Bin Kuch Kahe 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay informs Myra that he has informed his colonel and once his call comes, she will be released. Myra asks what about Kabeer. Akshay yells some people are so stupid and put others also in trouble along with them, he will get even him out. Inspector scolds Akshay why did he come back. Akshay warns once his colonel’s call comes, inspector will call him sir. Inspector says he respects army men, but Akshay is spoiling army’s name. He warns Akshay to get out. Askhay leaves fuming.

Nikhil returns home and informs that inspector put Myra behind bars and even Kabeer for recording without permission. He says Kabeer gave some lawyer’s number Shekhawath says he had given his friend Pappu’s number, calls pappu and asks him to do something in Myra’s case. Pappu asks him to come over with details. Shekhawath asks if someone is coming along. Nikhil says he will. Shekhawath leaves with Nikhil and Sudha.

Shekhawath with Nikhil and Sudha meets Pappu lawyer who says Myra will get bail for trespassing, but the problem she created. Sudha says Shekhawath created this problem. Pappu lawyer explains his plan.

Akshay gets back home and seeing Riya crying consoles her. He fumes. Anoter inmate troubles Myra. Kabeer takes her side. Myra confronts woman and she gets afraid. Kabeer praises Myra. Myra says she is very hungry. He asks if she wants to have pizza and asks constable to order pizza. Constable says what will they say inspector. He asks to tell their brother sent.

Shekhawath covers live story outside police station and reports that Myra was just doing her duty and is behind bars. He asks audience if Myra should be punished for showing truth. Pappu lawyer gets builder’s call who threatens to face dire consequences if he does not tear Myra’s bail papers. Pappu lawyer backs off. Nikhil informs Sudha about it and she starts crying.

Inspector informs Myra and Kabeer that Pappu lawyer escaped. Kabeer requests constable to help him. She says it is risky. He requests and asks her give him his phone for 2 min. Constable takes him out with phone. He calls someone and informs whole situation. Man over pohne asks not to worry. Kabeer returns back to jail cell.

At home, Sudha starts crying and Nikhil consoles her. Door bell rings. Nikhil opens door and is surprised to see Kabeer and Myra with inspector. Inspector walks in and apologizes Sudha for arresting Myra and Kabeer and says he did not know she has connections with such a big person. He touches her feet and says if anyone troubles her family, he will put them in jail. Sudha asks who big person. Inspector says he spoke to chief minister over phone for the first time. Akshay boasts thinking his colonel took chief minister’s help.

Precap: Akshay fumes when Myra praises Kabeer.

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  1. I am happy that kabeera has out of jail

  2. Kabir ur ossum.ur concernd and lv towards myra was gud.and akshya ur ntg.u can’t do anything for her.kabir is right for that family

    1. Yes bhavana ur right

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