Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suresh is on the breakfast table with his family. He says them that it is very difficult to fix a meeting with Meeta and it is good Sharda is not meeting Meeta. Sharda comes wearing a beautiful saree. Suresh gets angry and asks Sharda if she is really going to meet Meeta. Lathika says Meeta is an arrogant woman and asks Sharda not to meet her. She asks Karan to explain mom. Karan does not reply anything. Suresh asks Sharda to wear a good saree and go. Lathika also angrily goes from there. Karan and Sakshi congratulates for her decision. Sharda goes to her room to change her saree. Sakshi says she is looking good in this saree and to believe her. Sharda says she knows her plan and tells about it. Sakshi asks how does she know. Sharda says she is a motehr and knows everything. Sharda asks Sakshi if Meeta is really very arrogant. Sakshi says she is a businesswoman and has to be strict. Sharda says she wants to take some sarees with her. Sakshi selects sarees and asks Sharda to go fast as Meeta is very punctual.

Sharda is traveling in her car to meet Meeta. She rehearsals about speaking to Meeta and gets confused. She calls Sakshi and says she is confused what to speak. Sakshi asks her to speak the way she does and says her all the best. Sharda reaches Meeta’s office. She says receptionst at first in English and then says in hindi that she wants to meet Meeta. Receptionist asks Sharda to sit until she is called. An interviewee asks Sharda in English if she has come for a job there. Sharda gets confused and thinks everyone is talking in Egnlish and Suresh was right. Meeta sees Sharda and takes her into her cabin. Sharda introduces herself as Mrs. Suresh Modi. Meeta says it is her husband’s name and asks what is her name. She says she is Sharda. Meeta asks her to show her designs. Meeta likes them and says Sharda has to design a patola saree for her daughter’s wedding. Sharda asks if she liked them. Meeta says she loved them and asks about the price. Sharda says she cannot say now. Meeta gives her a blank cheque and asks her to fill it when she prepares her saree. Sharda accepts the cheque.

Suresh is in a business meeting but thinks that Sharda went to meet Meeta without his permission. Lathika asks what is he thinking. Suresh says Sharda would have insulted him in front of Meeta and says he would have strictly refused her. Lathika says she refused to go with Sharda so that she should not go, even Karan and Sakshi did not go. She says she is confused why Sakshi did not go with Sharda and says Sakshi is planning something good.

Suresh and Lathika reach home. Daadi asks Suresh why did he come so early. Suresh says he had a meeting near home which got cancelled. Lathika asks where is Sharda. Karan says she has not come yet. Sharda comes home. Sakshi greets her in.

Sharda says she got stuck in a traffic and asks Suresh when did he come home. Suresh says he came early to know how much she insulted him in front of Meeta. Sharda says she got an order and Meeta asked her to design patola saree for her daugther’s wedding. Suresh and Lathika are shocked to hear that. Karan and Sakshi gets happy. Suresh asks how much money Meeta is giving her for the saree and asks if she knows the price of patola saree. He again asks how much Meeta money is giving her. Sharda gives him a cheque. Lathika checks it and is surprised it is a blank cheque. Karan says Meeta liked your designs and can pay anything for it. He says he is very happy for her and hugs her. Daadi says mother believes their kids and even kids have to believe their mother and encourge her. Suresh asks Lathika and Karan to come with him for a meeting. They leave for the meeting.

Sharda happily touches daadi’s feet. Daadi says if she will give her a party after getting money. Sharda smiles.

Precap: Sharda explains Sakshi about a fast and says ladies pray for their husband’s long life. Karan drops Suresh at an airport. Suresh goes into a car instead after Karan goes from there.

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