Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika saying no to everyone’s request. Dipika says she won’t do anything for jai. Everyone are shocked. Dipika says think about this, jai is here, and the mandir is so far, how can there be any connection between this. She says I don’t believe in all this. Guru ji says you have to do it with Shraddha, else it won’t have any effect. He says I worry about this family, so I came to know about jai’s future. Dipika says I will save jai, and maybe you will be wrong this time. Ansubaa scolds Dipika and says we believe in Guru ji, if you don’t, then you don’t insult him and us.

Dipika says sorry, I did not mean to insult him, but my aim is to save jai. Dipika says my friend is a neuro surgeon, I have full faith that he

will save jai. She calls her friend and tells him about jai’s emergency and asks him to come to the hospital. jiten apologizes to everyone on Dipika’s behalf. He says she also wants to save jai. Guru ji says who will do this now. Dhara says I will do it. Everyone are shocked and look at Dhara. Guru ji looks at Dhara and calls her. Dhara goes to him. Dhara greets Guru ji and says if you permit, can I do this. Guru ji asks who is she. Ansubaa says she works in our house.

Guru ji asks why do you want to do this, knowing its very tough. Dhara says I know its tough, but necessary. She says I will do this for this family. It can save jai. He asks what is jai for you. Dhara says he is my Lord. Everyone smiles. Ketki is shocked. Guru ji says fine, you do this. He says you will save jai, go now, the time is very less, and you will have to fail the time. He blesses her. Dhara runs and everyone go after her.

jai is in the ICU battling with life. Parul and Karsan are taking Dhara to the mandir, Dhara wishes jai stays fine. Parul smiles seeing her. Dipika is calling her friend again and gives him updates about jai. Its morning, everyone are waiting outside the ICU and crying. Ansubaa thinks Dhara might have reached the mandir by now. Dhara, Parul and Karsan reach the mandir. Dipika meets her friend and asks him to see jai. Parul looks upto Dhara looking at the mandir.

Dipika’s friend checks jai in the ICU. Dhara starts the task praying to the Lord to save jai. Dipika’s friend tells her that there is no hope now to save jai. Dipika is shocked. Everyone get tensed. He says we have to do an operation to stop the bleeding in his brain, but the operation is very risky. Ansubaa cries.

Dipika is worried. jiten pacifies her. Ansubaa and everyone pray for jai. Hasmukh says the Lord has not left any way now. He says we want jai, you do anything but save him. The doctor says the operation is risky, anything may happen, all of you have to make the decision. Dipika says start the operation, don’t let anything happen to jai. Hasmukh also permits him to do the operation. Guru ji is praying. The operation starts and jai is shown treated by the doctors.

Dhara starts climbing up the stairs by her knees, Parul and Karsan look at her. Dipika and everyone are waiting for the operation’s result. Dhara is proceeding upwards. Dipika panics and cries hugging Ketki. Parul cries seeing Dhara. Dhara is very much hurt and tired. Parul and Karsan sees Dhara’s blood on the stairs and are shocked. Dhara continues to go up the stairs. jiten sees Dipika becoming tensed and goes to her. Dipika says dad, jai. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine. The operation is over but jai is not responding.

Everyone pray for jai in the hospital’s mandir. A devotional song Aao re……………. plays……………. Dhara is shown climbing the stairs on her knees. She falls and gets up gaining strength from the Lord. She reaches but the supari falls from her hands. jai’s pulses drop. Dhara is shocked. Parul says I will bring i. Dhara says no and thinks how jai fell off the terrace. She says I will bring the supari. Dhara is hurt but goes down the stairs on her knees to get the supari. Dhara prays to the Kishan ji to support her and help her showing some way. Parul wishes the Lord to protect Dhara and jai.

A guy falls there and covers a soft blanket on the stairs. Dhara smiles seeing it. jai is still being treated. Parul cries seeing Dhara’s struggle. Dhara looks at the supari.

jai is not responding while Dhara is at the mandir.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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