Hum Hain Na 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ubali consoling Sagarika saying that it was just a ritual of washing feet. Sagarika says what did they gain getting washed their feet. She asks her not to follow that ritual in her marriage. Bunty who hears her conversation says rituals are for people to unite. She starts arguing with him and goes when her friend calls her.

Panditji tries to convince groom’s parents for Ratna’s alliance. Groom’s mom says she cannot let her son married to Ratna as they don’t match. Bunty intervenes and asks dad why is he trying to convince them, their son is not fit for Ratna instead and asks him to let Ratna married to someone who likes her. He says they are making alliance like buying vegetable and asks them to have food and go. Dad asks why did he intervene. He says they were badmouthing about Rathna which he did not like and will get a best alliance for her soon. Dad says pappu is eager to marry and leaves. Bunty consoles Ratna. Sagarika watches the whole incident and gets happy. She also consoles Ratna and asks her not to pay heed to people’s complaints and says soon someone will come in her life and he will not be a coward like others. Satya sees Bunty with Ratna and asks him to come soon. Ratna thanks Sagarika for her moral support. While leaving her dupatta gets stuck in his button. She turns back and sees pappu standing and trying to entangle dupatta. Satya sees that and entangles it.

Pappu eagerly asks his mom to do it fast as muhurat is passing. He gets bride’s message asking if cooler is on and says he himself will get it on. Panditji asks him to sit and says he should enjoy last day of his bachelorhood. Mom jokes he works on remote and his bride’s SMS. Pappu then sees bride coming and asks to get the marriage done soon. Dad asks him to calm down. Marriage rituals start and everyone get busy watching it, but Bunty gets busy watching Sagarika. A song plays in the background.

Sagarika says her friend that pappu is taking care of his bride even before marriage, hope he continues with the same, every girl wants same kind of husband. Bunty says he is there but then changes words and says he is there to take care of guests. Mom asks Bunty to et all the guests home. Ratna invites Sagarika to her home to watch the rituals. She informs her mom that Sagarika is coming to their home and to forgive her. Satya sees Bunty with arranging bus for the guests and tries to converse with him. He gives her a box instead and asks her to help him. She thinks whatever he does, he will have to come to her.

Pappu eagerly asks dad to complete the bidayi rituals soon. Dad asks him to calm down. Bidayi rituals starts and bridge gets into the car. All guests get into the bus. Ratna goes int search of Sagarika and gets her into the bus. Bunty eagerly waits for Sagarika outside bus. He thinks he lost his chance to say goodbye to Sagarika.

Precap: Bunty dorns anklet to Sagarika. Satya gets irked seeing that. While leaving, Sagarika blows lamp by mistake. Mom scolds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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