Mahek 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Balwant says to family that Mahek has broken my trust too, PD says dont be so hard on her, she is our daughter, start to accept and forget, everything will be fine, Balwant says Kanta might forgive her but i will never, Jeevan says a lot has happened outside so dont create mess here, leave everything to Kanta and Mahek. Kanta is silently sitting there in pain. Mahek comes there and sits infront of Kanta, she says i know you are miffed with me but please forgive me Chachi, I am sorry, she cries and says i know you want my good, you are scared that if i go back to Shaurya then i will get pain again but Shaurya is trying to change his mistakes, i agree that this is same Shaurya who stole my mother’s recipes but same Shaurya accepted it infront of world, gave respect to my mother, apologized to us, fought with goons, saved me from Ajay many times and today just to show love, he kept bearing pain for me, this all cant be lie, please say anything, punish me but talk to me. Kanta glares at her, she leaves from there, Mahek is broken. Nehal comes there and bandages Mahek’s foot. Otherside Shaurya is taking shower, he caresses Mahek’s name on his chest, he recalls her smile. Mahek is in pain otherside, Roke na ruke naina plays.. they both miss each other. Shaurya recalls their love confession, their kiss, their dance, their hald wedding. Shaurya looks at Mahek’s name near his heart and smiles broadly. Shaurya comes out of shower in towel and looks in mirror, he takes phone and calls Mahek.. Mahek doesnt see her phone being worried about Kanta and doesnt see Shaurya calling. Shaurya gets dejected that she didnt receive his call.

In morning, PD says to Mahek that dont worry, time is difficult but it will be fine, Kanta will forgive you, she loves you a lot. Jeevan says Kanta has locked herself in her room since last night, i dont know if she took her BP medicine. Mahek says i will go and see, Ravi says you have hurt Kanta a lot yesterday by crossing her border line, you dont need to do anything. Kanta comes out of her room, Mahek says dont talk to me but eat something, you havent eaten since yesterday, Kanta says to Mahek that go and get ready, Ravi asks where are we going? Kanta says to Shaurya’s house, all are stunned.

Karona puts ointment on Shaurya’s wounds and says I am tired of seeing your wounds, just look at your bruised body. Shaurya says they are not bruises, they are proof of my love, this many wounds are either on warrior’s body or on lover’s. Shaurya turns and sees Kanta, Jeevan and Mahek standing there. Karona says you people here? Kanta comes inside and says sorry to come here early. Kanta says to Karona that i accept Shaurya and Mahek’s relation, Mahek and Shaurya are stunned to hear it, Kanta says I am sorry Karona, i talked with you very rudely, Karona hugs her. Mahek smiles and hug Kanta. Kanta says but before taking your relation at its destination, i have one condition, everyone looks on. Shaurya asks what condition? Kanta says you both will not meet each other for one month, Jeevan says what are you saying? Kanta says i have bowed to your love but i still think Shaurya’s love is his obsession only, this getting injured, engraving her name on chest, this is just his blood boiling, i dont know if this is love or stubbornness to be together, its like when a child wants a toy, he gets obsessed with it but when he gets it, he plays with it and then gets bored and throw it away, Shaurya says nothing like that. Kanta says then prove it, stay away from her for one month, wait for her and come to her after one month and prove that you will love her always, Karona says i agree with Kanta, Shaurya says what is this rubbish? i dont want to give this foolish exam. Kanta says fine, you both are adults, both are half married so go to any mandir and get married then invite us to reception, Mahek stops Kanta and says we agree with your condition, we will not meet for one month, Shaurya says what are you saying? Mahek says to Kanta that i promise you that our obsession and love will be no less even after one month apart, we will prove that you and agree to your condition, Shaurya gets mad at her, he holds her hand and drags her out of room.
Shaurya brings Mahek out of room. Shaurya says have you gone mad? why I have to give exam? i have passed all exams, Mahek says she has taken step to accept us so we have to take one step ahead too, its just one month, we can prove her that our love will survive it, do it for me, Shaurya says I love you so much but I cant do this, you do this but I cant stay away from you. Mahek looks at him, she comes closer, puts hand on his neck and pulls hi closer, she softly kisses his cheek and looks in his eyes, Tum his ho, shaurya calms down with her kiss, Mahek looks at him last time and leaves.

Mahek is in rickshaw with Kanta, she puts her head on Kanta’s shoulder, Kanta puts hand on her head.

Shaurya says to Karona that why I have to stay away from Mahek? Karona says you have done a lot in their lives, let them have peace, win Kanta’s trust, its just one month, wait for it and let Kanta be proven wrong. Shaurya says no this is not that simple, something is going on in Kanta’s mind.

Scene 2
Mahek, Kanta and Jeevan are in rickshaw going home. Some jeep comes infront of car, they stop rickshaw, goons come out of jeep wearing masks. They bring out Jeevan, Kanta and Mahek from rickshaw, they start beating Kanta and Jeevan, Mahek tries to stop but they put Kanta in jeep and takes her away from there kidnapping her. Mahek and Jeevan shouts her and cries.

Police comes to Mahek’s house, Mahek tells about jeep and kidnapping of Kanta. Mohit says Pammi and Ajay must have done it, they have rivalry with us. Shaurya comes there with Karona, Sonal says to Mahek that i called Shaurya. Shaurya calls commissioner and takes information. Shaurya says to Jeevan that police have found that jeep empty near bridge, he says to Jeevan that I promise you to find Kanta Chachi, i will bring her and wont let anything happen to her, the people who tried to hurt Mahek and Chachi will get punished badly, Shaurya sees Mahek crying and leaving, he goes behind her.
Shaurya comes to Mahek in kitchen and sees her crying, he says I promise my wife that I will bring Chachi back home till this evening then I will wait for you even for two months, will do as Chachi wants and then be with you, Mahek emotionally looks at him and hugs him tightly.

Kanta comes home. Kanta is beaten badly, limping, her hair is disheveled, she is dizzy, All see her, Jeevan makes her sit and asks if she is fine? Mahek and Shaurya comes there, Mahek asks to bring water and first aid kit. Ravi says Pammi must have done it, inspector asks who did it to her? Jeevan asks Kanta who did this to her? was it Pammi? Ajay? Kanta says it was not Pammi, this was done to me by.. she points at Shaurya hinting that he kidnapped her and says Shaurya did it, all are shocked and angrily looks at Shaurya. Shaurya cant believe it.

PRECAP- Shaurya is in jail cell, criminals grab Shaurya in cell and start beating him badly, they brutally beat him and Shaurya faints in jail.
Kidnapper meets Kanta outside her house and says it was your idea to get kidnapped and set this act up, you should take Mahek away to another city. Mahek and Sonal hears everything. Kanta turns to go in house but is stunned to see Mahek standing there, Mahek looks at her heart broken.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Seriously writer you spoiler Kanta Chachi character like anything……You are giving a wrong message to society by sending Shaurya to jail…..

  2. ACHU

    what the hell!!!!chachii r chudiaaallll!!!disgusting….hope mehak comes to know about chachii

  3. ACHU

    its better to watch after mehrya marriage!!!hope things get sorted …

    1. ACHU

      back with bgm:)

  4. Wow Chachi playing a very dangerous game know , what else have you been hiding .
    Conspiring with goons staging kidnapping and blaming .SK. do you love MEHAK as a mother ?

  5. What is the problem for this kanta chachi….loosu maai irukku????
    She should be punished first……
    Not even thinking about mehak’s love for shaurya….how could she do this……
    Shaurya romba paavom….

  6. Hai my dear friends how are you and how’s your familys really I missed before two days a lot today episode suprised episode katna done a bluddy cheap drama. …….. criminal mind she have she asked onwhat months both can’t meet that’s also criminal plan. ….. that times to she try to change a mehek mind …how cheap pLan coming to precap very shocking precap I saw yesterday in fb this shaurya went jail twist I that time I thought that katna planed something wrong now it’s true …….. thank god mehek saw a everything. .. katna maked…….. I can’t waiting tomorrow episode ohhhhh god tomorrow my exam now only I start to study after saw a zkm only I can concentrate my study ……. guys buy …. good night

  7. My god my god this kanta chachi is a murderer, an loser, an criminal. I don’t have words to describe her. I’m glad that mehek will see how and who she is.

    1. ChandaMaya

      I too, am pleased that Mahek will learn the truth. It is not just bad actions that is wrong, but the intent to harm that is the crime. The intent to commit a falsehood which is a crime is what makes Kanta a villain. She is a fool of a character.

  8. Saxenasapna

    Hiii my all beautiful queen and dolls…

    I hope u gys all good …???????????

    Awesome tuday episode… I just love it…

    only mehrya moments….

    Bat Chachi done….

  9. hi guys, hw r u .i hv waited for mon to see shaurya instead of that i got to see him beaten by manhus chachi goons.what is going on director uncle plz change the script otherwise it will break our hearts

  10. O my god!!!!! This physico,,,, kanta chachi, what she wants,,,, I think she is the main vileen of mherya, s love,,, I just hate her a lot,,,
    Anyway,,, mehrya scene is just fabulous,,,!!!
    And again the pre cap is superb,,,, thank god mahek hears everything,,,
    now I wanted to see which step is take mahek,, against to her so calling chachi,!!!!
    Just hopefully wait for tomorrow,,,,

  11. Hai my buddy’s how you all ?
    Today episode I like only mahek and shaurya moment the kanta chachi idea this much cheap soo sad for shaurya?…..

  12. Chachi ko jadh gai hai ya uski satak gai hai…she is surely abnormal…seriously directors hv totally ruined her character….but m happy to c dat her truth is infront of mehek…dat she is also like shaurya and always blamed shaurya for being heartless n hitler…as she is no different….m really glad dat now shaurya has chamged into a completely good human being who loves her wife mehek alot…mehek bail ur shaurya n go to ur inlaws house marring him forever….dis chachi is never going to be ok…she has completely lost it….behaving like a zombie…

  13. Candiva007

    OMG…why am I not surprised that Kanta would stoop so low? Her nephew is a goon so evil must run in the family! I can’t wait to see what Mahek does.

  14. Latha

    Today we got some loving mehrya moments. I don’t know why the CVS have changed chachi’s character negative. But shauri smelled Kantha chachi’s intensions. I don’t like to see Shaurya beaten by someone again and again and CVS no more beating scenes of shauri it really hurting to watch. Never expected that Kantha chachi will think this much cheap. Nowadays the show loosing it’s charm and bring back our khadoos back. Precap eagerly waiting what Mehak will do knowing about her chachi intentions.

  15. This story mimics a true story of a girl living abroad who fell in love. They eventually escaped went to India and there her boyfriend was kidnapped and killed. She was raped and killed and today the police in the West cannot convict her parents because the murder took place in India. The story is very similar, it was the girls aunt who brought her up. Today these people are walking free. The story was a documentary.

  16. Praying the outcome is a good one. The documentary of the the story has the same sort of drama and emotions. I am feeling sick. I enjoy reading the comments but I need to comment when it all feels wrong. I don’t think this is entertainment, it’s punishment, and it’s painful.

  17. I am not going to watch the next episode. I do not agree with excessive violence. To watch Shauri get beaten more is too much to bare. Too much violence.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Yes, dear, I am aware of the documebtary. The investigation has been going on since 2004, between foreign police and Indian police. I think it was the girl’s biological mother and her brother who had the couple killed in India because they dsapproved of her choice. The family wanted to marry the girl to an old friend (really old man). The family just wanted her dear because she could not please them and they thought it was shameful to choose for herself. They had locked her up in the house for sometime and with the help of a friend she escaped. Both her mother and brother plotted to kill her by hiring thugs in India to follow them. To think that these things really happen!!!!

      Bac to ZKM – Kant cannot handle the fact that Shaurya won, and that Mahek truly loves someone she, Kanta, who hated from day one. She is finally extracting her vergence because her hate which has consumed her totally that she is beyond logic. Kanta will end up going to jail when the truth cones out.

      1. ChandaMaya

        Typo mean the family wanted the girl dead – that is, regarding the true story.

      2. ChandaMaya

        Love is the real victory, not some stupid game. I am so happy Mahek years the truth from listening to what Kanta plotted on Shaurya. Mahek will not trust her anymore. What kind of a woman has thus character turned out to be.

  18. Shaurya 7 day challenge of marriage failed by kanta’s one month separation plan. Kanta became cheap and behaving like borned criminal. V r waiting for the mehrya marriage but there is no possibility for that

  19. What da hell can’t she just leave dem in pce .she disgust me .I mean seriously how could she do dis. mehek loved beyond her own mom.
    what will Beh da condition of Mehek when she learns all dis. I seriously d’nt expect did 4rm kanta plz lord protect shaurya and punish DAT kanta love u shaurya and mehek Byeeeee!

  20. kanta chachi- if this is what a chachi (mother figure) is , girls and boys are better off not hVing one. Shame on the the director’s showing such characteristics, where kids are accepting aunts and uncles as parent figures with at most respect. As for Mehek’s Dadaism, you are simply useless as a grandfather, grandparents in most household are caring and loving, you are just a always standing against her.

  21. kanta got the best mother awrd in z rishtey and is this how u prtray her character director sir? in order to bring negativity bring back shauries mama or swetlana but dont d this chachi is a good pull off in her mother character this would only worsen the plot and take a hatred turn in viewers regarding the show

    1. ChandaMaya

      Yeh!!! Best adopted mother who is nothing like a Yashoda, but now she will winnthe award for best portrayal of an aunt as a mother figure gone rogue!! You got to give it to the actress she makes a good villain, and I am sure she is going to win best mother told turned obsessive villain.


    Pooorrrr Mehak and Shaurya… now I see kanta as old stuborn and bbackstabber shaurya…

  23. I think that after hearing the truth of her kanta chachi , she will surely hate her to the fullest and make shaurya released.They both will soon marry n we will have our MEHRYA MOMENTS.

  24. there’s 1 mistake in today’s epi.did u find out guys?
    in yesterdays’s epi where shaurya tattoed his chest it was written as MEHEK. but now it is written as MEHAK.
    did u observed that ?pls reply………….

    1. Latha

      Yes Abi u r right and the style of letters also differs

    2. Chaaya

      Hi Abi yes, seems the two ways of spelling Mahek has been confused because the serial is named Mahek, so the writers and producers need to be on the same page. We can forgive them because we know who Mahek is to Shaurya in the serial.

    3. Chaaya

      Font and the calligraphy is nice. It’s a romantic style of English font.

  25. Hi…yeah ur right abi. I also noticed it.i hate chachi now..shauryas acting is super..

  26. Good evening guys….. How are u
    Kanta chachi to Puri ki Puri vilean ban Gyi hai chachi chhodiye zindgi ki mahek kisi r show me vilean ban k aa jaiye appe bahut sut kr rha ye rol
    Ap saurya se koi personal bdla to ni le rhi hai n

  27. Hate kanta chachi how can she do this
    she never thought of mehak shaurya’love before doing her evil plan
    I hope now after listening kanta ‘s truth mahak will use her mind and will free shaurya from jail and they will be together forever ?
    lovebirds ?

  28. Seema sachdeva

    Very bad . Chachaji should not have done what she has. It is very wrong. Now mehak should fight for Shaurya.

  29. Oh my lordy Dr. Todd I GOT TERRY BACK. I’m so excited, It only took a 1 1/2 weeks for him to come home. bless divinity and bless god. i must be dreaming as i never thoughts he would be back to me after all this time. I am so much shock and just cant believe my eyes. To get back with your lover contact ([email protected]) thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. Anita

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