twinji Loving the impossible review/summary

Summary: two unlikely people come together, learning and growing. One with a secret while another yarn for love. Will they be able to move on from this or continue to stay in the past.

to Put it simple, Kunj moves in town and saves twinkle from falling of a tree. They got on the wrong foot, so Kunj being a good guy decides to help twinkle get the guy of her dream yuv. While helping her they got closer. Twinkle realize she loves Kunj, while Kunj tries to reject these feelings.

What twinkle doesn’t know is Kunj is an angel, he was sent to earth to unite yuv and her. If he was to fall for her, he will die which is something unusual for an angel.

Coming to the wedding, Kunj manage to drive twinkle away and into the arm of yuv. Those leading to the wedding, but unfortunately yuv was kidnap and Kunj ended up taking his place. Twinkle finding fainted out of shock.

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    Hope soon u will post episode also half you post summary

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    thanks for the summary but I still remember each and every thing of this story! I really love this! plz continue as soon as possible! its really tough to wait for ur ff! plz try to post soon! girl, its a humble request! plz

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  4. Hey i remember each nd every part of this ff so plzzzzzzz give nxt asap plzzzzzz its a request luv u….

  5. Thankyouuu ???so much ……a big thanks to you…okk kunj is an Angell….?i didn’t know that…. Post soon…..??

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