Saraswatichandra 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 18th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras stopping Kumari’s marriage. Saras says I did not know you were Kumari’s dad. He says you cannot do like this, hiding it from Badimaa. Kumari’s dad scolds him and asks him to leave. Saras says I cannot let you cheat my Badimaa. Saras says I will take Kumari with me. Umesh interrupts saying she is marrying me with her wish. Umesh tells Danny to be quiet, as he is an inspector. Saras stops Danny. Saras says this is legally right but you should take Kumari’s family’s permission . Umesh does not listen to Saras and Danny. Umesh gets angry on Danny. Saras shouts on Umesh and is about to go to him, but Kumari comes in between and stops Saras.

Badimaa is searching for Kumari, Chandrika says even she is looking for her. Ghuman comes and taunts Badimaa. Ghuman says did she run away from the home. Badimaa looks angrily and leaves. Ghuman thinks Badimaa cannot face everything now. Badimaa is tensed thinking did her husband come and take Kumari. Kumud comes to Badimaa and asks her what happened. Badimaa says Kumari is not here, I have looked out for her everywhere. Kumud says maybe someone sent her out. Saras and Danny bring Kumari home. Ghuman is shocked to see Kumari back.

Badimaa asks Kumari where she was. Saras says she went to give her friends sweets. Kumud tells Kumari you should have gone tomorrow. Badimaa is relieved now. Kumud asks Saras where have you gone by the way. Saras makes an excuse saying we went for the Dhol band arrangement. Chandrika says its a great idea and we all should go there. Kumari is tensed.

Umesh is angry and throws the garlands. He thinks Saras stopped my marriage. He scolds the pandit and the pandit runs away. Umesh says I will go now and bring Kumari. Kumari’s dad stops him. He asks who was he. Umesh says he was Saraswatichandra, Kumari’s to be Jija ji. He says he will not let Saras marry as Saras has stopped his marriage.

Everyone are dancing on the Dhol beats. Kumari is thinking and looks sad. Saras and Kumud also dance along the family. Ghuman comes to Kumari and Kumari moves away from her. Saras keeps an eye on Kumari and Kumud also notices that there is something going on. Saras and Kumud look at each other. Kumari comes to her room, and sits on her bed thinking about her failed marriage attempt. Ghuman comes to her and closes the door. Ghuman asks her how come you came back, did you reach mandir. Kumari says Saras and Danny came, and stopped the marriage. Kumari says if I did not come back, I don’t know what would have happened. Saras wanted to bring her back, Ghuman says did you tell Saras that I know about this. Kumari says no, only you are here to help me. Ghuman says you are smart, but everyone looks like your enemy. Ghuman says I will help you marry Umesh before I leave from here. She says go and apologize to Saras, so that he trusts you again. Ghuman leaves saying this.

Saras tells everything to Kumud. Kumud says I cannot believe all this. He says Kumari was having an affair with that guy since long time. Kumud says we did not even doubt on her. Kumud says I’m worried about Badimaa. Kumud is shocked to know about Badimaa’s husband. He says Kumari’s dad was letting Kumari marry Umesh. He says Kumari met her dad, who got released from the jail. Kumud says we should tell this to Badimaa. He stops her saying Badimaa will be annoyed, we should not tell her to her. He says Kumud you should talk to her and ask her to tell us everything. Kumud says you have saved my family’s respect. He says not my, our family’s respect. Kumud holds his hands, and then leaves.

Kumud comes to Kumari and talks to her, saying today was my engagement, and you were here, unhappy. Kumari says don’t say like this. Kumari says I’m happy for you and Saras. Kumud says I know how much you love me and our family. Then why did you do this, without asking anyone, how could you take such a big decision. Why? Kumud says you know Kumari, we have to leave our house one day, but to make new relation, we cannot break old relations. If we cry, our parents cannot bear it. Our parents take care of us. When we go from this home, they cannot hold their tears. And you were breaking these relations.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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