Beintehaa 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain’s friend asks him to bring Aaliya on dance floor. Zubair says Aaliya that Zain is enquiring about love with everyone around. She asks him to go and danced with her husband Zain. He drags her to the dance floor and dance with her to make her mood. He then asks her to dance with Zain like this. Zain sees Aaliya dancing with Zubair, gulps alcohol glasses, and starts dancing with girls. Aaliya sees Zain dancing with girls and gets sad. Aaa raat bhar… song plays in the background. Aaliya angrily starts dancing with Zubair looking at Zain. Zain dances with girls looking at Aaliya. They both exchange the partners and start dancing passionately with each other. Dubahua teri ashiqui me yooon…qurbaan hua… song plays in the background. Aaliya runs from there after the song finishes.

Zain follows Aaliya and twists her hand. He asks her where is she going. Aaliya asks her to live his hand as it is hurting. Zain asks what is going in her mind. Aaliya says he is inebriated and to leave her. Zain says she is right, he will leave her for the games she is playing. Aaliya asks him what games???? They both then look at each other for some time. Zain asks if she wants to say something repeatedly. Aaliya asks him to leave as it is hurting. Zain pushes her and asks her to leave. Aaliya starts crying vigorously.

Aaliya sadly sits on the floor and remembers Zain dancing with girls and then asking her what is going on in her mind. Zain on the other side starts drinking alcohol and remembers Aaliya dancing with Zubair. Barkath smirks seeing Zain dinking alcohol, comes near him and starts acting. She asks him not to drink so much. Zain asks her to leave him alone.

Zubair sees Aaliya sitting outside and crying. He asks her if Zain said her something. He asks her what were they doing, Zain was dancing with someone else and she with someone else. He says he will speak to Zain. Aaliya says she will handle the situation. Zubair says if they both really love each other or not. Aaliya says she is confused. She says Zain must have dated a lot girls, but he should understand that she is his wife and is different. Zain still thinks he is single. Zubair says she is overreacting and says Zain is a good boy. Aaliya says that is the problem, Zain is still a boy.

Barkath insists Zain to leave alcohol and come with her for dinner. Zain goes from there. Barkath smirks standing there.

Aaliya says Zubiar that sometimes Zain takes care of her a lot, but sometimes starts hurting her. She does not know what is her place in his life. zubair says she is telling right and she should understand that the marriage happened as a compromise and every relationship and person is different. Zain comes there and sees Zubair holding Aaliya’s face and gets angry. He stumblingly comes towards Aaliya and Zubair. Zubair holds him. Zain says if Zubair permits he will speak to Aaliya. Zubair says to talk with his wife, he does not need his permission and says drinking alcohol is sin and when you are with your wife, it is better not to drink. He goes from there. Zain says Aaliya she came to the party with and if she wants to go with him or not. Aalila says she will go with him. Zain holds her hand and drags her with him.

Precap: Aaliya writes a letter to Zain that he is going to her father’s house and it is better she goes at this moment.

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  1. Can’t wait for nxt episode

  2. Someone plz… pull barkat(bobby) out of the show… she is really annoying!!!!!
    Starting this bawdi- barkat drama was the worst part of the serial….. but the best thing the producers did is by bringing Mohit into the show…. he s super cool……
    Watching the show only fr harshika and mohit!!!!!!!

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  4. I watched dis episode sooo much times!!!

  5. Oh God!! koi toh is fake barkat ke track to khatam karo… its really getting on my nerves

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    Aliya is very preety in red sarry

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