Mahabharat 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 24th April 2014 Written Update

Today episode starts with dhritrashtra saying to bhisma that war will become then s hakuni says it is durbhagya for hastinapur hearing that bhisma says that have you come here for destroying hastinapur . Shakuni says while marriging my sister gandhari you said that you will make her sister first child whole worlds king now ow you have to make duryodhan chkra vorthy samarat or you don’t have to be anymore senapati of hastinapur.

On the other hand bheem says that as arjun is ladies roop he should remain and take care of others and shakuni tells bhisma to announce for war. And in the mahal arjun says that rajkumar uttar should fight. While going draupadi says that bhima is leading so beware. Arjun says that they will not identify me before sunset.

In the battlefield duryodhan says

it is time for sunset still pandav are not seen anywhere . seeing from faraway shakuni says see that pandav are coming. But from near they see that it is rajkumar uttar and dushasan says that a small child in the protection of a woman and shakuni says that duryodhan to blow the shank. And arjun says that rajkumar uttar to blow the arrow seeing that his arrow does not reach them duryodhan laughs and says to bring pandav out they should kill rajkumar and shakuni says to bhisma to attack but bhima says i will not allow my soldiers to attack on any woman . arjun says to rajkumar that if he wants to become brave like arjun he has to listen what he tells. But rajkumar says that if arjun was he wont have hidden.

Arjun says that if he wants to get saved he should pick up his weapon. Duryodhan says go back rajkumar and tell maharaj that he will kill everyone in his country while going back arjun waits in the forest where he have hidden his gandhiv dhanush . seeing that arjun in pranala roop he goes behind him and sees arjun requesting to god that as their one year agyatvas has finished please give me back my gandhiv because it is time forhim to show him his strength.

Pre-cap:- arjun and rajkumar uttar going together in a raat(carriage) to duryodhan saying that is time for me to show my strength and courage.and they start fighting with arrows inthat fight arjun beats shakunis arrow and leaves his arrow towards duryodhan and from either side karn leaves his arrows and a blast takes place

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice Episode Arjun is looking nice as Brihanala . waiting for todays episode

  2. why confusing us between “bhisma” and “bhima”

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