Ek Boond Ishq 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 27th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with MJ talking to someone over the phone and he says its with him and he will come to temple tomorrow and keeps the phone. Just then Tara walks into the room and clears her throat to let MJ know she is there. She tells him that Dai Jaan gave her the bangle box and she came to keep it. She goes to her cupboard and tries to place it on top but she can’t as its too high for her. Tara looks around for a stool but doesn’t find it and she is wondering how she will keep it while MJ looks at her Tara then chides him for simply standing there and asks him to help her and calls him. MJ comes there and he is about to collide with the hanging light and Tara alerts him on time MJ offers to keep it but Tara says she knows where to keep it and asks him to help her. When MJ doesn’t do anything she tells him again n he asks Tara to place her leg on the stand and while getting up Tara asks him in a timid voice if she won’t fall and MJ tells her he won’t let her Tara loses her balance for a fraction of a second but MJ holds her tightly by the waist and tells her to be careful. While placing the box Tara notices another bangle box with name ‘Radha’ written on it and she recollects that the girl who got raped was Radha. Tara is in deep thoughts and she snaps out of her reverie when MJ asks her if it got over. Tara says yes and helps her down just then Vasu comes in and teases them. MJ replies that he was helping her keep to some things when Vasu tells him that he could have given the stool to her but good that he didn’t give MJ gets annoyed and tells her that the stool wasn’t there and chases her out of the room. Vasu tells him that he always keeps chasing her out of the room When Vasu leaves Tara asks Mj about Radha and MJ looks at her with a serious expression on her face. Tara says that she saw a box with the label while keeping hers and asks him who she is and MJ replies in an emotionless tone that he doesn’t know any Radha and goes away from there.

Kalavati is playing hopscotch and after one round asks her cronies how much money is there in their election account to which one of them replies 50 lakhs. Kalavati is stunned that there’s so little money and says its very less. She throws the stone into one of the rectangles and it lands on number 5. She exclaims that minimum there should be 5 crores in that account and asks him to break the hands or legs of few businessmen and the rest of them will get some sense automatically. She says that in this world there is no bigger weapon than fear and there is a saying that even a ghost dances before fear and she sees her dad who is bound to a chair and she dismisses her servant. She goes to him and tells him that everyone fears Kalavati but her own family doesn’t fear her and that MJ is dreaming of clashing with him while his dad whimpers She didn’t raise him so that a dog of an MJ starts barking at her and its time Kalavati used her fear on her family members and places his foot on his dad’s hand and presses it hard causing him pain makes him fall down while one of her side kicks look at the old man with sympathy. Kalavati then says that she always wanted to play hopscotch but her father didn’t let her play and says he is a bad father. First he used to bound her to a chair and now I do the same and you used to beat me before but now I do it. The game is same but so much has changed and starts dancing around and asks him has it not.

Nandu is thinking about Tara’s slap when Yug calls out to her asking if she heard anything he said. Nandu asks him why he wants to call them(Tara and MJ) to which Yug replies that she will know later when they come and her mom walks in and asks her y she came back all of a sudden. Nandu looks worried but she composes herself and tells her what kind of questions she is asking and she came back because she was missing her (Like really? ) Her mom doesn’t believe her and tells her to tell the truth else she will ask Tara to which Nandu says you don’t trust me, so its better if u call Tara and ask her. Her mom is surprised and asks her if Tara is coming. Yug says that if Tara comes then even Jeeju will come with her and tells her not to think too much. He says that she will get time to spend with her daughter and son in law and her mom calls Jayraj. She tells Jayraj that she wants to call Tara and MJ to her home and Jayraj assures that he will send them when she wants and Tara’s mom is happy.

Adi is back from his trip and he ties a bracelet on Nirmala’s hand (chalo even this guy is one helluva nautanki ) and he requests her not to tell Mithi anything as he hasn’t got anything for her Nirmala assures him she won’t say anything and tells him that the bracelet is very beautiful. Just then Adi gets a call and he looks purposefully at him and says that he said he didn’t want anything and tells not to call again Nirmala asks him what it was to which he says nothing and when she insists he says that a new car is out in market and there is 10% discount on that but he refused. Thats it. Nirmala chides him and tells him not to get disheartened and goes to get her cheque book while Adi is all smiles She says he is her son and she can atleast afford that much and gives a blank cheque. Adi tries to fake his hesitancy and Nirmala tells him not a word while Adi has a triumphant grin on his face. She hands him the cheque and tells him to fill the amount and tells him nothing matters to her more than his happiness and just then Jayrak walks in and sees the cheque in Adi’s hands as he gives his mom a hug. He doesn’t seem too excited and asks whats happening but Adi says its nothing and walks away thanking his mom. Nirmala asks him if he was saying something and Jayraj tells her that he wants to send Tara and MJ to her mom’s place and Nirmala says its a good idea and they can send them today infact. Jayraj says her idea isn’t bad but when a daughter in law goes to her maayka there are few customs that she needs to fulfill. He tells her to prepare for it and he will take care of the rest and Nimmo looks irritated

Tara’s mom is deciding on cushion covers and asks Nandu for her opinion as she isn’t sure if everything will be to MJ’s liking since he is from a big family and if they will like it here. Yug walks in getting few household items and says y won’t they like it and tells them that he got what she asked for (this guy is already trying his luck at being a ghar jamaai ) Nandu says that Tara hasn’t confirmed anything yet and they are already making preparations. Her mom says so what and that paneer and khoya wont get spoilt in a day and she will keep it in fridge. She takes it from Yug. When her mom goes away, Nandu confronts Yug and tells him that u called them here but what if Tara tells her mom everything. Yug assures her that Tara wont say any such thing and asks her to trust her Einstein and asks her to calm down. Yug thinks to himself that he is doing all this only to lure the rat out of its cage and once that is out he will trap it.

Tara is watering the plants when Jayraj comes there to stop that and go to room and get ready. He tells her to come back soon since without her smile the house will become like the plants that don’t get water. He blesses her and goes from there. Tara is wondering how she solve Radha’s riddle and now how will she do it as her mom will also be looking forward to meet her. She is mindlessly watering the plants when Faheem notices that and tells her to stop and asks her where he mind is. He teases her that they know she is going to her maayka for two days but the plants do not. So do you want to feed them two days water as well. Tara asks Faheem to accompany her when he says if he comes who will look after Jayraj? But will go with her some other time and by slip of tongue mentions its Radha’s barsi tomoroow and Tara catches him. To divert the topic Faheem says he got few things for kitchen and he needs to go and rushes from there before Tara could ask him anything. Tara wonders y they r having Radha’s barsi and the secret is much deeper than her thoughts.

MJ is in his dark room thinking its Radha’s barsi the next day. Tara comes there and asks him what he is doing there so late and asks him to go to bed to which he says he is not feeling sleepy. Tara says if u goto ur bed u will get sleep not if u keep wandering here and there and MJ in an irritated tone tells her he is not getting sleep and asks her to go from there. Tara gives him a bag and says she came to give him something. The bag has all his sketches and photos. MJ is surprised and he starts pulling them out and checking it. Tara says that she knows the importance and value of memories no matter whose it is. Whether its hers or someone else’s. She says she set his farmhouse on fire but not his memories and asks him to keep them carefully. Tara goes from there and MJ tells her thanks. Tara turns back and looks at MJ lovingly She has her hand on the door and she is pulling it but before she could hurt her hands MJ rushes to her and stops her and prises her fingers away They share an eye lock (all MriAra fans out there, u gotta watch this scene ) Tara pulls the door and smiles. MJ sees the pic of a pair of eyes of a girl and he thinks of Radha

Tara wakes up in the morning and notices that the recliner is empty. She wonders where MJ disappeared off to early in the morning and gets up when MJ’s cell starts ringing (looks like MJ forgot his cell) Tara answers the call and a priest assuming its MJ asks where he is and that he has made all preparations for the pooja. He tells to come early as the muhurat will go off and Tara tells him that she is MJ’s wife and asks where MJ has to come and the priest gives her the address.

In the temple a pooja is going on and MJ is doing that pooja with an old man who is crying (Radha’s dad) A glimpse of Radha is shown(same flashback) while Tara comes there stealthily and hides. Tara recognises him to be the same person who came to meet MJ that night and wonders y is MJ doing hawan with him. The priest tells that man that pooja is complete and now they can pray to God to grant some peace to ur daughter. Tara is stunned to hear that and she recollects Faheem’s words that today is Radha’s barsi. Tara’s brains kick into action and she wonders if Radha’s dad is with MJ then who is the real culprit? She thinks maybe another secret is lurking behind this secret. Radha’s dad gets up from there and Tara tries to run away but her dupatta gets stuck to the iron bars and she tries to pull it out. Radha’s dad forgets his bag and MJ hands it to him consoles him. Tara is tensed and she thinks that if MJ sees her then all her efforts will go in vain. MJ gives the priest some money and Tara struggles to pull out her dupatta. It doesn’t come, so Tara runs away from there abandoning it. MJ notices somebody rushing out and notices the dupatta. He takes it from there and stares at it.

Precap – MJ comes home and looks at Tara who is looking away. Nimmi taunts him that now he has started roaming around with his wife’s dupatta.

Update Credit to: mandy

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