Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 187 (22nd November’s Episode) (37th of this FF)

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Episode No: 187
Episode Date: 22nd November 2016

Scene 1: Hospital
Next day Morning,
The episode begins with Suman and Preeti waking up.

Preeti: Dii, I slept on your lap yesterday, you must have been having problems while sleeping, sorry.

Sumo: No Preeti, it’s fine. You really needed rest.

Preeti: Pushkar…did Pushkar come back to sense?

Sumo: I don’t know, I dozed off.

Suman looks around.

Sumo: Shravan? Where is Shravan?

Suman gets up to look for Shravan.

Preeti: Dii, I also come with you.

Sumo: No, you sit here, I will comeback in a while.

Suman looks around the hospital, and then she finds Shravan in the cabin where Pushkar have been kept. Pushkar is still unconscious. Shravan is sitting near Pushkar.

Scene 2: Cabin
Shravan is speaking with Pushkar while he is unconscious. Pushkar have his hand and neck bandaged. And a bit of bandage above one of his eyebrows.

Shravan: Chotte? I am sorry. I know today you are in this state only because of me.

Shravan: Remember? Remember how we used to have fun in childhood.

Shravan gets into a flashback,
Teenager Shravan is shown studying, and just then the window of his room break. Shravan gets shocked. Shravan sees the red ball and realises.

Shravan: Acha Bachu so this is his work!

Shravan angrily storms downstairs, and goes outside. A cute and chubby boy is shown with a cap, and then he is looking around.

Boy: Where is the ball? I have hit such a good shot that even the ball got lost in the air.

Just then Shravan pats the boy,

Shravan: Idiot! The ball didn’t get lost in the air, it directly went towards the window of that house.

The boy looks at the window.

Boy: Bhaia!

Shravan: What Pushkar, what childish talk you are talking, how can the ball be lost in the air.

Yes that boy was none other than Pushkar.

(Assume Teenager Pushkar as Rohan Shah, was seen in Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar which used to air in Sony and he is like one of that Maggi Commercial Guy ???)

Shravan: Pushkar, you forgot you got exams tomorrow? You must do well, if not Papa won’t bring us for picnic!

Pushkar: I don’t have to worry about exams, when my Bhaia is with me! Right Bhaia!

Shravan: Na, na no way I can’t help you everytime, when you go to another place, then how will I help you?

Pushkar: Wherever you are, you will always help me. I know that.

Just then an angry and younger Kamini in shalwar kameez comes downstairs,

Kamini: Who broke the window?

Pushkar: Bhaia, Shravan Bhaia broke it!

Shravan: Liar! I didn’t break the window I was studying!

Pushkar: Haww! I have exams tomorrow and you are studying?

Kamini: Look Shravan Puttar lying is not good! I will complain to Ramnath Bhaisaab about you! Come with me.

Kamini holds Shravan’s hand to take him to Ramnath.

Shravan: But, I didn’t…

Shravan looks angrily at Pushkar, and Pushkar makes a cute face and holds his ears.

Shravan gets out of the flashback.

Shravan: Look Pushkar, see I have always forgave you. Please now you forgive me!

Shravan cries.

Just then Suman comes in and pats Shravan. Shravan looks on.

Shravan: Look Sumo, Pushkar is not waking up.

Sumo: He will wake up. He will wake up very soon. You said na that he doesn’t wake up so early.

Shravan: Sumo, why? Why Pushkar? I can’t see him in this state. You know how much I feel bad when I see him hurt.

Sumo: Of course, I know that. You couldn’t even see him sad. I still remember how me and him used to get into a fight, and you used to console both of us and help both of us too.

Tears drop from Suman’s eyes.

They get into another flashback,

Teenager Suman comes to Malhotra’s house, and she looks very angry. Teenager Shravan gets really happy seeing Suman.

Shravan: Sumo, you and here? Where is Nanaji? He didn’t come.

Sumo: Oh Idiot! I came here to take your class!

Shravan: Class? Meaning?

Suman hits Shravan.

Shravan: Ouch!

Sumo: I told you to do my homework and you… you are roaming around. It is such a big assignment for homework, it will take a full day how will I even submit it tomorrow? I was suppose to submit today, but you didn’t do my work. And deadline is tomorrow.

Suman becomes worried.

Sumo: And you…you are roaming here around your own house instead of helping me!

Shravan: No, Sumo! You must have some very big misunderstanding I already did your assignment.

Sumo: Then where it is? You were suppose to give it to me today before classes began but you didn’t.

Shravan: I gave you.

Sumo: Look Shravan, don’t lie if you don’t know how to lie.

Shravan: No, Sumo I really did it, and I even send  Pushkar to give you the assignment while he is on his way, so that no one doubt us, especially Aaru.

Sumo: No! Pushkar didn’t give me anything! Infact I didn’t even meet him!

Shravan: Then if Pushkar didn’t give you…

Just then Teenager Pushkar comes downstairs laughing who is wearing another cap as he loves cap. Shravan and Suman are surprised. Suman fumes.

Sumo: Oye Monkey Cap’s shop, why are you laughing!

Shravan: Chotte, the assignment I gave you to hand it to Sumo, where is it?

Pushkar: What Bhaia still you didn’t get it?

Shravan: No!

Sumo: Shravan, you may not got it, but I totally got it.

Suman angrily comes to Pushkar,

Sumo: Now you tell us where is my homework?

Pushkar is laughing.

Sumo: You submitted the assignment Shravan prepared for me, saying that you did the homework right!

Pushkar: Finally you got it! Yes Bhaia Sumo is right! I credit that assignment by myself.

Shravan: But…but why? That was for Sumo!

Pushkar: Oho my naive Bhaia! Now I already had a full copy of my assignment in my hand, why will I do myself a fresh one? It’s like getting the answer key of the exam paper. And I am not dumb that I got opportunity and I won’t use it! I was thinking how to do this assignment by my own and then God helped me out!

Sumo: Pushkar! You! You will get hit by me.

Pushkar and Suman runs. Suman chases Pushkar. Shravan tries to console them. But they don’t listen. And as Pushkar runs on the stairs, he trips and sprains his leg.

Pushkar: Ouch! My leg!

Shravan: Pushkar!

Shravan rushes to Pushkar to check his leg. Suman also gets worried.

Sumo: Pushkar, are you okay?

Pushkar gets hurt and he cries.

Shravan: Oh no he really got injured. Sumo do one thing you go back home quickly!

Sumo: But…assignment?

Shravan: Your assignment will be done tomorrow, even if I have to stay awake tonight I will do that.

Sumo: Shravan, if you really cannot let it be, I will do the easier parts.

Shravan: Sumo, I said I will do the assignment now leave! I will hand it to you tomorrow!

Suman leaves, and Ramnath comes there.

Ramnath: What happened to Pushkar?

Shravan: Papa, me and Shravan were playing and I accidentally pushed him and he fall down.

Ramnath: Oh Shravan you should have been more careful! And Pushkar, come with me let me leave you to your room.

Shravan and Suman gets out of the flashback.

Shravan: I can’t believe it has been almost 12 years from then.

Shravan looks at Pushkar,

Shravan: Pushkar, please! Please wake up, if you forgave your elder brother!

Shravan holds Pushkar’s hand and cries. Suman also cries. Just then,

Pushkar: When the mistake was made by me, why are you forgiving?

Shravan looks up and finds Pushkar regained. consciousness.

Shravan: Pushkar!

Suman gets happy.

Sumo: I will call the doctor here right now.

Suman goes to call the doctor.

Shravan: Chotte! Glad that you gained consciousness. Do you have any idea how much worried I was?

Pushkar looks on and smiles.

Shravan: I am so sorry because of me, you had to see this day. You must be very hurt right!

Pushkar: No Bhaia, that accident? That accident wasn’t your fault at all. I diverted your attention while talking that’s why this happened. You are not at all responsible.

Shravan: No! It’s entirely my fault, so many people talks to those who drive the car, but I was really reckless. So it is entirely my fault.

Pushkar: Now Bhaia stop blaming yourself!

Pushkar is about to get up, and he feels pain in his neck.

Pushkar: Ouch!

Shravan: Chotte, you just lie down!

Just then the doctor comes with Suman. The doctor checks Pushkar.

Doctor: Mr.Pushkar Malhotra how are you feeling now?

Pushkar: Much better, Doctor.

The doctor checks Pushkar.

Doctor: Your fractures will take a bit time to heal, if not everything is fine. There is nothing to worry about. You can get discharged within a week’s time.

Pushkar: See Bhaia, nothing happened to me! You just got worried for no reason.

Shravan: But fractures! One week!

Doctor: Don’t worry Mr.Shravan Malhotra, in accidents these fractures tend to happen, so it will take some time.

Doctor: And, Mr.Pushkar Malhotra if you need anything or feel pain do call me out.

Pushkar agrees and the doctor leaves.

Shravan is still sad.

Pushkar: What Bhaia even now, you are sad. Believe me, it’s not your fault at all.

Sumo: Pushkar, there is no use of telling your brother all these, he is like this.

Shravan goes out of the room.

Sumo: Shravan? Now where are you going?

Shravan stays silent and Suman follows him.

Pushkar: This Bhaia na…


Preeti comes to Pushkar,

Pushkar: Preeti?

Preeti comes and rests her head on Pushkar’s chest and cries.

Pushkar: My PrettyPreeti is crying?

Preeti: Pushkar, you couldn’t have take care of yourself! What was the need to open your mouth! What if something would have happened? Have you thought about me or our unborn baby?

Pushkar: Areh relax Preeti. Now you are getting emotional . See anything happened to me? I am completely safe and sound.

Preeti: But your fracture on your arm and neck? It is very painful right!

Pushkar: Yes, it is a bit painful. But it will heal soon.

Preeti is still crying.

Pushkar: What is this crying? Why are you still crying? Your make up will merge.

Preeti: Pushkar, no jokes. I am not in mood.

Pushkar: Oh so Preeti Princess is in bad mood! Champ do something to bring your mom back to mood.

Just then Preeti feels pain in her belly.

Preeti: Ouch!

Pushkar: Preeti? Are you okay?

Pushkar gets worried.

Pushkar: I told you not to take tension see what happened!

Preeti: Areh Pushkar you are telling me not to worry and now you yourself are worrying. It’s nothing the baby kicked.

Pushkar gets happy.

Pushkar: Really!

Preeti: You want to feel it!

Preeti makes Pushkar hold her belly and they smile looking at each other.

Preeti: Champ is telling his dad to get well soon.

Pushkar and Preeti smiles looking at each other.

Scene 3: Outside
Suman comes outside and finds Shravan sitting there lonely. Suman comes and sits beside him.

Sumo: Still feeling guilty?

Shravan nods.

Sumo: Why Shravan? Now Pushkar is absolutely fine! Now why are you…

Shravan: I am so happy Pushkar is fine now. But at the same time, I still feel so bad what if something would have happened then? I can’t even imagine, Sumo how can I be so reckless?

Sumo: Shravan, relax it was just an accident! How many times I will tell you that? Stop blaming yourself!

Shravan: I can’t even meet my eyes infront of him.

Sumo: Shravan, you left midway what must Pushkar be thinking?

Shravan: Don’t worry Preeti is there for him.

Sumo: Yes Preeti is there for him. But Shravan I can’t see you like this. And you know that very well.

Shravan: Sumo, you know as a child I always wanted a younger brother. But you know what, Pushkar even though he is my cousin he fulfilled that wish of mine. And after Pushkar came, I never felt the shortage of a younger brother.

Suman smiles.

Sumo: You know what, Shravan! Pushkar is very lucky that he got a brother like you!

Shravan: No! I am very lucky I got a brother like Pushkar who forgave me for something I don’t deserve apology.

Shravan gets up. Suman also gets up.

Sumo: Shravan, you again started! How many times I will tell you that you are not be blamed?

Shravan is still sad.

Sumo: You know what I am very proud that you are my best friend and my husband. You are the best. Now let’s go to Pushkar. If you are there, he will feel better. He will recover faster, if not he will get worried too.

Suman kisses Shravan on his forehead. Title track music plays.

Suman is about to go, Shravan holds her hand. Suman looks on.

Shravan: Sumo, thank you so much for being there for me.

Sumo: Shravan, I already did the mistake of leaving you at your bad times once. I can’t do that again.

Suman and Shravan looks at each other, and shares an eyelock. The episode ends.

Precap: Kamini apologises to Shravan and Suman for insulting them a lot and thanks Shravan for saving Pushkar’s life. Shravan and Suman looks on and gets thinking.

Hey all, I hope you all liked today’s episode. Actually I focused more on Pushkar and Shravan scenes especially their teenage scenes as this was one thing I really wanted in the show that was at least a scene of teenager Pushkar. Well tomorrow’s episode will focus more on Shraman and Preekar’s bonding together, and Thursday and Friday will be the episode where Ramnath’s truth will be revealed. And next week, will be the last week of this fan fiction which will focus on what happens after Shravan gets to know the truth and what he will do! And this week there maybe a bit less Shraman scenes but doesn’t mean no Shraman scenes after all EDKV is incomplete without Shraman. There will be some Shraman scenes this week too. And next week is the last week so obviously a lot of Shraman scenes. And at the same time, I know most of you are disappointed with the fact that I am ending this ff soon, that’s because of my classes as I am a second year engineering student as I said and I do a part time job too at the same time twice a week now as I have classes on. And more importantly this ff is meant for a finite episode. But the good news is I will comeback with a new ff on EDKV which will be like EDKVS2 but I will be slow in publishing that maybe once or every two weeks and I will post more details about it on this ff this Sunday.

And a message to other EDKV ff Writers, I miss your ffs too. And yes, for those who are not updating due to being busy and other commitments I totally understand. But please don’t end your FF please cause I love all of your ff as for me I am ending mine soon but at least I am coming back so Gotcha!!! And thanks for writing ff on EDKV i love all of ur FFs. ???
And if some are not commenting on my FF but reading it and yeah also those who used to comment please do comment again at any one point of time so that I can get to know if you are still reading my fan fiction ?. Itna Toh banta hain na after all, only 8 episodes ki Baath hain.
8 episodes to go!!!

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  1. Nikita

    Aww.. finally Pushkar theek ho gaya.. im really happy with the PushVan scenes, they were just perrfect! And rahi baat sacchai ki, so I would wait for it till Thurs. Aww, kamini chachi’s apology.. and chota pushlar, ♥♥I always imagined chotu pushkar with cap.. love you laods!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nishita thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Yeah pushkar is okay now ? Happy u liked pushvan scenes ?And yeah thurs will be the sachai wala epi n fri too yeah kamini will apologise too IKR me too imagined chotu pushkar with cap ? Love you too ???

  2. WeirdSister

    The teenage scenes were just so adorable..
    They are so damn cute..?
    And yeah.. I just love the fact.. that you are not focusing on the relationship of the couples but also exploring others..
    I loved it so much..
    It really was.. cuteness overloaded..
    Love you loads ?
    Post soon?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey WS thanks for commenting happy u liked the teenage scenes ? Well yeah i feel romance it’s not only the necessary thing so I tried exploring other genres too ? Love u too ???
      Will post a next epi tonight but i may get a bit late to post tonight’s epi

  3. Berry

    Wow …it was really Behring nice episode n liked that baby’s kick vala scene ..uske baad to Pushkar ekdum thik ho gya hoga ..teenager shraman n Pushkar scene was really nice …I just really love this ff like anything ….I had a question that will ur next edkv ff be the season 2 mns next part of this ff ?? ..so if that will be the next part so plz write more shraman scenes in it …focus on ur studies too …love u …tc ???

    1. Berry

      Very ** (Behring)

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hehe Behring berry very ???

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Yeah pushkar is fine after that ??? and it really means a lot to me ? Well yeah my next ff as in a new different story it won’t have any link to this ff but would have link to the actual EDKV i know it sounds confusing so I would post more details about it this weekend and love u too ???

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