Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla treating Vandana well. Mama asks her why did you not taunt her. Mangla says I will see them and Kanno together and make them upset by my taunts, but not now, later. Poonam tells Akash lets go and see some properties and a home, as I have spoken to an agent and he said he will show us some good houses. Akash tries to say no, but Poonam insists and convinces him to come with her. Akash agrees with a tensed mind. They leave and Akash asks Poonam to hold him as there are many stops in the road. Poonam holds Akash and the song Deewanepan ki hadh….. plays in the background.

Akash’s bike stops and Poonam asks him what happened. He tries to fool her by saying his bike is not starting. He says now it won’t work. She says how will we go to Lucknow now. He says I m here, I know one mechanic. I will call him. He calls a mechanic and tells him the bike problem. He tells Poonam he is coming. Poonam says I will call the agent and tell him we will come after an hour. Akash says give me his number, I will call him. She gives him the number and he talks to the agent. He talks as someone else and fools Nirmal, the property agent.

He tells Poonam I have spoken to him, he will meet us at the house. He tells Poonam we will go to the Dhaba and have food till the mechanic comes. Kanno asks Vandana what should I make for you. Mangla looks at foolish Kanno. Vandana says no need for anything. Mama tells Mangla see what Kanno is doing. Mangla says I don’t believe I brought her for jai, she is my biggest mistake. Mangla asks Prabhunath to come with her. Prabhunath says as you say. Poonam and Akash have some food at the Dhaba. Poonam says its half an hr, and the mechanic did not come till now. He says I will call him.

He calls Nirmal and fools him. Poonam stands behind Akash and he is shocked to see her. The phone drops and Poonam picks it up and asks Akash what are you saying. Akash makes excuses and says I m talking to the mechanic. Poonam says it means the mechanic is not coming here. Akash says yes, I m thinking to look for a mechanic nearby. She says ok, I will call Nirmal and tell him we will be more late. Akash says fine. Mangla cross questions Vandana and Prabhunath and they get tensed. Mangla says your son is in America and might be sending good money to you.

Vandana does not tell her the truth. Mangla tries to confront them about their financial status and taunts them. Mama smiles. Kanno looks on. Akash and Poonam come to a mechanic nearby. Akash asks Poonam to sit and he will talk to the mechanic. Akash gives money to the mechanic and says look at this bike, you should look as if you are repairing it. Poonam says its very late, Nirmal is waiting for us. Akash says call him and tell him we will come late.

Akash fools Nirmal further and wastes his time. Poonam asks gthe mechanic whats the problem in the bike. The mechanic lies to her. The mechanic asks Akash whom should I listen as she is in hurry. Akash says listen to me only. Poonam brings tea for Akash. He says I got this biscuits for my dad as he likes this a lot.

Akash likes the biscuits and says we will buy more for your dad. He makes Poonam smile. Poonam smiles looking at him. Music plays…. They spend some good moments together. Yun dil to dhadakta hai har ghadi….. plays….. They have an eyelock. The mechanic says the bike is fine now. Akash thinks what was the hurry. He starts the bike and Poonam is happy. Akash says the bike is fine now, if we go to Lucknow now, we will be late, we should go home now. Poonam says ok, lets go home, I will call Nirmal. Akash says yes, call him. Poonam calls Nirmal and says sorry for not coming today.

Poonam feels cold and Akash covers her with his stole. She looks at him and an eyelock again with music in the background. Akash holds her looking at her. Poonam is nervously looking at his gesture. Prabhunath talks to Vandana and asks her to break the fast. Vandana says I want some items for the puja. He says everyone will come, you start by lighting the diya. She says yes and goes to the mandir. Kanno comes to her and says break your fast by doing aarti. Vandana says Mangla will do it. Kanno says you do it today. Mangla comes and tells Kanno that I will do the aarti. Vandana looks at her. Mangla smiles.

Poonam tells Shashikant that they can live in her house till they get a house. Shashikant gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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