Mangla tells Kanno that she has kept satsang at home. Kanno says you did not ask me. Poonam and Mangla are shocked.

Mangla gets ashamed infront of the guests. She asks Kanno to come with her. She asks Kanno what do you want to say. Kanno says how can you keep the satsang without asking me. Mangla is annoyed and says I have called the guests and you are saying this. Poonam comes to them. Mangla says I thought its good to do the satsang but you are not accepting it, I forgot that I can;t do anything without your permission, you are the head of the house now, forgive me. She says I will go and ask them not to come. Poonam says no need, satsang will take place as you planned. Mangla says no Poonam, I will tell them no, let the family name get spoiled.

Poonam stops her and says I won’t let this happen, you go and tell the guests to come in satsang. Mangla agrees. Kanno talks to Poonam and gives her Rs. 4000 and asks her to manage the house in this much money. Poonam is shocked.

Mangla and Mama talk about cleverness of Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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