Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chandrika counting the time. Murli says the time will stop, have some trust on the Lord. jai gets angry and says the sunset is being done, Murli says let it be, have some patience. jai says I don’t need food, every second is important for me, I have to reach somewhere. Chandrika says only 30 secs left now. jai says the mandir will break after the sunset. Murli says it won’t break and looks at some cows. He says lets stop the sunset now. jai says look you. Murli says be calm, trust me. Murli blesses jai. jai looks at him and Murli smiles.

Hari bol bol……. smiles. Murli says lets go now, I had my food. Chandrika says the time is over, its 6.30 now, break the mandir now. Everyone are shocked. Ansubaa cries hearing this. Someone comes with a big hammer to break the mandir. Some cows come there. Chandrika says move this cows, who brought them. The cows stand in between the men and the mandir. They protect the mandir and leave. Ansubaa and everyone smile. The wind blows and Murli brings jai and Dhara with them. Everyone look at them. Chandrika is shocked.

Ansubaa smiles and prays to the Lord. jai and Dhara see the family and smile. jai brings the idols and everyone are happy seeing them. Murli smiles. jai comes to Ansubaa with the idols, Ansubaa touches the idols and smiles happily. jai says I have brought your Kishan ji safely. Ansubaa blesses him. Chandrika says where is Paritosh. Everyone claps for jai. jai says enough, I did not do anything good that you are clappping. The panchayat asks who stole the idols. jai says its him, Paritosh. Chandrika is worried. Dilip brings Paritosh to the panchayat. jai says he is selfish, he did a big sin and is our sinner, we should punish him.

Chandrika takes Paritosh’s side and says we did not steal the idols. She says he went for selling his toys and what proof do you have. jai says I did nti say you stole the idols, you said it yourself. Chandrika is tensed. jai says how do you know everything, it means that you have…. Hasmukh says she tried to save Paritosh, but she accepted her mistake, she is caught now. Chandrika tells everyone that they are trying to frame her. The panchayat does not listen to Chandrika and says Ansubaa will decide what to punish Paritosh.

Chandrika talks to Ansubaa and says forgive my Paritosh. Ansubaa says Chandrika, that day you wanted me to take the decision being a sarpanch, I will decide being that and will not bring relations in between. She says he should be punished and the law will decide about this. She says my Kishan ji came back, its a good day for us, I want we all to pray to the Lord and keep the idols back. Everyone chants jai jai. The police comes and arrests Paritosh.

Murli looks on and smiles. Ansubaa asks jai to keep the idols back. jai says I won’t come in the mandir, its not my duty. Dhara says how can you say so, we can’t give this to anyone else. She says you have to keep the idols. jai says I told you I won’t go in the mandir. He gives her the idols. Parul tries to convince jai. Ramila says its important for you. jai says I did not come in the mandir since six years. He says this is my final decision. Murli smiles seeing him.

Murli says I decide who come to my mandir, so I have decide it today also. He rides the cart and jai steps in the mandir being shocked. Ansubaa sees jai stepped in the mandir and smiles. Everyone notice this and are happy. Dhara says sorry for pushing jai. She says Murli’s horse scared me. Parul thanks Murli for doing so. Chandrika comes to Paritosh. Dhara says maybe Kishan ji wants to be friends with you, she says you also go to him. Murli looks at him. Parul sings a devotional song. Everyone sings with her. Everyone look at jai and smile. jai is convinced and steps inside the mandir.

The pandit asks jai to keep the idols. Parul also insists. Everyone look at him. He keeps them and Ansubaa asks jai to do the aarti. jai does the aarti. Murli smiles seeing him. Everyone sing the devotional song Shree Krishna….. jai vasudeva…… jai looks at Murli and does the aarti. Hari bol bol…. plays…… The screen freezes on Murli’s face.

jai thanks Murli for helping them. Murli says its fine, call me when you need me, by praying to the Lord. Murli smiles.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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