Ek Boond Ishq 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
nandu comes to suseela and says tara, suseela gets angry and says who tara, nandu tries to see her face, suseela says don’t touch it, nandu says what tara’s phone is doing with you, how my name is in it, suseela says my husband gifted me this phone, nandu says oh bablu stole tara’s phone, suseela ask who is tara? nandu says she is second wife of your husband, suseela says my husband loves me a lot, you are saying rubbish, nandu says okay don’t come with me, I am bringing my family here, tara thinks that rudra will come and will see colony empty he will understand everything so I have to go home, she says to nandu says I will come with you to see who is tara, nandu says okay comes.
rudra scolds bablu/mj that your stupid things will make us fail, they all will doubt, bablu says your wife came to my house in moring, rudra say who gave her address, bablu says amrapali, rudra is stunned. nandu calls out for everyone in house, all comes in hall, nandu brings suseela/tara home. jairaj ask whats all this new drama, nandu says its now new but old drama, its played by this mj, I wanna tell you that this is not mj but bablu, he is a chaat vendor and she is his wife suseela, rudra is stunned. jairaj ask what nandu is saying, how he can be bablu, you found him and took him to hospital, nandu thinks that rudra played good game, brought fake mj to get whole property, jairaj ask what proof you have that he is bablu, nandu shows him pic which she saw in bablu’s house, she says see bablu and his wife, rudra says maybe its computerized, nandu says but his wife is real, she will tell everything, nandu says to bablu that your wife told me that you love her a lot so swear on her that she is not your wife. if you lie then she will die, mj thinks, tara thinks to swear on her as this drama will end, rudra ask mj to swear on her, mj says I cant swear wrongly on my wife, mj thinks that not bablu neither mj can swear wrongly on his wife, jairaj ask him to swear on her and end this, nimmo says whats all this rubbish, why are you forcing him to swear on her, adi says yes we trust mj, suseela says he is my husband, some lady comes and says I am suseela and he is my husband, tara thinks that mj maybe called her, both suseela start fighting, one more lady comes and says I am suseel and he is my husband, adi says who is real, all shouts, nandu is also confused, tara says bablu will tell who is real wife, they start pulling bablu, bablu is like ball for them, nimmo shouts to stop and ask mj to go back, she says this not fish market, its my house, I will call police else tell truth, one lady says tara gave me money to do this drama, other says nandu gave me money, nandu says don’t lie, jairaj says enough, tara says she didn’t gave me money, jairaj ask them to go, jairaj says I couldn’t have forgiven you if you were not rudra’s wife, nandu says this bablu is lying, I saw him with his wife suseela, rudra ask her to shut up, nandu says I got this phone from suseela and its tara’s phone, this bablu stole it and gave to suseela, rudra says enough, you are my wife, think about respect atleast, he acts like crying, mj comforts her. all leaves.

Scene 3
mj, tara, adi, meethi and nimmo are in room, they laugh at drama, adi says I didn’t understand how 3 suseela came, mj says rudra brought them, mj says I told rudra that amrapali took nandu to bablu’s house so rudra called amraplali, fb scene shows amrapali saying sorry to rudra and says nandu said that you told her everything, rudra says brin two suseelas here in villa and ask them to say tara and nandu gave them money, mj listens all this. fb ends, they all laugh that rudra helped them.
kala is trying to burn nandu with coal, nandu says make me say atleast, nandu says I didn’t know that it was your plan, I thought bablu is making you fool so I brought his wife, she says now I understood that you did that because you don’t want to give me share in property.
mj comes in tara’s room, tara ask him to go out, mj says I don’t wanna be safe for you, tara says we have to be careful now, mj says in morning 3 girls were saying that I am their husband and now my wife is throwing me, I should have gone with them, tara says you are not srk.
nandu says you don’t tell me anything, you hide everything from me, you did facial but didn’t tell me, kala says I did facial here only as I am trapped in this room now, you brought whole family in house so I had to bring fake mj, nandu says leave it, you hide one thing from me and I took revenge now stop this fight, they become friend again. nandu says you will give me share in property, rudra says 1st make tara accept that bablu is real mj, nandu says it will be done, rudra hugs her thinks once I get property I will see you nandu.

PRECAP- rudra scolds mj that try to make tara’s heart melt, nandu is there too, bablu says nandu’s heart melted that’s enough for me, I like nandu more than tara, rudra is angry while nandu is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Vry intrstng ep

  2. very funny MJ’s new avtar- chuntney chati lay

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