Ek Boond Ishq 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 6th November 2013 Written Update

Tara is lighting the diyas in the stable and calling out for MJ who seems to be in shock and asks him where has he disappeared on this day She places Laxmi’s idol and MJ meanwhile hits the pitcher of water that falls on ground and this alerts Tara. She asks as to who is there and thinks it could be her unknown friend and just then she spots MJ standing behind and asks him to come out. When MJ hesitates, she tells him in her trademark style that if he didn’t come towards light in Diwali what did he do in life. Tara is happily lighting diyas while MJ walks as if in a trance towards her remembering the day he got married to her While Tara is arranging for pooja he thinks of the times he had ill treated her n he seems to be guilty (Ye toh hona hi tha ) He wonders why destiny is playing this cruel game with him and why did this girl only have to be his wife? Tara snaps her fingers at him to get his attention and asked him where did he get lost? And she asks him to see how she drove darkness out of her house and also tells him not to let it get dark again. MJ turns away feeling lost and Tara pulls him back and tells him to do pooja and gives him a flower and makes him do pooja with her. She tells Laxmi devi to give her friend all the happiness in life and also grant him a long life while MJ looks sad She asks him to take aarthi and when he doesn’t respond she does it for him chiding him for not knowing how to do aarti She takes out crackers and tells if u didn’t burst crackers on Diwali what did you do MJ asks her why she is doing this and walks away but Tara stops him and hands him one. She tells him she considers him as her friend, so how she could she let him be in darkness She says God must have thought something for them and that’s why he sent him to save her life and her to bring light into his maybe this is destiny After bursting crackers she says tells him its late and she needs to go and before going she yells in his ears wishing him Happy Diwali Tara leaves from there but before going away she turns back and gives him a smile.

In Thakur mansion the pandit says they can start pooja if everyone is there and Mithi says Tara isn’t there yet and Nirmala fumes that Tara had to disappear during pooja itself Tara comes from behind and Nirmala glares at her once before asking the priest to start with the pooja. The pooja is over and everyone takes aarti. Mithi asks her where she had been and that everyone were looking for her and asks her if she had been outside the house when Vasu comes and calls them to burst crackers. Tara seems relieved.

MJ is repenting for the times he had behaved badly and wonders as to what he did, he always tried to harm her spoke ill of her but despite that she brought light into his dark life that too on this day. What kind of a human am I? I only gave her hatred for her goodness. I was wrong about her and if she married a man like me, then she must have been desperate for that (Gosh I can’t see MJ in so much pain ) Maybe she is also disturbed like me and what the hell have I done? And wonders what can he do now?

Vasu is excitedly bursting crackers and Nirmala asks her to be careful. Mithi asks Tara where she was and Tara replies that she has a friend in whose house there was darkness even on Diwali. So she had been there to light up his dark house Mithi says she did a good thing and asks her when she will introduce that friend to her and Tara replies anytime she wants. Everyone burst crackers together like a happy family

MJ comes to his room and sees Tara sleeping peacefully with a dupatta on her head and he looks at her lovingly He notices the mole on her neck while title track plays in the background. The dupatta slides from her face and MJ is just staring at her He drops onto his knees beside the bed and pulls her hairs back and Tara in sleep turns to the other side grabbing his hand He slowly prises his hand away and walks away when he notices that she is feeling cold and pulls a blanket over her and goes away locking the door behind him. Tara wakes up with a jerk and wonders why she feels someone was there

MJ is standing all alone in a dark room again brooding over the times when he had been rude to her and thinks how could he be so bad? He says how could I be unfair towards her when he thinks of the time he tried to burn her hand. A voice(his inner voice) says ur being unfair now. His alter comes forward and tells him he is hurting her more now. Another alter in his prisoner self comes forward and asks him how could he forget he is about to be hanged. What are you seeing now? You can’t cheat her when you are about to die You can’t spoil her life along with yours His other alter ego tells him that unknowingly he saved her life many times without knowing he was her husband and asks him if he wants to help her to which MJ nods. That alter then tells him that she won’t take help from her husband and MJ looks dejected but she can ask help from her friend and tells him to save her. His other alter ego(prisoner) tells him yes save her. Save her from a life of pain and darkness and save her from yourself and if you can’t give her something then don’t snatch her life from her. And pointing to the iron shackles he asks MJ to have a look at it and reminds him that he made a promise to his mom. So why shd she pay the price for it? His other ego then piques up telling that yes he is right. She is being punished for your promise. MJ is too broken and confused while his alter egos reprimand him for being selfish to use her company. You married a desperate girl to stay alive and married her for the sake of his father. These voices keep ringing in his ears and he is shattered

Nandu comes to visit Tara with a box of laddos and Tara is happy but the next moment she gets emotional and starts crying. Nandu tells her that both mom and daughter are alike n they start crying for everything. Tara tells Nandu she will show her Diwali dress and goes to get it. Meanwhile Nandu gets a call n the person in the other end asks her when she will repay the loan she had taken and Nandu looks tensed. The other person warns her that if they know how to give loans then they also know how to retrieve it as well to which Nandu says she will repay him soon and cuts the call. Nandu eyes the jewellery in Tara’s cupboard (Sick woman I couldn stand her from first episode ) Tara gets the dress and keeps it on the bed and Nandu sneaks up and steals the bangle. Tara asks her how it is and Nandu says its nice and she leaves from there saying she needs to go as mom is alone n leaves in a hurry.

Tara is coming to the stable and MJ sees her n feels happy for a moment but the next moment reminds himself that he shd stay away from her. He hides behind the wall while Tara calls out for him. Tara decides to wait there thinking he might be around. MJ is still hiding and asks the horse as to where her friend went and will he come or not? Tara tells the horse that its getting late and she needs to go back to that jail and that jungle She asks the horse to tell him that she had come there and places the box of sweets. She pets the horse, writes a message on the wall and goes away from there. Before going she turns back and MJ hides again. After she leaves he comes out and reads the message which said that she had brought sweets made by her mom for him and asks him to eat. She hopes that this morning brings a new dawn in his life and MJ is smiling reading this In next Diwali there will be more light both in his life and in his heart and MJ sees the box lovingly Again that irritating voice in his head reminds him that he is about to die and he cant spoil her life too He is about to die and if he cant give her anything then don’t snatch anything either

Precap – Tara is telling Mithi that whatever be the reason, she hopes that God takes away all his problem and he gets back the smile on his face that was lost and MJ is hearing this. While going Mj breaks the vase and Tara notices MJ walking out(she sees his retreating back).

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