Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash throwing Kamal on the floor after bringing him home. Everyone are shocked and asks Kamal how did he get the wounds. Kanno sees Poonam crying and comes to her asking what happened to you. Everyone ask what happened. Akash says what he did can’t be said, I will not leave him. Dolly and Shashikant asks what happened. Akash says I can’t say, he has tried to rape Poonam. Everyone are shocked. Vimla beats Kamal and cries. She says you have killed your mum today, why did you punish him so less, beat him more.

Abhi beats Kamal and says how dare you do this, that too in this house. Ravikant says I can’t believe my son can do this. Mangla cares for Poonam and Ravikant asks Akash to call the police. Kamal apologizes to him. Ravikant slaps him and scolds him. Mangla taunts Vimla’s upbringing. Shashikant asks what are you saying. Mangla says I m not wrong. Dolly taunts Akash as Ramesh got kidnapped because of him. Mangla says see ther values, they don’t respect elders.

She says its good Akash reached on time, else your son….. chee…… Jai says Kamal won’t get forgiveness. Kanno says how dare he see our bahu. Mangla taunts Vimla. Shashikant says enough Mangla, we vare one family, whatever happened is shameful for our family. Ravikant says make Kamal arrested by police. Kamal disappears. Akash says he ran away, I will get him. Shashikant says no, our family name will be spoiled. Vimla apologizes to Poonam for Kamal’s deeds. Poonam cries.

Abhi comes to meet Ramesh and tells him what Kamal did and everyone are against us now. Ramesh is shocked. Ramesh asks whats going on in the house, when is the house selling. Abhi says Shashikant asks Jai to sell the house soon. Ramesh is happy. Poonam comes to Akash. Akash says its my foolishness that this happened. Akash apologizes to her and says you had to see this day because of me, you went with him to help me. Akash blames himself. Poonam pacifies him.

Poonam asks Akash not to blame himself. Akash and Poonam hug and smile. Its morning, Ravikant talks about Ramesh and Kamal. He says Akash is not making Kamal get arrested. Mama brings police with him. Everyone are shocked. Abhi says Kamal is not at home. The inspector asks who Kamal. Jai says then why did you come, who called you. Akash says I called them. He says so that we can know about Ramesh. Dolly and everyone get tensed.

Poonam says we all are worried about Ramesh, we will get him soon if we take police’s help, we won’t need to sell this house. Mangla says I think Akash is right. Shashikant says fine. Akash tells the inspector everything. He says they don’t have any demands. Akash says they talk to only Dolly. Dolly panics and says no, they did not call me. She says they spoke to Abhi. Abhi gets tensed and lies. Ravikant asks them to answer correctly.

Dolly says I forgot in tension. The inspector asks her to give her phone. He says call them on that number. Dolly says we can’t contact them, their phone is off. She gets Ramesh’s call and by mistake Sarita says its Ramesh. Everyone are shocked. Akash asks Dolly to put the phone on speaker. Dolly panics further. Dolly acts and faints. Sarita takes the phone and tells everything to Ramesh. Ramesh is shocked to know about police.

Kamal comes to meet Ramesh. Ramesh scolds him for being in hurry to get Poonam. Kamal says sorry. Ramesh says you have spoiled our plan. Akash called police at home. Kamal is tensed and says they have made a report against me, they are after me, please save me. Ramesh says they came to find me, not for you. The inspector says we will tap Dolly’s phone and then we will track Ramesh’s phone to find him. Dolly and Abhi are shocked. Akash goes with the police to file the complaint. Dolly gets Ramesh’s call again and Akash sees it.

Ramesh comes home and tells everyone that he was not kidnapped. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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