Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Shravan feels unsure about victory

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dhua meeting Suman and asking how is she. Suman says okay. He asks where is Shravan. She says don’t know, he was coming. He congratulates her for the winning and praises her. He says your regiment will win just because of you, your father has that quality to inspire others, I will give a party in your honour if your regiment wins. Kavita says its good. Shravan comes. Suman says it will be a proud thing for us. Dhua says Shravan, I will meet you later, I came to see Suman, I m in hurry now. He leaves. Kavita asks Shravan to come for lunch. Suman asks where were you. He says I was getting your medicines. She says I will come along. He asks her to stay there.

Kanchan asks what do you want to ask. Bunty asks did Suman ask anything about us. She says no, why. Bunty says I just asked. They have a talk. He says I do care if you scold me, you said you don’t scold me, so what’s the use to be afraid. She says you said sorry to me. He says it means you were lying, we had promised not to lie, then why are we lying. She says yes, why are we lying, sorry, I have to go now. She ends call and says why did I lie. She thinks do I have anything in heart for Bunty. He says I think she has feelings for me like I have for her.

Shravan comes to Suman and asks do you still have fever. She says no, how was the practice. He says fine, you matter the most to me, these matches and all don’t matter. He gives her medicines. He asks her to sleep. He goes out. He says Suman is taking rest. Jhumri says I will make food for you. He says no need, go and sleep. Kavita comes and asks him to have food. He likes the food and says you always make it well. Suman says I can’t let Shravan dine alone. She goes to see him. Kavita says I m excited, either your regiment wins or Suman’s regiment wins, its the same thing for us, we will be happy. He says no, its not the same thing, if my regiment wins, we will keep a small party, if Suman’s regiment wins, Dhua will compliment and the victory will get big. Suman looks on. Kavita says you both are same for me.

Choudhary says don’t know, Suman didn’t help, I have hopes on Shravan. He talks to his colleague. He says Shravan is the best, he can do it. He calls Shravan. Shravan says I m giving my 100 percent. Choudhary says I want you to win. Shravan says Suman is unwell, I m taking care of her, I will give my best. Choudhary says focus on your victory, its the right time. Shravan says actually, I don’t feel like playing seeing Suman’s state. Choudhary says Suman made her regiment win despite her injury, you have to make our regiment win, its an order. Shravan says sure, I will try my best. He sees Suman and asks why did you wake up. She asks why did you say you don’t want to play. He says I really don’t want to. She says I m fine, I m a doctor. He takes care of her. He calls a doctor for check up. Suman hugs him. Ek duje….plays…

Shravan speaks to Choudhary. Suman says we won the home decor contest, we will go to Maldives. Shravan says we can’t go. She asks why not. He says Dhua will plan something special if you win, lets drop our plan. He goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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