Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Continuation FF) Episode 186 (21st November’s Episode) (36th of this FF)

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Episode No: 186
Episode Date: 21st November 2016

Scene 1: Tiwari Killa
The episode begins with Suman and Preeti coming to Nanu’s Room.

Sumo: Nanu, you have called me and Preeti?

Nanu: Yes Suman beta, Preeti beta there is something important I need to talk about to you both.

Sumo: Is everything fine Nanu?

Nanu: Yes everything is fine, but just listen to me carefully.

Suman gestures to Mamaji and Mamiji who are standing beside Nanu, and they are saying they don’t have any idea about it.

Nanu: Sameer can you pass me that file?

Mamaji passes Nanu the file.

Mamaji: Babuji, what is this?

Nanu: You will get to know about that very soon.

Nanu tells Mamaji to read it out.

Mamaji reads it and gets a bit surprised.

Mamaji: That is property papers!

Nanu: Right.

Mamaji: Babuji, you have decided to divide your property between your children and grandchildren!

Nanu nods.

Everyone is surprised and are having mixed reactions.

Mamaji: But all of a sudden?

Nanu: I have a reason for it.

Preeti: But Dadu, what’s the reason?

Nanu: Look I am aged now and I don’t know when I will leave this world.

Sumo: Nanu, don’t you dare say like this again?

Nanu: And Suman I want to give you one more responsibility.

Sumo: What responsibility?

Nanu hands Suman the key.

Sumo: Key? What key?

Nanu: Look Suman beta, after I leave I don’t know what will happen to this house and everything? I know Sameer is there to manage the things here, but Suman beta this Tiwari Killa is yours and Sameer’s responsibility now.

Sumo: But Nanu?

Nanu: Suman beta, please. And yes as for the procedures, I got it done by Shravan a few months ago. I spoke with him regarding this already.

Sumo: (in her mind) With Shravan? Shravan knows about all these, but he…he didn’t tell me? I have to call Shravan.

Suman goes outside and calls Shravan on the phone.

Sumo: Hello?

Suman gets shocked as she listens something and the phone gets dropped from her hand.

Suman: Sh…Sh….Shravan!

Suman runs and quickly takes her car out. Preeti sees Suman.

Preeti: Dii? You and at this time outside? Where are you going?

Sumo: I will tell you about that once I come back from home, okay!

Preeti: But what happened Dii, you really look worried and concerned!

Sumo: I told you I will tell you later, don’t stress yourself. It’s not good for your baby!

Suman quickly takes the car and drives out. Preeti gets thinking.

Preeti: But where is Dii going at this time?

Scene 2: Hospital
Suman rushes to the hospital and asks the nurse.

Sumo: Do you know where….where is Sh….Shravan Malhotra? My husband!

The nurse doesn’t reply and goes. Then she finds a doctor,

Sumo: Doctor! Doctor…my hus…..husband, Shravan…Shravan Malhotra….accident…..and

Doctor: Mrs Malhotra it’s better if you come with us?

Sumo: Doctor, Shravan is fine right?

Doctor: Just follow us.

Suman follows the doctor and shows her something. She gets shocked.

Doctor: Mrs.Malhotra I think you should….okay I should leave now?

The doctor leaves.

Suman gets shocked as she sees a dead body covered in white cloth, and she is about to collapse,

Sumo: No….no! This must be my imagination!
Suman tries to lift the cloth, and she closes her eyes and tears are fully rolling from her eyes. Suman lifts the cloth and she falls down on the floor.

It is not Shravan or Pushkar. It is someone else’s dead body. She finds a lady rushing to the body and crying. Suman gets super scared.

Sumo: Shravan? Shravan? Where is my Shravan? Sh…

Suman just realises Shravan sitting in a corner of the hospital.

Suman runs and comes to Shravan.

Sumo: Shravan!

Shravan who had a slight bandage on the side of the forehead looks up.

Shravan: Sumo!

Shravan and Suman hug each other, and they both cry very badly!

Suman carrases Shravan’s face.

Sumo: Shravan, are you fine? I got call from the hospital, they got your phone and I came here.

Shravan is silent.

Sumo: Shravan, why are you silent? What happened?

Shravan: Push….Pushkar?

Sumo: Pushkar! Oh yes, Pushkar was with you right? Where…where is Pushkar?

Shravan is silent. Just then another doctor comes,

Doctor: Mr.Malhotra we managed to complete the operation on your yonger brother Pushkar Malhotra, but right now we cannot say anything. For now he is critical.

Suman is shocked. The doctor leaves. Shravan breaks down.

Sumo: Shravan…Pushkar…accident? How did you both meet with an accident? And Pushkar…

Shravan cries and narrates the entire story to Suman. Suman is stunned.

Shravan: It’s all because of me. It’s all because of my negligence. It’s only because of me, Chotte in this state today.

Sumo: No Shravan, it’s not your fault at all, it was just an accident.

Shravan: No Sumo! It’s entirely my fault! If…if anything happens to Chotte, I will never be able to forgive myself! Never!

Suman holds Shravan’s hand.

Sumo: Don’t worry Shravan, Pushkar will be fine! Keep faith! Don’t lose hope Shravan, don’t worry! I know Pushkar will be absolutely fine.

Just then the entire Malhotra family comes to the hospital,

Kamini is very sad and is crying a lot. Ramnath asks the doctor,

Ramnath: Doctor how is Pushkar now?

Doctor: We cannot say anything now. He is critical.

The doctor goes.

Kamini cries.

Lalaji: Kamini console yourself!

Kamini: My Pushkar, why my Pushkar what have he done! Why does he have to suffer?

Kamini is crying a lot.

Ramnath finds Shravan and Suman,

Ramnath: Shravan?

Shravan hugs Ramnath and cries.

Ramnath: Are you okay beta?

Shravan: Papa…Pushkar?

Suman cries too. Kamini gets angry and goes to them. Kamini goes and slap Shravan. Suman and Ramnath are shocked. Shravan holds his cheek and cries.

Kamini: Only because of you? Only because of you my son is in this condition today!

Shravan is silent.

Kamini: These last few years! When you were in London, my son Pushkar, my Pushkar was the one who handled this Malhotra Industries with Ramnath Bhaisaab. Shravan? Shravan you were in London. Even after you came back, Pushkar did things which you were suppose to do. He took up the responsibilities you were supposed to take? And you were roaming all around the world!

Lalaji: Kamini what are you saying?

Kamini: No! Enough is enough! I have stayed silent. But this is the truth. Shravan has caused so much problems and loss for the company, and my Pushkar worked all day all night to cover up all these problem? And when Shravan…only Shravan was send to London for training, why not Pushkar?

Ramnath: Kamini!

Kamini: Why? What happened Bhaisaab? You couldn’t hear the bitter truth anymore right! I have stayed silent and see… see the result! My son, Pushkar is fighting between life and death today!

Kamini comes to Shravan,

Kamini: Shravan, if anything happens to Pushkar, I won’t spare you. I will never forgive you!

Sumo: Kamini Chachi…

Kamini: Suman if you stay silent it is better, you better don’t speak about this? After all who is Pushkar to you?

Sumo: Pushkar is someone to me. Yes someone to me. A very good friend of mine and the husband of my younger sister. Pushkar is like a brother to me.

Kamini: The sister you are talking about? Where is she? Where is Preeti?

Sumo: Listen Preeti doesn’t know about this yet. If she gets to know about this, it is not good for her and her baby. She won’t able to take this.

Kamini: I know what is okay with my daughter-in-law and grandchild. So you stay silent. I am going to call Preeti.

Lalaji: Stop Kamini! You don’t seem to be in your sense now! Suman Puttar is right! You won’t call Preeti puttar!

Shravan gets really hurt seeing all these.

Shravan: I have done wrong. I wish I had been more careful while driving.

Ramnath: Look Shravan, you are not all fault in this!

Shravan: Dad?

Ramnath: And Kamini I know what is going through you right now? Any mother would have reacted like this seeing their child in this condition!

Kamini: You let it be Ramnath Bhaisaab, you have always seen your own benefit and done things only for your selfish motives! And Nirmala Bhabi, you have forgotten that you…

Shravan: Enough Kamini Chachi! You have said a lot! I didn’t say anything doesn’t mean that you will taunt my dad. And it’s my mistake. Because of me Pushkar is in this condition! I deserve punishment for this, not dad.

Kamini: Yes you definitely deserve a very big punishment for this! See what happens to you, you will not stay in happiness and peace! I am telling you, today only because of you I had to see my Pushkar in this state!

Sumo: Kamini Chachi, please. Please don’t say like this. Shravan is not at all in fault. It was just an accident.

Kamini fumes.

Again the doctor comes,

Kamini: Doctor! How is my Pushkar?

Doctor: Nothing to worry about, Pushkar is out of danger now.

Kamini and others get relieved. Shravan gets relieved too.

Sumo: See, I told you nothing will happen to Pushkar!

Doctor: Today if Mr.Shravan Malhotra didn’t bring Mr.Pushkar Malhotra to the hospital on time and donate blood to him, it would have been almost impossible to save him! There was shortage of blood in the blood bank due to sudden change in campaign dates, but luckily Shravan Malhotra’s blood group matched with Pushkar Malhotra’s blood group. So he deserves the appreciation not me!

Kamini becomes surprised.

Lalaji: Doctor, can we meet our Son?

Doctor: Now he is unconscious. But don’t worry he is safe now. He will gain consciousness by tomorrow.

Kamini feels bad for taunting Shravan.

Lalaji folds his hand.

Lalaji: Shravan, today you gave my son another life. I don’t even know how to thank you for this.

Shravan: No, I was responsible which is why Pushkar had to even be in this state. I am happy he is fine, but it’s still my fault. I wish I was more careful.

Vandy: Preeti, now she should know about it?

Sumo: Yes, Vandy Bhabi is right now that Pushkar is safe we can inform Preeti she had to know about it anyways. I will bring Preeti from home.


Suman brings Preeti to the hospital,

Preeti: Dii what happened? Why you brought me to the hospital? Is everything fine?

Sumo: Preeti don’t worry.

Preeti gets surprised finding everyone here.

Preeti: You all and here?

Preeti looks around.

Preeti: Shravan Jiju what happened to you? And Pushkar? Where is Pushkar? He was with you, right?

Kamini caresses Preeti and tells her the entire story and Preeti cries.

Varun: But don’t worry Preeti, Pushkar is out of danger now. He is safe now. He will gain consciousness by the end of the day.

Preeti: Can…can I meet him? Pushkar…

Ramnath: Preeti beta, Doctor have forbidden anyone from meeting him. By tomorrow we all can meet him!

Preeti cries hugging Suman.

Preeti: My Pushkar had met with such a big accident!

Sumo: Preeti, stop! Stop crying! That’s why I didn’t want to tell you it’s not good for you and your baby!

Preeti: But Pushkar?

Sumo: Pushkar is fine. He will be back to normal tomorrow I tell you. But please take care of yourself if not he will scold me a lot saying, Sumo you didn’t take care of my wife in my absence wait see what I do!

Preeti cries and she rests her head on Suman’s lap. Preeti falls asleep. Shravan comes there.

Shravan: Preeti?

Sumo: She is sleeping now.

Shravan sits beside her.

Sumo: Shravan, are you okay?

Shravan nods.

Sumo: No! You are not! Shravan, Pushkar is fine now.

Shravan: But it’s all because of me! Why didn’t I take care while driving what if something would have happened? I hate myself so much for this.

Sumo: Shravan, you assured me today nothing will happen when I saw that nightmare, so how anything would have happened?

Shravan: Sumo, today I realised one thing. Life is very precious. Today if anything happened to Pushkar, I would have never forgave myself! Never!

Shravan: I should leave now.

Shravan leaves. Suman feels bad for him. The episode ends.

Precap: Shravan is still very guilty for the accident and Suman consoles him.

Hey all, so finally I updated the episode after a long weekend. And yeah I didn’t kill off Shravan or Pushkar. I hope you all are okay with it now. And well as I said before this week’s episode will be more emotional then romance, there won’t be much romance this week it will be emotional. And I have decided the number of episodes already. I have decided with 10. So 9 episodes to go. I know I am ending this. This is because my classes began today that’s why and luckily I had an off last week both Saturday and Sunday so I could write 5 episodes in those two days, as I was too excited to write the episodes. So no worries this week episodes will be posted as per normal. Next week also most likely it will be posted as per normal as the first week of classes there isn’t much load. I could have wrote 5 more episodes but actually the thing is I will be most leaving for Bangladesh for a week in first week of May for a week due to some work. So it won’t be possible for me to publish at May that’s why I will end this ff at the end of April and I am used to writing finite episodes. Actually this is my longest ff till date, those who read my ff knows that. But you all supported me so much I didn’t expect this much good response. Once again thank you so much for the support. Love u all ??
9 episodes to go!!!

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  1. Nikita

    Oh! Gosh, im glad no one’s dead.. But Pushkar.. :'(. Shravan’s vulnerability. Amd finally Pushkar is glad. And if Shravan cant hear 1 or 2 words abouy Ramnath, what’d he do if he has to hear the whole freakin truth.. that part would be…. woah!
    9 episodes only? Anhh, it feels like my EDKV is ending again. But anyways, I think if it is finite, then I’d be more satisfied.. Bangladesh. .oohh.. office work or trip? Anyways, love ya loads, family drama on point today! Specially the part when Nanu gives the responsibilty to Sameer and Sumo.. ♥

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nishita thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Well yeah no one died ? Yeah for that u have to wait n watch what Shravan does after he knows ramnath’s truth and this is what will revolve around this week’s episode , pushvan scenes n ramnath’s truth well yeah it’s finite and EDKV was finite (unfortuantely the channel ended it b4 the desired no. of episode) and well Bangladesh for some work and yeah a bit of family drama i focused on today ? Love u ???

  2. Diya

    Thank god no one’s dead.
    After reading Aru’s last chapter I’m crying.
    And if I had found that someone died here too, I swear I had left telly updates.
    I can’t cry anymore.
    Sorry but I’ve got over-emotional.
    I feeling sad for Push.
    (It makes me cry as well)
    Hope he gets well.
    9 episodes…ohh !!
    Anyways nine biiig episodes could do.
    Happy journey to ur trip to Bangladesh.
    Onek bhalobasha to u.
    (first time I’m writing Bengali to u)

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Diya thanks for commenting happy u liked the chap Areh yaar why would i have done so ??? don’t say like this na ?
      Well yeah he will gws and ya 9 epi to go ? Thanks for the wishes it’s after 3 weeks though okay dhondobad (i also speak Bengali what ???)

  3. Berry

    It was really amazing n awesome episode ..n itz good that no one among Shravan n Pushkar got dead …I was waiting like a mad fr today’s episode to get to knw who’s dead n I got such a relief that no one is dead…just 9 episodes to go now ?…do ur classes well n happy journey love u ..tc ??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey berry thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Well yeah they both r safe ? And yeah 9 epi to go ? Thanks for the wishes and love u too ???

  4. WeirdSister

    Oh wow!
    So much family drama.. and finally the truth is out..I am really happy about that..
    The outburst part of kamini was really good.. even Shravan was so good in today’s episode.. he felt real..
    Loved it..
    Very well written..
    Post soon..
    Love you loads!?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey WS thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Well yeah that was much needed i feel that outburst by kamini that’s why and ya Shravan ?? happy u liked that and love u too ??

  5. i am happy to know that no one died but at the same time u gave us a shock its ok if u cant post in may atleast in june u can continue this ff right??? so plz continue this ff. atleast for the sake of EDKVians.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rohini thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi ? Yeah no one died ?
      Well i actually have to end this ff as i have classes and job (twice a week though) so it would be hard for me and moreover this ff was meant for a finite series like EDKV (which ended earlier then the planned no of episodes ?)
      But i will promise that i will come with another EDKV story and that will be a ff of the sequel of EDKV like EDKV s2 soon.

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