Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman And Shravan’s Tussle

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan fumes when Anish and his friends take away all the required book. Saheb says grade I and II students always do injustice with grade III students, even in school’s republic day cultural festival, they are participating while grade III students are just mute spectators. He takes Shravan to drama practice hall where grade I and II students rehearse and grade III students just watch as audience. He thinks this is the right time to teach Suman a lesson. He walks on stage and says this cultural festival is not only for grade I and II students, but for grade III students also; he will abolish grading system and even grade III students will participate now. He invites them, but they walk away joking on him. Anish and his friends laugh on him, he taunts Shravan to be in his and let the deserving students perform. Saheb suggests Shravan not to mess up with grade I and II students. Shravan says he will use divide and rule against officer’s children and will unite civilian students, for that he needs to get student list.

After school, Suman with Kanchan enjoys ice cream. Shravan stops his bike in front of them and tells Sumo that he needs to talk to her. Suman warns him not to spoil her name. Shravan says he knows her and her boyfriend Anish’s plan and warns to stay way from him. He pays their ice cream money to vendor and drives away asking vendor to keep the change. Suman says he is just imagining and has gone mad. Kanchan asks why didn’t she tell her about her boyfriend. Suman says Shravan is lying and takes back extra money from vendor. She walks home saying Shravan will be beaten. Shravan’s sister present there asks who will be beaten. Vijay introduces Suman to Shravan’s family. Shravan’s aunt invites Vijay’s family for dinner tonight. Vijay says he is returning to battalion, but his family will come. Anjali says they will one day without informing. Shravan’s family leaves. Suman gets emotional seeing her father leaving. Vijay hugs her and says he will return soon and will gift her his medal after her republic day performance.

At night, Devraj looks tensed regarding business. Kavita asks reason. He says just business issues. Brother calls him for dinner. He says he will finish his work and then will have dinner later. Shravan tries to speak, but Devraj scolds him to leave him alone for sometime. Shravan walks to terrace where his sister informs about Suman’s plan. Suman waves at her and thinks they are seriously discussing something about her. Shravan tells sister that he has a big plan. He with Saheb and Bunty goes to steal student list from office to find out civilian student names. Watchman sees them, and they hide. He gets list, photocopies them.

Precap: Shravan gathers civilian students and says they will perform during republic day celebration instead of army student. Anish challenges that he and his team is performing since he joined school. Shravan says if Anish loses, he has to

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    good episode. Suman is pretty. This is in the same mold as jo jeeta wohi sikandar.

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