Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash saying Poonam that he has much work, he will leave. Poonam says we all should also go to hall. Kiran gets Deepak’s call. Poonam says ask him to come soon. Deepak is devastated by his financial status. Kiran gets worried when he says I m not coming. He says I could not start the business, but the legal matters have started, I m not getting the visa, I tried a lot. Kiran cries. Deepak asks her to be calm, as if anyone sees her and starts thinking about it. Deepak says make an excuse and don’t tell anyone that I m not coming. Kiran says we have to tell them the truth, if they know it later, they will be hurt. Deepak says ok, but not now, tomorrow morning I will talk to them and tell them. Deepak cries too.

Scene shifts to Akash’s house:

The guests take a leave from Shashikant. Akash’s mum gives Tara some clothes saying we chose you for Akash. She says this is the shagun from our side. Tara greets her and hugs her.

Scene shifts to Poonam’s house:

The bank manager comes to Prabhunath and everyone are shocked to see him. He says your allotted time is over. Prabhunath gets tensed. Prabhunath requests them saying I m your father’s age man. Akash comes there and hears all this.
The bank manager goes inside the house, everyone are standing outside the room. Chandru says why did they come, Akash does not understand. Akash says it won’t be good if Poonam goes in, he stops her. Prabhunath tells the bank manager to allow him to get his daughter married. He sits on his knees.

Vandana gets him up. He says my daughter applied mahendi, and we cannot give the house yet, please give us another day. I will call you and give the house. The bank officials agree to it. The bank manager says ok we can do that, and says my people will be present in the marriage so that you don’t act clever. Poonam tries to know whats going on. The bank officials leave. Poonam asks Prabhunath why they came with police. Prabhunath makes some excuse. Suman says police came to take uncle’s advice, and you were getting worried Poonam. Akash still thinks there is something Prabhunath is hiding.

Akash is sleeping and he gets a call from his work associates. He gets up and switches on the lights. He sees Poonam standing. He calls her and comes to her. He says what is it, why are you standing here in darkness. Did anything happen. She says nothing, I m just thinking I will be going away from this home tomorrow, and I will go somewhere, how will I adjust. She says I have spent my childhood in this home, and I feel sad to go from here. She says how will I leave without my parents. She cries. Akash cannot see her crying. He holds himself and feels sad for her. A song O piya.. plays in the background.

He gives her a napkin to wipe her tears. Akash pacifies her. Poonam gets more emotional. Akash listens to her. She says even you have done so much for us, I will miss you also. Akash says even I will miss you. He says you should not worry, you are marrying in Lucknow, you can come anytime to meet your parents. He sees the time and says its late night now. He says I make coffee when I have to work. He says I make good coffee, shall I make it for you. Poonam smiles.

Prathna tells Dadi that Akash likes Poonam, then why did you say yes for Tara. Dadi says don’t know whats written in Akash’s fate. Dadi says its Poonam’s marriage tomorrow. Its good if we marry off Akash soon, so that he comes out of that phase.

Akash prepares coffee. Poonam asks him why did not you get married, Akash becomes silent. Prathna tells why did not we tell Akash about Tara. Dadi tells we will tell him later. Dadi says I don’t want to hurt Akash. Akash says I m young, She laughs and says why did not you marry, he says I will marry after your marriage, I have work here and no time to think about myself. Poonam smiles.

Gawtham calls Poonam, and Akash receives the call. Gawtham gets angry hearing Akash’s voice. He scolds Poonam and asks her to tell Akash to go out of the house.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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