Ek Boond Ishq 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
om’s mother gets a call from vidant, vidant says I am coming to your house, I want to make you meet someone, she ask who? he says the one whom I love, mother says what, I am waiting come soon, she ends call, she tells babaji that vidant is sia’s brother, he is a policeman, he raised sia up when their parents died, you will be happy to see him, kala thinks that i never feel good meeting a policeman, i think i should leave from here before vidant come here, he says to mother that i am leaving, mother says how can you leave, the pooja hasn’t completed, kala says you do it yourself, mother says how can it be blissful without you babaji.
nandu gets ready and opens the door, vidant is mesmerized by her beauty, he ask her to put black spot under her ear to be saved from evil cast as my mother used to say, vidant says i will cast eye on you as you are looking very beautiful, nandu laughs and ask vidant to apply, he applies black mark with kajal, they share an eyelock, they leave for om’s house.
mannat comes to laado and thinks that laado became afraid of police, she has tortured me a lot now i will show her right place, she says to mother that we are lucky that pooja is happening with babaji’s hand, laado says you are right, the peace has come in this house, she indirectly tells mannat that do you want someone else vaibhav(peace) to be finished, mannat understand she is talking about her boyfriend vaibhav, mannat ask her mother to let babaji leave, mother says ok, laado leaves, mannat follows laado, mj and tara sees all this, mj says mannat ash gone behind laado, i will follow them, he leaves, tara prays to lord to help her as sh is tired of all these.
vidant comes to om’s house with nandu, mother comes to meet them, she looks at nandu and says she is very beautiful and ask her name, nandu says my name is nandini, tara who is in mandir gets shocked and turns to see her face, she is shocked to see her sister there, she recalls all there past moments, vidant looks at tara and says there is my sister, nandu turns to see and is shocked to see tara there, they are both shocked, tara comes to nandu and emotionally looks at her, she hugs nandu, vidant ask do you her? tara says yes she is my.. nandu says vidant you were right, sia is very nice, tara is shocked, nandu says i felt good meeting sia, tara looks at her. mother ask them to come for pooja.

Scene 2
mannat is following laado, laado goes to her home, mj is following them, laado comes in house and sees her goon busy in playing games, she beats him and ask how is vaibhav, did you give him food? he says no, laado says he is very important for us, go and give him food, goon goes. mannat follows him.
mj is following mannat, mannat is following laado’s goon, goon comes to the house where laado has kept vaibhav, goon closes the door from inside, mannat knocks on door, goon comes out, mannat attacks him with iron rod, goon becomes unconscious, she frees vaibhav and ask are you fine, he says fine? I have been here for 4 days, they don’t give me proper food and you are asking is am fine, whats my fault that I loved you? mannat says sorry, she says we have to leave from here, you have to leave for Mumbai now, they come out, mj sees them from distance, mannat ask vaibhav to leave from here, they share a hug and goes in opposite side, mannat leaves from there, mj comes to vaibhav, vaibhav says you are a man of laado? mj says I don’t know who I am, you tell me where is sia? vaibhav says sia? she must be with om on his house, vaibhav ask him to leave, mj says she is not sia, vaibhav says I know sia from 7 years, she is sia only, mj says you all are in this plan, you are trying to make another women sia, vaibhav says I will tell you truth, sia hates om that’s why she is doing this, she did not want to marry om, the day she had accident, she was running from house, mj says you are lying, vaibhav says why would I lie? I am only concerned with mannat in that house, you don’t come in trap of sia.

Scene 3
tara says to vidant that from where did you find this pearl(nandu), he says he ash achieved her, tara says I want to talk to your pearl alone, I also want to know if she real pearl, vidant says ok check her but don’t tease me then that monkey(vidant) have pearl, tara says don’t know about pearl but monkey is real, they have a laugh, tara takes nandu from there.
tara brings nandu in her room and closes the door, tara says nandu an tears roll down from her eyes, she say i am seeing after many years, i couldn’t say anything after seeing you, i am acting as sia infront of mother but now i am happy that my nandu is with me, she says you know what, i was in coma for 5 years and when i waked up, i saw myself in this house, all was calling me sia, i tried to prove i am tara but they did not listen to me, tara says then i met mj, nandu is stunned, tara says mj also didn’t understand that i am tara, after accident mj lost his memory and you know who is commanding him, you cant even imagine, its kalwati who is controlling mj, Nandu is shocked, nandu recalls how kala used to torture her, tara says kala has come in this house, she tried to kill me too, i cant do much as mj doesn’t remember anything but now my sister has come, you will tell mj what my truth is, tara says to nandu that my sister will tell all that I am tara, she will tell my mj what relation I have with him, nandu gets tensed., tara ask will you tell mj? nandu cant say anything and nods to tara, tara gets happy and hugs nandu who is super tensed.

PRECAP- tara ask nandu to tell mj that i am tara and he is mj, nandu is in tension and says she is tara, mj looks at tara.

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