Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th November 2013 Written Update

Emily gets a call from her parents. She informs Mohit that her parents have sent all the beauty parlor things and they will receiving it shortly. Mohit is happy that they can do pooja in the shop. Meena is jealous hearing it.

Chotu is uncoiling a big cracker chain when a van comes there. His match box is wet and is not lighting. He asks Chathuri for another matchbox which she says is kept in some bag. Chotu goes to bring it. All others are busy with crackers. Meena sees the van and thinks it is the beauty parlor things. She goes to the driver to know what it is. The driver informs it is Rathis material in the van and he asks where can he find them. Meena’s mind is working on a plan seeing Chotu’s big cracker chain being placed there and she tells shows a far direction to the driver who goes from there. She brings the cracker near the van and drops a burning sparkler near it and goes away from there. Vikram comes to Meena happily saying their Lakshmi has arrived which confuses Meena. Vikram then shows the direction of van and is shocked to see the crackers being lighted as the sarees might get burnt. Meena is worried and shouts their 2 lakhs worth saree load is burning. Sandhya runs immediately near the van and throws the burning cracker away from the van but her eyes are injured. All run to her and ask her well-being but she could not open her eyes.

In GG room, doctor is checking Sandhya and all family members are waiting outside. Bhabho scolds Chotu for being irresponsible and he explains he does not know anything and fends Chathuri’s support who says Bhabho that it is not his fault. Nobody knows how the cracker got lighted. Vikram expresses his gratitude saying Sandhya has saved his 2 lakhs worth goods. Mohit taunts him saying money lost can be earned but if something happens to Sandhya eyes, she cannot become IPS. All are worried hearing this and Meena prays to her pahadiwale baba for Sandhya’s wellness. The doctor comes out and says the sparkle has hit Sandhya’s eyes but fortunately, nothing much to worry. Mohit goes to bring medicines.

All go to see Sandhya, whose eye is padded and she removes it and puts her pallu over head seeing Bhabho. A corner of her right eye has burn mark. All ask how she is and she nods okay. Suddenly, Meena is worried about Sandhya’s eyesight and shows 4 fingers and asks Sandhya to count the fingers. All others smirk while Sandhya after pausing starts counting the fingers 1, 2, 3, 4 while Meena is satisfied that she is fine, Sandhya continues numbers 5, 6 and Meena starts crying thinking Sandhya has vision problem. Then, Bhabho taunts Meena to stop crying and says Sandhya is fine and she was teasing Meena. Mohit brings medicine and Bhabho asks Sandhya to rest and all leave from there. Suraj is worried and applies ointment to Sandhya’s eyes. Sandhya asks him to not worry and she will be okay.

The next day, Bhabho, Sandhya, Emily and Chavvi are cutting vegetables. Bhabhasa-Bhabho have nok-jhok regarding food while Meena comes there and joins them in cutting vegetables. Chavvi praises Emily for working at this stage of pregnancy while Meena had started bed rest at fourth month itself. Bhabho scolds her to not start an issue between Meena and Emily. Meena does not let go of this opportunity. She defends herself saying she was all alone in the during her delivery when all others were in village and she had to go to the hospital alone. She does not stop crying saying she has so much trouble. All ask her what is her trouble. She tells they have received loads of goods and have no place to keep them. Everyone understand her hint. Bhabho scolds her saying when she asks money for house expenses, they have no money but they have lots of money for their business. She scolds Meena for not asking her before purchasing such large quantity of sarees and she is helpless now. Meena tells Bhabho still has a way to help them and says it might take around six months for both Emily’s delivery and post-delivery rest, so she can give them the new shop to use as a storeroom till then. Vikram is happy hearing this. Bhabho stares at Meena.

Precap: Emily has got delivery pain and all rush to the hospital in auto. They go to the same hospital where Meena had her delivery. Meena is scared and tries to divert them but Sandhya says Emily’s doctor is out of town and why need to worry when Meena herself had her delivery there. Meena is afraid of her baby swapping truth being out.

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