Ek Boond Ishq 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 24th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara turns and sees its yug, she ask you were here? he says i come now to see you, why you are here, to see baba, tara says no, i was the one who threw them out, he says you cant do that, tara says you dont know me, he says i am asking with folded hands to tell me truth i will help you out, tara says i dont it, itme has changed and i am changed too, she leaves. yug recalls mj saying to yug that you have collect evidences after mj goes to jail, he says tara you cam lie to all but i will fulfill my promise to mj.
tara comesback to villa, nandu says to tara that what you said that i lost in this game, i know how to make it my winning, she drags tara and opens her room, tara is stunned to see adi being tied up to chair.. tara is stunned and thinks what i did, i thought kala

and nandu will fight but she brought adi here, nandu says what are you dumbstruck, tara says what should i say, rudra will come and will throw adi, nandu says adi will stay here. nandu ask goons to leaves. rudra sees his goons leaving who informs him that nandu called them. he comes to nandu. rudra comes and asks what were these people doing here? Tara says they came here to send the abduction parcel. Nandu has abduct someone rudra asks nandu whom did you kidnap? Nandu says adi. He shouts i asked you not to do this. Whats wrong with you. How will stay as kala in this home. Nandu says you promised that you’ll make him mine. Rudra says kala won’t lose her independence for your fun. Throw him out. Nandu says he’s not going anywhere. If i can be involved in all your crimes why can’t you help me. I did all you said. rudra says what didn’t i give you. I gave you all the dresses money and everything. Nandu says a woman needs much more. Rudra says There are many people in this country. Choose whoever you want. I will make him yours. Why are you after that adi. He won’t live here. Nandu says okay let me be mad. People lose themselves in love but i won’t be responsible If i tell everyone the truth in that condition. In this heart there are a lot of secrets they will go out if it breaks. Rudra says you’re blackmailing me ? Or warning me? Nandu says how can i. But you should think that i am a human and we make mistakes but you’ll pay for my mistakes. Rudra says i made you queen here. Nandu says when did i forget that. There is much that i remember like, the reality of property papers. Should i tell it to Tara? Rudra says you should have told me that you need adi that much. Keep him here. Just take care he shouldn’t come in front of kala. Tara wonders what made rudra agree on that.tara thinks that i have to tell this news to leader and guruji.
In stable all are tensed that adi is nowhere to be found, yug says dont worry, he will comeback.

Scene 2
in jungle, tara is with guruji, she says kala allowed nandu to make adi stay there, guru ask what she must have said? tara says she must have warned him that she will tell me about property thing, guru says they have patched up, tara says no rudra is just pretending but 1st time nandu made him agree to her conditions so he will take revenge from her, tara says only adi is being dragged in all this, guru says i will talk with leader, tara ask where is he? he says he will come after some time, you go, tara says you dont want me to ask about leader but i can ask about my husband, mj is listening all this and is shocked, tara says what happened wth mj that night in jail, how kala took him out of jail? guru remembers how mj was attacked on head and was taken out, tara ask what, he says i ran before mj’s van but lost it after sometime then i dont know about mj, but i got out of jail, he ask why are you asking? she says everything happened infront of me, i witnessed his death but i feel like he is alive, i can feel him around me,, like he is listening to me but i cant talk to him, mj is listening all this from outside, tara says to guru that you are not telling me full truth, one truth is which is not infront of eyes but it exists. tara says you know when i cry alone i feel like mj will come and will wipe it, i know truth but my heart doesnt accept, i cant bear it anymore, once i give everything back to my family, once i take my revenge, i will go to my mj, mj is touched listening to this, tara cries and leaves from there, mj thinks i will come out soon, i will come out to you and will wipe your tears, will provide you support.

Scene 3
in villa, tara returns, nandu comes and ask from where you are coming in night?
in jungle, the lady comes to guruji and shows her face, she is nimmo, she says to guru that you saved life of my one son but my other son is been missing since morning, guru says adi is safe wherever he is, she ask how do you know? he says you trust me in case of mj so trust me now, nimmo says i fully trust you, you helped me alot in saving him, she ask about mj, he says she is safe and soon he will finish kala, nimmo says she should be finished but sad thing is that mj’s family is not with him, i sometime feel like to tell everything to jairaj, he says no its not right time, she says did you tell mj that i am his mother, he says dont worry i will not tell him till you want, she leaves. mj pats on guruji’s shoulder, guru is stunned.

PRECAP- adi calls out to nandu and comes in kala’s room, kala is in veil, adi comes to her and ask who are you? kala thinks now i have to kill him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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