Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Poonam filling the nomination form. Mata Singh looks at her with anger. Poonam and Akash smile seeing her. Mata Singh says I heard you are kidnapped and you run away being scared of elections, I knew you won’t lose so easily. Poonam says yes, you are right, the kidnapper tried hard but my husband has found me. Mata Singh says Akash is a strong willed man. Akash laughs and says what to do, some people are born with strong will and some people make them more strong. Mata Singh fumes. Akash says they made a good plan but did a small mistake. He tells them what happened and how he has caught the goons. The flashback scene shows Akash finding Poonam.

Akash stopped the car and the police caught them. Akash asks them to tell where is Poonam else he will kill them. Akash says this is the same van. The SP says but you said another description about green color. Akash says they have changed the color. He gives him the proof and asks him to check the car. He says the gum of the sticker is still there, see the green color. Akash looks for Poonam in the car. She moves and Akash sees her in the dicky. He was shocked to see her tied. Poonam cries and he frees her. Poonam hugs him saying Akash and cries.

Akash too cries with her. Akash says don’t worry, your Akash has come, don’t be afraid. She says I felt I won’t meet you again. The current scene shows Mata Singh in shock. Poonam says I will fight this election and win too. She smiles. Akash says you celebrate it, not victory, but failure. Akash says your victory is impossible this time. Mata Singh smiles seeing them. Akash and Poonam hold hands and leave.

Akash brings Poonam home and everyone is happy to see her. Vandana hugs her. Kanno does bad sight away. She says you get into problems always. Vandana says its good you came safe, we were afraid. Akash says everything will be fine now. Mama praises Poonam and everyone smile. Mama says we are waiting for Poonam to win the elections. Dadi welcomes them inside. Mata Singh comes home in anger. His mum asks him to donate few clothes. Everyone see him tensed and asks what happened.

Mata Singh says Poonam has come back and had filled the form before me. They are shocked. He says our goons are useless, they could not keep a woman. His wife asks what will happen now. He says Poonam does not know politics, I will see what to do. Everyone have dinner together. Poonam asks Vandana why is she sad. Vandana says I m afraid of Mata Singh. Kanno says I explained her a lot, tell her there is no need to do this. Poonam says its wrong to bear wrong. Akash says I will support my wife and till I m alive, I will always protect her. Everyone smile.

Its morning, Poonam and Akash does the campaign. They ask few grains rom people and ask them to come at Sitapur Chowk where they will eat together and have a talk on their problems. Many people support her and give them grains. The people meet at the Chowk and think will they be able to target the audience and their hearts. Will they come or not. Poonam makes khichdi for everyone. Some women help her. Akash says why did no one came till now. Poonam says they will come soon. Some people come and Poonam starts her campaign. They thanks them for coming and asks their problems.

She says I m not a politician, but a friend, write your problems on paper and give it to me. People are impressed by her views. Akash asks them to put their complaints in the box. Everyone put their complaints. The goons come to Mata Singh and says she is getting more supporters and she is doing unique campaigning. He says people are getting into her words. Mata Singh eats food and says don’t take tension, its election day tomorrow, see what happens tomorrow. He laughs and they look at him puzzled.

Poonam says Akash what happened to Mata Singh, why is he quiet. Mata Singh says Poonam, its last day of your happiness today.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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