Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Prabhunath and Vandana leaving from Akash’s room. Everyone greet them warmly. They come to the bank and get their house back. The bank manager returns the house papers and keys. He says its your house from today. Poonam is happy and hugs her parents. Akash says you did it Poonam. Poonam says we did it Akash. Akash talks to the manager and asks when should I come to your house.

The manager says what do you mean. Akash says I have to settle the scores. The manager says what. Akash says we gave you money, so you gave the house back, but what about the insult you did. Akash says Prabhunath served this bank, but you have insulted him in their daughter’s sasuraal. Akash says I remember everything, you have to apologize.

Akash taunts the bank

manager and says what will you feel if I do the same with you, you have taken Prabhunath’s respect. The bank manager realizes his mistake. Akash asks when should I come to your house. The manager says you are going off limit. Akash laughs and says I did not start yet and see what you are feeling, you have to see a lot. The manager asks Poonam to explain Akash as he was doing his duty. Poonam also scolds him and says my dad gave 30 years to this bank and this bank gave him best employee certificate, he took some time to repay the loan, but how could you do this with him.

She says it was not your loss, it was our loss as our house was kept against the loan, Akash is right,m you have to apologize to my parents. The bank manager apologizes to Prabhunath and Vandana infront of everyone. He says I want to give you best employee certificate with full respect. Everyone claps. The manager says the system changes us, we forget that we made the system, I have hurt you, I m ashamed, I m sorry. Prabhunath and Vandana are happy. Akash and Poonam smile seeing this. Prabhunath forgives him. Everyone give respect to Prabhunath and he is touched.

They leave from the bank and come to their house. They smile seeing the house. Prabhunath and Vandana become emotional and cry. The neighbors come and greet them. They welcome back and say we have missed you a lot, we are happy that you are back. Prabhunath thanks everyone. People praise Poonam for winning the competition. They also praise Akash. Poonam thanks them. They enter the house. Akash opens the bank seal. Prabhunath opens the lock by the keys. They open the house and step inside.

Poonam asks what are you thinking Papa, its your house, step in. Prabhunath steps in and praises Poonam for getting their house back and doing the duty which a son is responsible for. He says you have proved that people are wrong about daughters. Vandana says Poonam, you are our daughter as well as son. Poonam says no, don’t cry, its a day to be happy, not cry. Vandana says we can’t step in like this, you came here for the first time after marriage, I won’t let you come like this. Wait here, I will come. She brings an aarti plate and does their aarti and tilak. Poonam and Akash smile.

Vandana says step in together. Poonam opens the windows. Prabhunath says Akash did a lot for us, we are thankful. Vandana says you have been our son. Akash says ever son does a lot for their parents. Poonam hears this and smiles. She says I have one suggestion, why don’t we sell this house and buy a house in Sitapur where I live. Akash smiles. Prabhunath is tensed. Poonam says you can be near to us. Akash says we can serve you, Poonam is right, I know a property agent who can get a good deal for us. Prabhunath says no, look Poonam, don’t be annoyed, you are right, but we don’t want to live there, I don’t feel its right.

He says you did a lot for us being our daughter, but now you have to become a good bahu, I m sure you will pass. Akash says fine, like you wish. He says we will not force you, but think once. Poonam says but Akash. Akash signs her to be quiet. He says we will leave now, let them rest, they are tired. Its night, Poonam and Akash come back home. Poonam asks Akash why did you make me quiet. Akash says try to understand, they went to their house now, they won’t agree to this, you trust me, don’t worry, I promise I will bring them to Sitapur.

Everyone are having a talk in the hall. Shashikant asks Poonam why are you upset. Akash says we told them to sell their house and come in Sitapur near our house. Mangla and Mama are shocked.

Mangla talks to Kanno. Kanno calls Kiran and says Poonam has decided to sell the house. Mangla is happy..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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