Qubool Hai 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 27th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira asks ayan to take her alongwith him. but he just doesnt pay attention to her. As ayan and shirin are walking out through the door, rashid asks her to stay back. Mamu tells shirin to stay back, but she doesnt listen. He turns to rashid to do something to stop her from leaving. Finally rashid calls out to her one last time, as she is about to step out, and says that if leaving dilshad out of this house is the only option, then he would do this. shirin turns around, as he says that he wont get dilshad in this house, and asks her not to go. She is surprised and shocked. rashid says that he would leave this house. Ayan is angry and says that he doesnt need to go, as he cant bear shirin being called a left woman, and hence shirin would leave him, so that he is responsible for it. Rashid tells ayan that he loves shirin very much, but he wont understand. ayan asks him not to use words, that he doesnt mean anytime, and that asad was never wrong about his opinion of rashid. He says that he proved asad right today. ayan turns around and says that rashid doesnt care about love, he only cares about himself, and that he left dilshad for shirin and now is leaving shirin for dilshad. Ayan says that he hopes to god, that he never turns up like him ever. He says that he cant live under this roof with him anymore.

Zoya tells dilshad that if she is married, then she should definitely go. she says that he concept of marriage changed after she met asad and fell in love. she tells dilshad that she is tied to rashid, through love and marriage also, and hence she rightfully should be with him. Dilshjad asks if she truly feels that. Zoya nods in a yes, and emotionally says that she wont be able to meet everyday now, and god knows when they would meet next. she asks dilshad to remember that her zoya is always by her side. Dilshad is overwhelmed by her support. Dilshad says that she will hope that they be together some day. Dilshad caresses zoya one last time before she leaves the house finally. She takes her stuff and walks out of the house, in a trance.

Meanwhile, humaira is outraged thinking that she would be distanced from ayan. Humaira is distraught that ayan isnt taking her, while razia composes her somehow. ayan takes the stuff and taking shirin’s hand, he begins to walk out with her. Both dilshad and shirin are shown to be leaving the house together, one leaving her son, and the other leaving her husband, while zoya and rashid and his family look on at their respective estrangement. before dilshad and shirin take their final step outside the house, both hesitate and stop, shirin remembering Rashid’s confession, jerks off her hand from ayan, surprising him, and starts walking towards rashid, who feels genuinely relieved that shirin changed her mind. Ayan watches surprised, and she starts walking inside the house, and goes on to hug Rashid. Ayan stands disgusted, while the rest of the family, is confused with the latest turn of events. Zoya too is surprised, but dilshad turns around and tells zoya to convey to asad, that she loves him very much, and if possible, forgive him. She finally moves out, while zoya looks on crying. Shirin clutches on to rashid tightly. ayan comes to her and asks whats she doing. she says that she cant leave his father and this house. Ayan asks her if she really wants to stay with a man, who cant change his descision for her. she says that he loves her too, and said that. she says that he has always been with her and supported their relation, and sacrificed everything for their happiness, and cant falsify that, and she loves him very much, and that has chained her here. He asks if she thinks that he really loves her. she says that she does, and rashid says that he does love her too. Ayan asks him not to make her understand. He says that rashid just klnows to use people, which he can see through, but she cant. Ayan asks shirin to wake up and realise the true identity of this man, and wants to live with dilshad after so many years of his marriage with her. he asks her if she ever got the rights that she desrved, and whn has he ever done anything for their sadness. Ayan asks shirin to come along, and takes her hand. ayan says that she would go, as she isnt in her senses rigfht now. he tels shirin that she would have to share him with dilshad and she wont be able to bear that. Rashid holds his hand, and asks him to let go. rashid tells him that shirin wont go anywhere, and if he feels like he can go. All ask rashid as to what is he trying to imply. Shriirn is distraught as ayan looks at rashid disgustedly, and begins to retreat towards the main door. He lets go of shirin’s hand with a jerk. All are tensed. ayan says that he would let himself out then. Ayan tells rashid, that he feels ashamed and disgusted to be his son, and that he cant believe he spent so many years, with such a low level man. Ayan asks shirin one last time if she would go with him. Shirirn stands silently.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
While farhan is unpacking, nikhat hesitatingly approaches him, and says that she gave a thought to whatever he said, and has decided that she would stay with him only. He is surprised, and asks her not to be hasty is descision making, as he knows what she is going through, and doesnt want her to be under pressure. Nikhat says that when a girl leaves her house, and gets married, she promises that she would stay by her husband’s side, in grief and sorrow, and happiness and joy. She says that she cant leave him in this pain that he is in. She says that she knows that sameera is still in his heart and she wont ever be able to take that place, but atleast she can be his friend. he smiles and they happily agree. He asks if she has ever been told, that she is better than she seems to be. she says that he can call her that now, and assures that she would help him in searching for sameera, but she wants a promise from him, that after today, he would never hide anything from her. he shakes hands with her and promises the same. They smile at each other. Haseena, watching this from a distance, is frustrated and angered.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is disgusted at shirin’s stance and wonders that he never asked anything from the lord, but today he would wish that he never turns up like him, and asks rashid never to come to him, as he doesnt want to cast his shadow on him. He says that he wont be able to bear this anymore, and will move out, and start a new life, even if that means leaving this house, without his mother and his love, but would built a life and home, that he doesnt have any shame living in. Ayan tells rashid that finally he managed to ruin the life of his second son too. Rashid is shocked and hurt. Ayan sarcastically thanks rashid. as he turns away from them, and begins to walk, humaira goes berserk, and shirin rushes to him. as ayan walks out, he sternly and stoically faces dilshad, who steps into the house, with her stuff, and eyes bowed. all are shocked seeing her at the door, with her stuff. The screen freezes on Dilshad’s tensed face.


Precap: As Rashid gets a heart attack, while shirin and dilshad confront each other at the door, razia cals out to shirin. Both shirin and dilshad are shocked to see rashid’s condition, and theu rush to him, while the family eyes dilshad tensedly. Dilshad retrates her hand, as shirin reaches out to him and caresses him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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