Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 188 (23rd November’s Episode) (38th of this FF)

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Episode No: 188
Episode Date: 23rd  November 2016

Scene 1: Outside
Shravan and Suman break the eyelock.

Shravan: Okay, let’s go now.

Shravan goes and Suman follows behind him.

Sumo: (in her mind) What have happened to you Shravan? Please stop cursing yourself. I can’t see you depressed. I want my old Shravan back at any cost.

Scene 2: Hospital
Kamini comes to the hospital to meet Pushkar.

Kamini: Oh how is my Puttar Jii? It must be paining a lot right.

Pushkar: Yes Maa, it is still paining a bit now.

Kamini pats Preeti.

Kamini: Preeti beta you should take some rest especially in this condition, you were in the hospital the whole night!

Pushkar: What Preeti you were in hospital the whole night! What is this?

Preeti: Then what else I would have done!

Pushkar: Preeti! You have to take care of yourself! Okay!

Kamini: Preeti beta, you should go home now and take some rest.

Preeti unwillingly agrees.

Kamini: I have called the driver, he will drop you to your parent’s home.

Preeti agrees.

Pushkar: Maa, I am very hungry.

Kamini: I know, see what I have brought for you today. All are your favourite food.

Pushkar gets happy.

Pushkar: Really Mom!

Kamini: See, I have cooked Palak Paneer for you also. You love it right!

Pushkar nods.

Kamini: Today I will feed my son with my own hands.

Kamini feeds Pushkar. Pushkar eats happily. Preeti smiles.

Shravan and Suman sees this from the window and also smiles.

Shravan talks to Suman.

Shravan: Kamini Chachi may have done wrong by instigating, but no one can change the fact that as a mother she is very good. She is someone who can do anything for her son. Whatever she did all these days was only for her sons. No one can deny the fact that as a mother she is very good.

Suman looks on.

Shravan: On other hand, there is my mom, oh sorry Nirmala Ahuja who left me 11 years back alone, only for her so called reputation and all that. She found that more important than her son. Her own son. It is better to have a mother like Kamini Chachi rather than my mom, Nirmala Ahuja.

Sumo: No Shravan, you are misunderstanding. Maa… she is not as you think. I am sure she must have some reason why she did so…Once you know the truth who knows you may feel guilty.

Shravan: You better stop defending her Sumo. Enough of defending her! You don’t know what went through me the last 11 years. Anyways, I don’t want to talk regarding this matter.

Sumo: But Shravan…

Just then Shravan and Suman looks behind and they find Kamini.

Sumo: Kamini Chachi?

Kamini comes to Shravan and folds her hand.

Kamini: Shravan beta forgive me for whatever I did yesterday. Whatever I said yesterday was completely wrong. I am so sorry, so sorry that I slapped you. You don’t know how much bad I felt. Whatever I said was wrong. I just said without thinking.

Shravan angrily looks on and smiles angrily.

Shravan: Yes, right!

Kamini: Yes Puttar ji, it was true. It was true that I was always behind the property. I always wanted Pushkar or Varun to get that. I became too greedy. But after I got to know that you saved my Pushkar’s life by donating blood to him and bringing him hospital at the right time, I realised one thing. Life is the most precious thing, even money or wealth can’t replace love. And the love you have for my son as an elder brother…Beta please forgive me. Please forgive your Chachi.

Kamini folds her hand and cries. Suman feels really bad.

Shravan: Chachi, I have already forgave you, but I didn’t like it when you said against my dad! If possible seek apology from him! I forgave you but as for regarding the dad’s matter, it will take time for me.

Kamini: Thank you so much Puttar Ji and I will take care of that matter.

Just then the doctor comes,

Doctor: Mr.Shravan Malhotra can you come with me to complete the formalities?

Shravan agrees and he goes with the doctor.

Kamini comes to Suman.

Kamini: Suman Beta, I also seek apology from you. I have tried to provoke you against Shravan. The only thing that was going in my mind was just wealth and nothing else. I wanted Bhaisaab to name everything to Pushkar or Varun instead of Shravan. That’s why I made sure you got married to Shravan as Bhaisaab initially didn’t like you and that you can distant the father and son.

Suman gets surprised.

Sumo: You got me married with Shravan only because you could break this family? Do you have any idea what would have went through me if that really happens. God forbid that this should never happen. I can’t see this family break. It’s Shravan and most importantly dad’s wish too to keep this family intact. How can you?

Kamini: Yes you are right. In your presence, you know Suman beta Malhotra family is safe and sound. No one can break this family in your presence. When Ramnath Bhaisaab accepted you in the family and I realised you brought them closer instead that’s why I instigated you against Shravan when I got to know about that Aditya matter . Ramnath Bhaisaab and Nirmala Bhabi were talking in the restaurant about it when you and Shravan were in Goa.

Sumo: You did so much behind everyone’s back? Have you not even imagined once what would have happened? Everyone’s happiness would have been snatched!

Kamini: Yes beta, after Shravan saved my Pushkar’s life I realised my mistakes, and I am ready to repay for my mistake. But please… please forgive me. If not I will never be able to forgive myself.

Kamini breaks down and she falls on Suman’s leg.

Kamini: Please forgive me!

Suman feels bad and she makes her get up.

Sumo: No…No! No Chachi please! Please don’t make me feel embarrassed like this. You are elder than me. And I am happy better late than never at least you realised your mistakes.

Kamini: Suman beta if you need my help, remember your Kamini Chachi is always there! And I will help you if needed.

Kamini leaves. Suman looks on.

Sumo: (in her mind) Thank God Kamini Chachi realised her mistake. I hope somehow everything becomes fine between Shravan and Maa, and even if gets to know the truth somehow he also forgives his dad, and then everything will be fine.

Scene 3: Outside
After a few days,

Pushkar have been discharged from the hospital.

Pushkar: Finally I will be out of this hospital, I got so bore by just lying down on the cabin.

Shravan takes Pushkar to the car.

Suman and Preeti are also there.

Shravan is about to drive the car, and he remembers about the accident, and gets scared.

Shravan: Sumo, can you drive the car today?

Sumo: But Shravan…

Shravan: Sumo please.

Sumo: But I am not at all in mood to drive! Shravan, please…

Shravan gets angry and shouts on her.

Shravan: I told you I can’t drive car. Which means I can’t. Why don’t you understand I can’t bear another acci…

Sumo: Okay, okay relax.

Suman looks at Pushkar and Preeti who are in the car.

Sumo:Okay fine, I will drive the car today. You just relax okay!

Shravan: Sumo…. Sumo I am so….so sorry! What to do! I am still…

Suman holds Shravan’s hand.

Sumo: Don’t worry, just relax. Promise me you will do so!

Shravan nods, and then Suman drives the car instead.

Scene 4: Malhotra Residence
Shraman and Preekar reach Malhotra Residence.

Kamini and others welcome Pushkar back home.

Scene 5: Preekar’s Room
Pushkar is lying on the bed and resting. Preeti brings some soup for Pushkar and feeds him. Pushkar smiles and eats happily. Pushkar flirts with Preeti.

Pushkar: Areh wah today for the first time my PrettyPreeti is feeding me, if not I never got this opportunity. In a way this accident have gave me benefits.

Preeti: Stop it Pushkar! How dare you say like this? You know how much worried I was when you were in hospital? I won’t feed you. Shravan Jiju you feed him!

Preeti is about to pass the bowl to Shravan,

Pushkar: Let it be Preeti, I am sorry. I was joking. You just feed me, Bhaia will feed only Sumo. Right Sumo?

Sumo: Shh! You seem to be talking too much. If you talk too much I will apply tape on your mouth too.

Pushkar: Areh what yaar this bandage of on my hand is not enough. Uff. And thank god the neck sprain thing has been removed.

Suman finds Shravan sitting there quiet. And she realises he has haven’t forget about the accident.

Sumo: Pushkar where you kept the marker?

Pushkar: It’s right in the drawer.

Suman takes a marker out from the drawer.

Pushkar: By the way what will you do with this marker?

Suman stays silent and she takes the marker and doodles on Pushkar’s bandage. Pushkar gets surprised.

Pushkar: What are you doing Sumo?

Pushkar becomes shocked.

Sumo: Don’t overreact monkey! I am just doodling on your bandage.

Pushkar: Sumo, you are crazy. This is my bandage not some drawing paper. Bhai, see what Sumo is doing?

Shravan asks lost-mindedly,

Shravan: What are you doing Sumo?

Sumo: Done!

Pushkar looks at his bandage where Suman wrote” Get Well Soon Crazy Monkey   – From Sumo”

Sumo: I was just writing on your bandage.

Pushkar: Oh that’s cool.

Sumo: PrettyPreeti now you also write something on your husband’s bandage.

Preeti smiles and she takes the bandage and writes on the corner.

Preeri writes “P + P” in a heart shape.

Pushkar gets happy. Preeti winks.

Sumo: Wah Wah PrettyPreeti not bad!

Suman takes the marker from Preeti and hands into Shravan.

Sumo: Now you write something on the bandage too.

Shravan: Me?

Sumo: Yes you!

Shravan takes the marker and he thinks what to write.

Sumo: Why are you thinking so much! I told you to write your wishes to Pushkar not some essay!

Shravan gets an idea he smiles and he writes something. Suman gets relieved seeing Shravan smiling a bit.

Suman and Preeti looks. Shravan completes and Pushkar has a broad smile on his face seeing that.

Suman and Preeti gets confused  seeing that.

Sumo: What’s that? Cap?

Shravan: As a teenager, Pushkar used to love caps.

Suman gets it and smiles.

Sumo: Oh now I got it!

Preeti: But I didn’t get it, but what’s your signature doing on the cap, Jiju? What does it mean?

Shravan and Pushkar smiles and they get into a flashback,

Teenager Shravan is reading books and Pushkar comes running to him,

Pushkar: Bhaia help me, please!

Shravan: Why what happened Chotte!

Pushkar hides behind Shravan. Just then Kamini comes,

Kamini: Pushkar! Pushkar!

Kamini gets angry as he finds Pushkar hiding behind Shravan.

Kamini: Oh so you are hiding behind him?

Kamini gets Pushkar and holds his ear.

Pushkar: Ouch! Mummy! Leave my ear!

Kamini: I won’t spare you. How can you? How can you get so low marks for exams? No A’s and only C and D and fail in history also! Learn something from Shravan he topped his exams!

Pushkar: Maa if I fail in history what’s my fault in that? So many dates to remember in history I don’t even remember your birthday how will I remember Julius Caesar’s birthday?

Kamini: Now you are speaking also! I won’t spare you.

Pushkar: If I speak also problem, if I don’t speak also problem!

Kamini: You have become very naughty looks like I have to beat you now.

Kamini is about to beat Pushkar, Shravan stops her.

Shravan: Stop it Chachi! I will, I will teach Pushkar. He will do very well in exams next time, I promise you.

Kamini: Are you sure beta?

Shravan: Yes 100% if I can make Sumo do well, Pushkar is nothing compared to that !

Kamini leaves Pushkar.

Kamini: I am leaving you only because of Shravan, and yes tomorrow is your birthday so I have to make preperations for the party also. You may not remember my birthday but your Maa remembers your birthday!
Kamini leaves.

Next day,

It’s Pushkar’s birthday, and Suman also comes there and gifts Pushkar and also brings balloons for him.

After passing the balloons she passes him the gift.
Sumo: Here is your gift.

Pushkar: Really!

Pushkar opens the gift and then a toy ghost comes and scares him. Pushkar gets scared. Suman laughs.

Sumo: How was it?

Pushkar: Sumo, I won’t spare you.

Shravan gives Pushkar a gift.

Shravan: Before you fight with Sumo, Pushkar here is your gift.

Pushkar opens the gift and gets really happy seeing the cap which have HR engraved.

Pushkar: This cap! I wanted it for such a long time.

Sumo:Wow nice cap Shravan! Pushkar got lucky!

Pushkar: I won’t give this cap to anyone.

Shravan: Pushkar try the cap! I want to see!

Pushkar runs.

Shravan: Pushkar where are you going?

Sumo: Now where has he went? Looks like he escaped.

Pushkar comes with a marker.

Pushkar hands Shravan the cap and marker.

Shravan: Chotte, you didn’t like the cap?

Pushkar: I loved it Bhaia! But yesterday the way you saved me from mom, and also always helped me, I have became your fan. You are my idol Bhai. I want your autograph! Autograph please!

Shravan gets emotional.

Pushkar: Only after you sign this cap , I will wear this cap.

Shravan signs the cap and makes Pushkar wear the cap. Suman smiles.

Pushkar: I am looking so good in this cap, I am looking just like Hrithik Roshan!

Sumo: You are looking like Himesh Reashammiya not Hrithik Roshan!

Pushkar: Who cares about what you say, and Bhaia a picture with you.

The camera man comes and takes picture of Shravan and Pushkar. Suman also joins.
They get out of the flashback and smiles.

Preeti smiles. Shravan and Pushkar have a broad smile on their face after remembering about that. Suman too.

Sumo: By the way Pushkar do you still have fascinations towards cap like you used to have in childhood!

Pushkar: Of course I do! Doesnt mean I don’t wear cap much I still don’t like caps. I still love caps. Just that if I wear it to office, sir aka Bade Papa will kill me!

Sumo: Then you must still have those collections of caps right?

Pushkar: Of course I have, and Bhaia knows I don’t wear any cap without his sign. So whenever Bade Papa goes London, I send him all the caps I buy to make it sign, and I always get a few caps extra that too with Bhaia’s sign which he sends me from London.

Preeti: Pushkar you never told me you loved caps this much? I know you like caps but so much! I want to see.

Pushkar: It’s in my wardrobe, there.

Preeti is about to get it,

Sumo: Preeti you sit, I will get it.

Suman takes the cap, and then Pushkar smiles seeing all the cap.

Pushkar: This Adidas cap is currently my favourite!

And then he  wears another cap,

Pushkar: I am looking like Siddhart Malhotra, you favourite hero, right Preeti?

Sumo: You are looking absolutely like Yoyo Honey Singh!

Pushkar: You seem to look like Sania Mirza while wearing cap!

Shravan laughs seeing them fight about the cap.

Suman smiles seeing that. Preekar also gets happy.

Ramnath sees these from behind.

Ramnath: (in his mind) I must tell Shravan the truth today at any cost, he looks very happy!
The episode ends.

Precap: Ramnath calls Nirmala and Shravan at the same place, and Kamini gets to know about the matter and she rushes to tell Suman that Ramnath is going to tell Shravan everything. Suman rushes to the park and she gets surprised seeing Ramnath, Nirmala and Shravan walking towards the same direction.

Hey all, sorry got a bit late in publishing today’s episode. Actually I had classes and also i worked afternoon shift too due to which I reached home too that’s why I got late. ?Anyways , and as for the episode tomorrow and day after tomorrow’s episode will revolve around Ramnath’s truth and Shravan’s reaction. And yes of course Shraman scenes will be there too. What do you think will happen after Shravan gets to know the truth of his dad?
How will he feel? What will he do? You will get all your answer in the upcoming episodes and please don’t stop reading my fan fiction as there are only 7 episodes to go, and all these 7 episodes are very crucial if you read the other episodes too.
And please do openly comment only 7 episodes to go, I would love to see a good response in the last few episodes so that I can be satisfied that my story didn’t get boring ???.

7 episodes to go!!!!

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    That’s the excuse I give when in every exam I get all dates wrong.
    I don’t even remember my own birthday, how will I remember these kings’ birth and death days? *~* ^_^
    The writing on bandage was a superb idea.
    Loved the whole episode.
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