raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-4)

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Rag’s pov
I was in kitchen. Aftr mukh dikhayi swara and utt ask me to prepare lunch as pahali rasoii. While cooking I was lost in thoughts. I was disturbed by d words of buaji. Hw can she say that my parents may feel ashamed about me. I did not trap laksh. I loved him sincerely.no I loves him still.i hate myself becoz I can’t stop myself from loving him. I can’t he forgive him also. What is doing with is not that easy forgivable. He played with my emotion he betrayed me.
He hate me frm the core of his heart. Then what was that why he defended me infront of buaji. He want to c my pain. They why he talked so rudely with buaji. I can’t understand him. He hates me but d same tym he love also. No rags its not love. He will do d same if anyone else in ur place.rags stop thinking about him.its only give u pain.
My thoughts wre disturbed by utt
Utt: Bhabhi what r u doing?
U r hands r burned.
I noticed that I was removing d hot kada from d induction with out using clothes
Utt: ohh Bhabhi. Where were u lost?
She immediately took ointment frm first aid box and applied on my palm.
Utt: Bhabhi is it paining
Rag( in mind): it is less than d pain that ur brother giving me
Utt taped on my face
utt: again u lost
Rags: nw take all this food.they all will be waiting for us. Utts do not tell about this to laksh
Utt: but Bhabhi
Rags: plz
Utt: as u r wish Bhabhi
Everyone was present on table except laksh, I don’t why my eyes r searching him.
Swara: rags laksh will cm in 2 sec
Sanky and utt [email protected] me. I gave them a fake smile
Aftr sm tym laksh too joined us.
Utts: Bhabhi a bhi bittiyenaa.
I was abt to sit near utt. Utt: not here sit there
She told by pointing towards the chair beside laksh.
I [email protected] him.and sat near him.
I served food to him.i was in pain due to the burn but I didn’t showed it.
Iwas unable to eat my food as the spices in d food made burning sensation in palm.laksh noticed this and asked
Laksh: what happened? Why r not eating

Utt: bhabhi’s hands were burned.
Laksh give me angry look.he took my hands and looked it for a long tym
Rag: nthng serious I will handle. He dragged me closer and feded me with his hands. I was shocked by his action where as swasan and utt r happy for us. We were lost in each others eyes. I felt sm pain in eyes.he turned another side. We completed our lunch.everyone praised? nd gifted me
Utts:lakh bhayya what this . u did not say a single word to her ?
Laksh said it was delicious without looking @me and went to our room.
I thought got back on household work.but utt and swara did not allow me and send me to my room
When I entered d room laksh was walking here and there.
He dragged by holding my waist nd pined me against the wall.he shouted @me
Laksh: do not u have eyes? Can n’t take care of yourself? R u still a kid?
If u don’t know to manage kitchen. Then u should have taken the help of swara or utts. Who old you enter d kitchen?

I saw love, care,pain in eyes wast it for me.

Rags: l..laksh its….pai..paining
He freed my hand.
Laksh: go and sit in d bed.he got first aid box and applied medicine on d burn
Rag: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
He blowed air on my wound.a single drop of tear cm to his eyes.
He kissed my forehead suddenly got up and went out.he turned @ d door step.
Laksh: don’t dare to get up frm bed. If u need anything just call utts
By saying this he went. I was amused at his action. My heart shouted rags he loves u more than anything.ya he married u for revenge. His ego is not allowing him to express his love. No he doesn’t realize that fe falled in love with u .i determined in my mind I will get my laksh love soon. I will make him realizes that he loves me.but I will not forgive him so easily.

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