Ek Boond Ishq 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
jairaj is about to start pooja, nimmo points something to meethi, nimmo makes pundit busy so that meethi can hide flower garland to be put on mj’s pic, they hide, pundit ask nandu fro garland, she says its not there, nandu says how this can happen, nimmo says you didn’t come with garland, I think you forget it, jairaj says its okay, also I don’t like garland on his face. pooja starts. mj’s car comes infront of villa, he gets down from car, dressed as mj, he comes down in villa, he comes, jairaj sees his shadow in his picture and turns to find mj standing there, all turns and are stunned to see mj there. they cannot believe their eyes, jairaj caresses him and hugs him, tara comes and hugs him, mj thinks tara don’t make me weak, tara whispers I told you I will wish you 1st, she wishes him happy birthday, I love you, mj looks at rudra, tara says its like dream, you infront of me, rudra says he is our mj, jairaj ask where were you from all these days, mj starts his drama, he says I ran from jail, my hear was besting fast, he talks in literate manner, all are confused, he jumps here and there, rudra looks at him angrily, he behaves and says I got hurt on head so I don’t remember anything, rudra says further I will tell, you stop it, jairaj ask why he is talking in weird language, rudra says he got hurt on head so behaves weirdly, he will be fine. jairaj says I know you are mj, you will fine soon, jairaj ask rudra how you found him? he says when I got news that mj’s car slipped from height, I asked my people to find mj in jungle, I found him but mj went in coma, jairaj ask why you didn’t tell me, rudra doesn’t answer and ask pundit to go back home, he leaves, rudra says what could I have told you, tara was putting allegation on me, so I though that when mj will be fine then mj will tell truth, also if police get to know that mj si alive then they would have given him death sentence, jairja says how great you are, you took blame and kept taking care of mj, he says tara look how great is my brother, he is like god and you blamed him, he is god and you are betrayer, mj says no, my tara is very good, tara says shut up, yu cant be my mj, he doesn’t talk like that, who are you. rudra says you hugged him saying mj now, tara says I got confused but rudra hanged my mj and thre stones at him so how can be alive, jairaj says enough even mj told us that his car slipped from height so stop it now, tara says you may all believe but I know he is not mj, jairaj sasy you are not accepting because your wealth will given, because you cant rule us now, you cant see him, father’s eyes cant lie, he is my mj, tara leaves, nimmo sasy don’t be sad, its your birthday so I will prepare your fav food, shami kabab, mj says no.. I cant eat non-veg, nimmo says what? rudra looks at him and ask him to touch father’s feet, mj goes and touches fahim’s feet, all smile. fahim blesses him, rudra is worried and ask him to touch father’s feet and pints to jairaj, mj comes to jairaj and touches his feet, jairaj says I missed you so much, mj in his original tone says I missed you too but I am back, I will make everything fine, he hugs him. rudra is stunned at him behaving like mj, mj get aware of his emotions and nods to rudra, rudra nods fine.

Scene 2
mj is in rudra’s room, rudra says son- father meeting seem like original, mj says when son is original so it had to be original, rudra is shocked, mj starts laughing and says look at your face, I told you I am best in acting, mj again start talking non-stop. rudra also scolds him in his language then say why I am talking like him, he says don’t talk like this in this house, mj nods. rudra ask him to make tara believe that your are her husband, mj says I cant do this, rudra say when you can call other your father then why cant you call other your wife, mj says yes, mj says make that other one my wife, rudra sasy nimmo? he says no, that one who everyone calls nandu, rudra says I will shoot you, she is my wife, mj says sorry. rudra says make tara your wife soon, if you want to be saved.. jairaj comes and ask whom should be saved?

PRECAP- lawyer says to shikhawat family that if they all give statement then all property can be transferred on mj’s name again, tara says I am not ready to give statement, I saw with my eyes mj dying then how he can be mj, he is fake, he is not my husband.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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