Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aarvi telling Jai that it was her mistake that has hurt Dipika’s hand. Dipika scolds Dhara but Jai supports Dhara and takes her side infront of everyone. Dhara and Parul smile. He asks Ketki to take care of Dipika’s wound. Dipika says sorry to Jai and leaves. Ketki does the first aid and asks what was the need to talk to Dhara like this, you should have acted positive. Dipika says did you see Dhara’s attitude, I had to show her place. Ketki says you went down to show her down. She says you did not act smart, you were foolish today. She says you have to become higher to show her down. Dipika smiles.

Dhara is in her room thinking about Dipika’s anger. She thinks how Jai supported her. Dipika comes to Dhara and talks to her.

Ketki acts sweet with everyone. Parul is worried. Lily and Ramila ask her why do you look upset, are you thinking about Dhara and Dipika. Ketki apologizes on Dipika’s behalf. Ketki says even I did not like it. Lily says Dhara is our bahu, no one can insult her like this.

Dipika comes to everyone and apologizes for her mistake. She says Dhara is protecting Jai and I got angry on her, she says sorry to Dhara. Dhara says I will return jai to you after seven months. Everyone are happy except Parul. Parul wishes Dhara and jai to come together. She says Dipika always taunts Dhara. Hasmukh comes to Chandrika to see whether she is acting or not. Dilip thinks about Ketki’s words and says I will not go as Ketki is still doubting me. He talks to jai and asks for his help. He says I don’t want to go as Ketki think I m going to meet Prachi, so I want to be with Ketki and give her some time. jai says ok, I will go Mumbai, I don’t have any problem. Dilip thanks him.

jai says they will not allow me. Dilip says Dhara will go with you. jai says what will she do there. Parul hears them talking. Dilip asks jai to take Dhara with him and jai agrees. Parul smiles.

Hasmukh tries to take video of Chandrika to see whether she is really blind or not. Chandrika falls and everyone rush to her. jai asks Komal to tale good care of Chandrika. Parul says anyone will be with her. jai says someone has to take care of her. Dhara says I will take care of her. Dipika thinks Dhara will be raising in everyone’s sight and acts sweet. She says Dhara you can’t be here, you have to be with jai. Dipika says I will take care of Dhara. Parul tells everyone that Jai and Dhara are going to Mumbai. Ketki and Dipika are shocked.

Dhara syas but what will I do there. Parul says its necessary for you to go. You stay in hotel and jai will do his work, you can see Mumbai. Hasmukh jokes. Ramila says let them go alone, they are newly married. Komal says show her Mumbai, it will be your honeymoon. Dipika gets angry. Parul sees Dhara thinking and asks what are you thinking. Dhara says about Nanku. Parul says we will take care of him. They ask her to pack her bag. Dhara asks whats honeymoon. Ramila says first outing after marriage. Parul says I will help Dhara in packing. Komal pulls jai’s leg and everyone laughs.

Ramila talks to Hasmukh about Chandrika. Ramila believes Chandrika is blind but Hasmukh still doubts on Chandrika. He says I will prove that she is acting.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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