Beyhadh 2 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: MJ’s Surprise For Maya

Beyhadh 2 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diya taunts Maya that she is looking sad, if her husband got angry on her, looks like Roy family’s men are habituated to get angry on her. Maya hugs her and says even she looks sad and she very well know that MJ misbheaves with girls and throws them in dirt, reminiscing her incident. Diya says she is not a random or second woman for MJ. Maya says she must have realized by now that wife is always wife and not a second woman. Diya stands fuming while Maya walks away smirking and thinking Diya doesn’t know she will be the first one to die.

Antara sees Rudra sad asks MJ reason. MJ says he is heart broken and let the pain increase, only then it will take him away from Maya. Maya walks to Rudra saying when people’s relationships are weak, they stay away even after being near and whose relationships are strong, they will never go away; marrying him was her decision, then who gave him right to go away from her, its their wedding reception and they should enjoy the most. She offers to dance wit him and they both dance on Sholon Ki Sholon ki…song. MJ, Antara, and others join them. MJ dances with Maya next and says she didn’t know to dance 10 years ago, but he likes this. Maya fumes in anger.

After performance, MJ announces that he welcomes Maya in his family and got a gift for her, calls Amir. Amir enters with Maya’s mother Nandini. Maya nervously runs and hugs Nandini. Nandini asks how can she hide such a big secret from her. Rudra says its his mistake, referring her as aunty. Nandini twisting his ear says its a big mistake and asks him to call her maa. Diya seeing MJ smiling tells Antara that MJ is smiling even after his plan failed. Rudra says Maya is angry on her. Nandini insists Maya to apologize Rudra. Diya comments she will get diabetes seeing so much love. Maya apologizes Rudra. Nandini asks them not to let anyone between them. Rudra with Mayaes touch her feet and thanks MJ for giving him such a lovely gift by bringing Maya’s mom here. He introduces Diya and Antara to Nandini. Nandini asks if they both are sisters. MJ says their behavior seems to be like sisters nowadays. Nandini says she thought Diya is Rudra’s mother seeing her speaking to Maya so authoritatively, but then realized Antara is his mother. Rudra then introduces MJ. Nandini says she has seen him somewhere. Maya says he is a famous person and she must have seen him in some newspaper.
MJ calls another person who enters and says party has just started. Rudra happily hugs him followed by MJ. MJ introduces him to Maya as Rudra’s cousin Aditya from America and until he is with Rudra, nobody can evil eye on Rudra. Aditya extends his hand and asks Maya how are you bhabhi. Maya stands with frowning face.

Antara fumes that Nandini called her old. Diya says relax, her eyes are weak, but she is surprised seeing MJ smiling even after his plan failed. MJ says he will use Manvi’s fear against him. Aditya walks in and asks if everything is alright. MJ says yes, he wants him to be with Rudra and protect him. Aditya confused asks what…. Antara says after Rishi’s death, they are worried about Rudra and wants him to protect Rudra always.

Maya takes Nandini to her room and nervously asks if she is fine and MJ didn’t do anything. Nandini asks him to respect her sasur like Rudra respects her. Maya says she is bad. Nandini says she is not. Maya reminisces Nandini losing her memory and being in mental assylum after MJ kills her brother and father and leaves her almost dead. Doctor there informs her that Nandini lost her 1 year memory and doesn’t remember her son’s death, good Maya runs charitable organization and adopted Nandini.

Precap: Diya warns Maya that Rudra will leave her if he finds out her truth. Maya strangulates her. MJ holds Maya’s hair and showing a video says she has 12 hours to save someone.

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  1. I knew it!!!! MJ will scare maya through her mom’s safety. He kidnapped her mom ??. Diya must be killed so that MJ learns that maya also has strength n she can kill him.

  2. I think it’s Rajiv.

  3. This serial is neither beyhad pyar or beyhad nafrat but beyhad ABUSE .Siclk of it already . Preferred the first one

    1. More like beyhad darr (fear)

  4. Verma4

    Please Maya, kill Diya . I beg you. Does Diya think she is a kardashian ?? Antara and Diya , no we are not sisters but resident b*t*hes. Maya has been thru a lot. Show is spicing up nicely.

  5. Fed up with the show.Need to see the revenge soon

  6. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Yes, Right this show is not about Behayad love Or Behayad haterated. It’s only about Maya’s abusement and fear. Maya’s revenge vanished from the show. Maya used to scared MJ, After facing every kind of trouble, pain, Bartyerd from MJ in past. Nearby, Maya came out after death. For taking her revenge. Then, how could Maya still so much scared of MJ. Why, she should have fear of MJ she is not Manvi she is Maya. I really miss Maya Malhotra passion, obsession, craziness.

  7. How come maya didn’t concern about Rajiv!? He helped her a lot. She didn’t even think about him atleast once also…

    Poor Rajiv , mj wil torture him.. bcoz he supported maya ..

    I hope Rajiv is fine and safe

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