Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam arguing with the sage about Vidya and Tanya and about his decision. The sage says what they did was important. Poonam says the thoughts matter for anything good. The money giver gets angry and supports Tanya and says enough, you can’t doubt on the sage’s decision. Vidya tells Poonam to leave it, as we all have to agree with his decision. Everyone give their opinion. Poonam says whats wrong always stays wrong. The sage gets angry and scolds Poonam and says you will be punished for calling my decision wrong. Everyone are shocked.

The sage says today everyone will not get food. Everyone get angry on Poonam. Poonam is shocked hearing this. The sage says give the food to these kids. Parulben says why are we being punished because of her. The

sage says she will be realizing her mistake soon if this happens. Poonam apologizes to the sage and says even now I don’t think I m wrong, you can punish me, I accept it and respect you a lot, but don’t punish everyone, this is wrong.

The sage scolds her and says if you speak against my decision, think twice before speaking. He says his lines and leaves. The money giver says no one should feel so free that they insult the sage, I can’t bear it.

Kanno is upset at home. Mangla asks her what are you thinking. Kanno and Mangla are making the lemon pickle. Kanno says I m not happy seeing Shashikant favor Poonam’s parents. She says do something. Mangla speaks against Poonam’s parents, she says I can’t do anything against Shashikant, if I do, then I will lose him and Akash, so I can’t do anything. Kanno smiles. Parulben, Pinky and everyone blame Poonam for making them stay hungry and starve. Parulben asks Poonam to go out of the competition. Poonam says enough, you don’t have to decide about who will stay here. Parulben says if you have any shame, go to the sage and apologize to him, maybe he will give us food.

Poonam says sorry, I don’t think its my mistake, I know I m not wrong, but I will ask the sage and apologize to him for giving you all food. Ambika says Poonam was right. Tanya taunts Ambika for killing her husband. Ambika says I will kill you. Poonam stops Ambika and says why are we all fighting. She says Ambika, stay cool, come with me. She leaves with Ambika and Vidya. Tanya asks Aarti to take her outside. Aarti gets tensed and agrees. She tells the women that no one will get food today, and Tanya is feeling much hungry, so I m taking Tanya with me to divert her attention from food.

Ambika and Poonam are walking in the ashram. Poonam sees someone sitting near the tree. She shows it to Ambika and asks who it it. Ambika says leave it. Poonam says maybe he is a thief, we have to check. Ambika says fine, lets see. They go to that person and Poonam takes a tree branch to hit him. Ambika uncovers it and its Tanya eating food under the blanket. They are shocked to see her.

Ambika scolds Tanya for eating without informing them. Tanya lies to them. She says why should I starve because of Poonam. Poonam asks her to tell the truth, where did she get the pizza. Tanya scolds scolds Poonam and Ambika says I will tell this to everyone. Ambika calls everyone outside and tells them what Tanya did. Aarti gets worried. Poonam asks Aarti that you took Tanya with her, how did she get the pizza. Aarti stops supporting Tanya. Parulben says we are starving and Tanya is having fun here. She says we can’t trust Tanya from now on. Tanya says stop it and shouts on everyone.

Tanya speaks ill about Parulben and Parulben scolds Tanya. Ambika confronts Tanya and says you are the biggest sinner. Tanya argues with Ambika. Ambika gets angry and says I will kill you now. Poonam stops Ambika. Tanya says hit me. Parulben says hit her, else I will kill her. Poonam tries to stop the fight. She runs inside the hall. Ambika is about to hit Tanya but someone stops them.

Its the money giver Mr. Sagar. Everyone ask him how did the pizza come in the ashram. Ambika says we want to talk to the sage about this now. Sagar says I know she broke the rule, what can we do, the sage will take the decision. He says you all can’t meet the sage now. He says he is sleeping right now, I don’t think it will be good to wake him up for this reason. He asks everyone not to fight and stay calm. He leaves. Tanya says if anyone complains against her tomorrow, then get ready to face her.

Tanya wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to meet Sagar. Ambika follows her and sees her and is shocked. Ambika thinks that there is something fishy and says so its this thing. She gets hurt and shouts. Her hand bleeds and she stops. She misses Tanya and Sagar and thinks of finding out today. She goes after them. Pinky wakes up by Parulben’s snores. She sees Ambika coming back from outside and looks at her. Ambika treats her hand. Pinky is shocked to see blood in her hands.

Poonam is finding out Tanya and is shocked to see Tanya’s dead body.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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