Ek Duje Ke Vaste 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

It is a masquerade themed party. Sumo comes there. She too picks up a mask. Poorna comes there holding a mask too. Sumo is pleasantly surprised to see her there. They hug happily. Sumo greets her husband too. Both the friends keep on talking which leaves no chance for Poorna’s husband to talk. Poorna takes Sumo aside to know how Sumo turned into all girly type. Who is it who stole your heart? Sumo tells her to wait. You will be shocked to see him. He must be coming soon. Go inside and wait for my grand entry with him. Poorna goes inside with her husband. Sumo smiles. She is just the same.

Sumo calls Shravan. He does not pick up. She thinks not to act despo. I am always in a rush. She wears the mask. Shravan comes there just then. She smiles. He looks so handsome. I will pardon him for coming late. She is about to go up to him when Urvashi comes there wearing the same dress. Shravan goes inside the party holding Urvashi’s hand. Sumo shouts after him but he pays no attention to her. Sumo thinks maybe he misunderstood. That girl was wearing the same dress. He must have got confused.

Sumo tries to go inside but the guy refuses to allow her inside. Only couple entries are allowed. She argues with him. The guy suggests her to take one of the guys inside. They are also without passes. Sumo takes two men with her while the other try to enter from the other side. The guards stop those guys.

Sumo manages to come inside the party. She looks around for Shravan. Why is there a mask party? Poorna is telling her husband about school time. She sees Sumo. Where is your man? Sumo excuses herself.

Sumo confronts Urvashi. They both question each other about the dress. Sumo says you came with the guy who was to come with me. He mistook you to be me because of the dress. Urvashi asks her if she is talking about Shravan. Sumo nods. Urvashi asks her what if she says Shravan only gifted this dress to her. He only invited me here. A girl asks Urvashi if everything is fine. Urvashi tells her about what Sumo is saying. She notices the torn part of Sumo’s dress. Why will Shravan give such a dress to someone? This copy of designer dress cannot prove anything. Sumo warns her to wait. I will talk to Shravan.

Pushkar speaks to Pratibha. I cannot go inside alone. I came all the way to Gurgaon to take you with me. She backs off as her husband’s friends are coming. He is left alone.

Shravan greets everyone and the music plays. Everyone hits the dance floor.

Sumo is looking for Shravan. Shravan walks up to her. Romantic song plays as they both dance. She asks him why he dint come in the party with her. I was waiting for you since so long. He dances quietly all along. The partners get exchanged during the dance. She dances again with Shravan and talks about Urvashi. She says you only gifted the dress to her. I told her she is lying. Am I right? Don’t leave me. I don’t want to dance with someone else. The partners get exchanged again. Sumo has her eyes only on Shravan. She eagerly waits to get him as her partner again. He is not there when his turn comes. She is standing all alone. She keeps looking for Shravan but cannot see him there.

Pushkar comes to the party.

A few guys ask Sumo for dance but she refuses. She walks up to a guy thinking her to be Shravan. You dint answer my question. I asked about that girl who is wearing the same dress. She said you only gifted this dress to her. I told her she is lying. I am right, right? Say it. The guy removes his mask. It turns out to be someone else.

Outside, Pushkar asks a girl to accompany inside the party. She has a boyfriend.

The guy tells Sumo he can get her thousand such dresses. I can also become Shravan for you. people laugh hearing him. The guy insists he is serious. Shravan claps and laughs at Sumo. Everyone turns to look at him. He walks up to her.

Urvashi removes her mask. Sumo asks Shravan why he is looking at her like this. I thought it was you. iw as telling this girl you gifted me this dress. Please tell her we are childhood friends. He says sorry, I dint hear properly. We are childhood friends? Did anyone see us together in school times? Everyone says no. Shravan asks Poorna the same question. Did you see us talking ever? You were always with Suman in school. Sumo recalls always telling Shravan not to be near her in school. He asks every single present there but no one says anything. As far as I remember, she said she does not like kids like me. Flashback shows Sumo and her friends making fun of Shravan as he was a favourite of every single teacher. Shravan says did you ever try to talk to me in these 10 years. Did you call me or messaged me online? See Sumo, or should I say Sumo? No one other than you remembers this. Why did you say it then? Tell everyone why you feel so. She tells him not to joke like this. This is a very bad joke. He says it is you are joking. When did we become friends? She says not everyone knows but you do. He wants to know why Sumo is accepting it today. What changed in 10 years that prompted her to be friends with the guy she dint like? I will tell you. That nerdy Shravan, who she used to fool, is rich and successful today. She wants to make an image in society by becoming friends with me. People often do that nowadays. Truth is, our families know each other. That’s it! Many friends wanted to be my friends in London and here also. Why will I gift the dress to her when I don’t even know her? Let’s party. Play the music. Sumo stands there in tears. Shravan looks content.

Precap: Sumo is crying. Shravan offers her his kerchief. You call me friend yet you feel bad by what I say. Sorry. She keeps walking. He says sorry to her again. Should I write it down just like you did? She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. I just love this show…..this has become my favourite show even in this short spam of time…….nice episode and the perecap is just superb….

    1. Oh my god, i sooo agree with you!!!

  2. sreya(luv n miss u ishveer)

    Abe sumo usko 2 chammat mar uske gaal me … kamina kahika jo immature bacche school me karte iska matlab yeh nahi ki bade hokar bala lo pagal ullu ka patha gadhe… me sumo ke jagah hoti tho uske gaal me ek ulti haat ki deti aur usse kabhi baat nhi karti. Yeh sumo pagal he kya yedi pls pls i love dis serail


      Right sreya…..

  3. sreya(luv n miss u ishveer)

    *badla lo

  4. Waiting for next epi

  5. No sumo should not accept his apologies. Never she should throw away his hanky and slap him and warn him not to show his face. How rude. Idiot.

  6. Shravan 😮 i dint xpctd ths..sumo shd nt accept his sry @ al..m sure tat hez again juz pretending to b her frnd n asking sry to hurt her more in future 😮 so don believe shravan 🙁

  7. She should ignore him, and tell him to move on

  8. But whatever sumo did was wrong she do deseved tat..

  9. Oh no i started crying when shravan told her all this.feeling very bad for sumo.

  10. Sumo i feel really bad for you,what she did was back in sch he could have choose other way for revenge buh not this way he make it seem as if she is after him jst because he’s a london return.I knew this was coming since he cancelled his ticket to london and when they went shopping that day he was smiling too much with her buh when she turn away his face always hardened you knw the expression a person has when he wanna do something bad.

  11. Im watching this serial from day 1 and it is one of my favorite shows but today i really felt very bad. Mujhe tho yeh ummid nahi tha us shravan se. Agar use badla lena hi tha bhi yeh jo kiya wo bakwas tha. Sumo sorry accept nahi karna chahiye. Badle mai use itna hi rulana hai.

  12. What Shravan is doing is correct!! Loved today’s episode!! When a girl illtreats a guy it’s immature…. But when a guy does it to teach that girl a lesson… It’s bad..
    At least now sumo knows how much she hurt him…

    1. Yea we know that sumo also did the same with shravan in childhood ,but the way shravan took the revenge was wrong ….she didn’t even told that she is going to come with him in prom night she told no , so why revenge ,but if revenge also he must have said her that he is not her partner in the last movemomont when they entered the party but he preferred to insult her in front of WHOLE SCHOOL so I think shravan is wrong here ….b4 even sumo was wrong but that was in childhood they were small and it’s not about girl insult boy and boy insult girl if suman have done this with shravan in the reunion party then that would be wrong …message is quite big 😉

    2. This was in school, grow up, who carries grudge and if you do, AVOiD. People do have options.

  13. I really dont understand…that girl what she did is in school days and for showing that shravan took all these years for planning. Definitely sumo must not accept his sorry and ask him to get a life or atleast send him to asylum…never expected this from shravan and with the upcoming spoiler I don’t have any hope with shravan character.

  14. [http://www.tellychakkar.com/tv/tv-news/goons-attack-suman-sony-tvs-ek-duje-ke-vaaste-160318] is good,have a look at it!

  15. Sony TV’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Bindu Productions) will see some high end drama and impressive twists.
    As per the ongoing track, Shravan (Namik Paul) is trying to insult Suman (Nikita Dutta) in every possible way.
    Now, we have heard that the makers have something all the more interesting in its upcoming episodes.
    As per our sources, “Suman will be on her way back home and some goons will start following her. They will also start harassing her and she would be left in a lurch. Sadly, Shravan who will be standing close by will not come for Suman’s rescue.”
    The story line will reach an interesting point when Suman’s catering service girls would come to help her. They will fight for Suman and save her from the goons. The dejected Suman would be left aghast seeing Shravan’s inhuman behavior.

    1. I think he will be the one to send the catering girls to rescue Suman

  16. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Today epi I hate shravan but in precap I will tell suman pls don’t accept him soon pls make him follow like dog

  17. Sharavan u can go to hell…:x

    sumo stay strong… don’t accept his apology… thoda tadap ne dena shravu ko…:p

  18. Wow dis guy is confusing ……… dunno wat he wants 2 do

  19. What is ds….Sumo shouldn’t accept his apologize… If he was her true frnd,he would’ve forgiven her.and if u r angry thn punish her,but at least don’t insult her…dat was scl nd ds time u r mature enough.
    idiot Sravan

  20. I hate you shravan.you are so rude.shravan apologised to sumo to make her understand that one sorry can’t fill anyone’s wound.the episode was really an emotional one.felt very very bad for sumo

  21. I support sravan, eventhough it was in schooldays sumo behaved really bad to him.so its natural to be angry with her & taking revenge.but he still loves her

    1. I don’t think Shravan love somu cozy if had loved her then he must have not insulted her in front of whole school ????

  22. she should move on

  23. Sri i agree wid u!!!!

  24. oh my god shravan is taking revenge on sumo for what she did when they were in school. probably sumo insulted shravan in a similar manner and wrote sorry in a piece of paper. thats why shravan is making her feel the way he felt. i noe sumo is a strong girl but somewhere deep down shravan is hurt , he still hasn’t forgotten anything and wants answers from her. i think shravan is right in his own way.

  25. I’m in love with this serial… I see that sumo is an independent girl.. But wants to be truly loved… Shravan has a soft corner for her.. Now after this revenge… He’ll start wooing her… Waiting to see that part

  26. Poulami Chatterjee

    Sumo should ignore him for few days atleast to verify whether shravan came back to India just to take revenge or not..

  27. I love dis serial. n hann shravn abi jo kr rha hai wo glt hai.

  28. Siddharth nigam

    There is a spelling mistake “WITH THE GUY SHE DINT LIKE ..
    DID’NT SHOULD COME even u r writting in short also pooja di
    And feeling so bad for sumo she is favourite to me
    But now the serial would be “CHAT PATHAKA “

  29. I love dis serial .really feeling too bad for sumo. She should avoid him n should not accept his sory

  30. Plz make daily updates faster

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