Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rani pleading Poonam to forgive her. Mangla says stop it now. Poonam says if Rani has accepted her mistake, we should give her another chance. Kanno says the opposite and says we should not trust Rani again. Kanno says how can we keep her with us. Kanno taunts Poonam and asks her to take the decision. Mangla asks Rani to keep her bag inside and forgives her. Rani is happy. Kanno is shocked. Rani says I will not forget this. She thanks Poonam also and says I will not do like this again. Mangla looks at Kanno. Poonam smiles. Kanno fumes with anger and leaves from the hall. Kanno calls jai and scolds him for giving gifts to Rani. jai thinks Rani might be waiting for him, but he is shocked to get scolded by Kanno. He tries to make excuses, but Kanno says once

you come, then see what I will do, Kanno confronts him about Rani. He denies the matter. He gets worried seeing Kanno’s anger. Shashikant asks jai to fix a meeting. He sees jai worried and asks whats the matter. jai says nothing, I won’t come home today as I have some work.

Shashikant asks what, who called you. jai says Kanno called and she said there are lots of issues at home. Akash comes and asks what happened. jai says its because of Poonam. Akash takes Poonam’s side and says the matter is something else. Akash says I am going home. Shashikant says why, do you work here, else go and cook in the kitchen. Shashikant scolds him for supporting Poonam. Akash is tensed. Shashikant asks jai not to get involved in house matters. He explains them to behave like men. Akash leaves.

Akash calls Prathna and asks her what happened at home. Akash messages Poonam that you did right, all the best. Mangla calls Poonam and says she is hungry. All of them sit for dinner. Mangla says the men will come late, only we are here to dine. Prathna says can I help you. Poonam says no. Kanno comes there and scolds Poonam. Poonam brings a big plate. Poonam says can we eat united. Kanno says stop saying this, this won’t happen, don’t you understand. Kanno says I will go and eat in my room. Mangla scolds Kanno and taunts her. Mangla says everyone has to do what Poonam says. Kanno says what did I say, I did not tell you to make her Rani. She says you have made us her slaves. Mangla says I did this because you told me. Dadi stops Kanno and Mangla from fighting. Dadi says bring the plates. Mangla says we will eat together. Poonam says can we eat in a single plate, we can come closer. Kanno says are you mad. Dadi says be calm. Dadi says Poonam has thought well. Kanno says I don’t like this.

Mangla praises Poonam saying Poonam wants to bring us closer, learn from her Kanno. Mangla says we will eat in this plate only. Poonam says shall we sit on the ground and eat. Mangla agrees. Kanno is shocked. Mangla looks at Kanno. All of them sit on the round table and start dining. Dadi and Mangla like the food. Kanno does not eat it. Dadi says I used to eat like this in my village. Dadi gets happy. Everyone ahve a laugh. Poonam smiles. Dadi asks Mangla why are you eating slowly. Mangla sees that Kanno is not eating and asks why she is not eating. She asks her to have food, else she won’t be able to sleep. Kanno is annoyed. Prathna pulls Kanno’s leg. The daal falls on Kanno and she gets angry. Everyone laugh on her. Kanno cleans her saree. Mangla praises Poonam’s idea. Mangla taunts Kanno. Kanno leaves.

The men come home. Dadi asks Akash to come for dinner. He says he already had food. jai comes to Kanno and hides from her. Kanno sees him and welcomes him with a sweepstick. He runs and she runs after him. He says you were after Rani. He says listen to me. She says you cheated me. Kanno beats him. He stops her and says I will tell you the truth, listen to me. He says I gave her gifts but I don’t like her. She asks then why. He says I gifted her because she should be in your side. He says Rani is important for you. Kanno gets fooled by him.

Kanno asks tell me what did Dadi decide…

Credit to:
Amena hasan

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