Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha gets tensed hearing inspector’s words. Gopi sees her tensed and asks her why is she tensed. She says nothing and goes from there. Inspector says it is possible that someone is trying to kill Meera. Radha calls Tripti and her phone is out of order.

Kokila massages naani legs. She says her mother that till now, nothing is done in this house without her knowledge, but today everyone were watching TV without her. Naani says she was sleeping, so they did not call her. Daadi says she would have scolded children for watching TV at night, so they did not inform her. Kokila thinks something is wrong.

Radha comes to Tripti’s house and sees it locked. She waits for her until she comes and falls asleep in between. Tripti comes and splashes water on her. Radha wakes up and says let us run from here and asks her why is her phone switched off. Tripti says due to security, she has to change her phone number often and asks why did she come here. Tripti says Modi family came know that Gauri is Meera and are searching for the culprits. Tripti asks her to stay in Modi house until police finds any evidence. Radha says doctors said that Kokila will get back her memory soon, what if her memory is back. Tripti gets tensed.

Gopi comes to her room and sees Ahem thinking tensely. She gives him water and asks him not to get tensed, god will do set everything right. Ahem thinks hope he has same faith like Gopi has. Vidya comes there and gives Ahem’s mobile. She kisses him. Ahem thanks her and says good night.

Tripti says Radha that she is a fool to think about eloping. Police will catch her easily. She asks her to go to Modi bhavan. Radha agrees and goes from there.

Kokila thinks that her family members are hiding something from her. Radha comes home and sees Jigar still awake outside. She waits until he sleeps and then comes in. Rashi comes there and sees Radha coming from outside. She asks Radha where is she coming from at midnight. Radha says she went to temple to pray for Kokila. Rashi asks about prasad. Radha says by the time she went to temple, prasad had finished. Rashi says she knows she did not go to temple and went somewhere else. Rashi says she must be thinking to lure her husband and says when she can try to marry her own sister’s husband, she can think to marry her husband also. She then tries to hit her, but Jigar stops her. Radha runs from there. Rashi says Jigar that she wanted to meet him once before sleeping, so she came there.

Vidya searches for a word in dictionary. Her siblings asks what is she searching. Vidya says she is searching the word Ahem told yesterday night and just wants mama and papa back together. Kids says they will have to plan something to get Ahem and Gopi together.

Dhaval asks Urmila why did she call a broker to sell his shop. Urmila says shop is closed since many days, so she wanted to sell it and get money. Dhaval says he worked hard to set up this business and asks her not to take his business from her. Urmila thinks Dhaval is just wasting her property.

Doctor checks Kokila and says she is trying to understand something happening around her and pressurizing her brain. Rashi about recent events and says she does not want to inform Kokila. Doctor asks her to keep Kokila away from these mental pressure and says he will change Kokila’s medicines.

Radha calls Tripti and informs her that doctor changed Kokila’s medicine and Kokila will get back her memory with these medicines. Tripti says without her there, she would not have known what is happening here and informs her about their future plan.

Precap: Kokila does not recognize her husband and beats him for being in her room.

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  1. Dis memory loss game going very long…. end it

  2. do hell wid radha she is jst a irritatng ful n beat koki on her head she has gone mad she is seperatng my fav coupl ‘raji'(rashi jigar)

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