Saraswatichandra 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 13th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud stopping Pramad from slapping her. Pramad looks at her. Pramad says you are showing me attitude because of my parents. See what I do infront of your parents tomorrow. Kumud gets tensed. He says he will create troubles for her at her house. He says I will see what you do there. Pramad laughs.

Scene shifts to Badimaa:

Badimaa comes to talk to Vidyachatur and everyone. She says Pramad is coming here for the first time and we don’t know his nature. Vidyachatur says I know Budhidhan. Yash’s mum reminds her what Saras did. Badimaa says yes, but we have decided Kumud’s fate in hurry. Vidyachatur says what I did with you, I cannot forgive myself, Badimaa says I have forgiven you and I don’t want you to think of it, I m worried about Kumud. He says it was all lies about Pramad. She says she prays for Kumud. She says if I feel there is some reality in what we heard, then Kumud won’t go back. Yash’s mum says what are you saying.

Kumud tells Pramad what will happen if her family comes to know about Pramad, he won’t send me with you, but what will your dad do if I don’t come back. Pramad leaves. Yash’s mum says if we keep Kumud with us, then we will have to keep Kusum and Kumari also. Badimaa says I will do anything for Kumud. Badimaa says I won’t let anything happen with Kumud, she won’t sacrifice her life, this is my last decision. Everyone looks on.

The next morning, Kumud greets Budhidhan and his wife. Murakh Dad brings sweets. Budhidhan asks where is Pramad. Kumud says he will come soon. Saras comes there. He says I went to Mandir and brought prasad for everyone. Saras gives the prasad to Kumud too. Pramad comes and does not accept prasad from Saras. Budhidhan reminds Pramad of the patphere rasam. He says you came late after knowing you have to go with Kumud. Pramad argues with his dad. He says your servant is like your son. Budhidhan gets angry on him and tells him not to start again. Pramad stops Saras and says where are you going. My dad loves to insult me infront of you, because he thinks of you more than me. Budhidhan says I don’t want you to create some trouble, so control yourself there, don’t do any wrong act. He says if you do anything there, and if Kumud complains about it, then remember you have to face me.

Pramad says lets go now Kumud. Kumud is tensed. Saras looks on. Saras sees Kumud and Pramad leaving. Budhidhan says Kumud won our hearts, if Pramad does anything there, then what..
Scene shifts to Badimaa:

Everyone are eagerly waiting for Kumud and Pramad. Badimaa receives a call from Pramad’s mum. Kusum and Chandrika go to Badimaa and hear the talk. Pramad’s mum says Kumud and Pramad left from here and will reach there soon. Kalika and Murakh Das bump into each other and glass breaks. Pramad’s mum gets worried and asks Saras to give the message to Badimaa. Saras picks up the phone and says Maa. Badimaa is shocked to hear Saras’s voice but don’t understand. Kusum asks when is Didi coming. She says 4pm. Kusum goees to tell everyone.

Everyone are happy to see Pramad and Kumud. Guniyal does the tilak and Aarti. Pramad looks odd with Kumud. They welcome Pramad and Kumud and bless them. Pramad does not touch their feet, Kumud saves Pramad by making excuses. Kusum and Kumari talk to Pramad. He looks at Kumud and she gets tensed. Pramad says you can keep Kumud if you wish. Kumud looks Precap:
Budhidhan and Vidyachatur talk on phone and Budhidhan tells him about NaveenChandra. Saras and Alak are shocked.

Budhidhan and Vidyachatur talk on phone and Budhidhan tells him about NaveenChandra. Saras and Alak are shocked..

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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