Ek Boond Ishq 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 1st May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara says its me tara, mj says go at distance I will come.
nandu says even if I die even then my eyes will be open to see you, adi says you love me so much? she says even more than that, adi says I am sorry I couldn’t see your love, I was blind for meethi but now I can see you, your love, I love you nandu, nandu gets happy and open his ties, she says sorry for tying you like this, they both say I love you to each other, adi is about to kiss her when nandu gets up from sleep, it was her dream, she says don’t know when this will come but I will love you now.

Scene 2
tara wipes her tears and shows mj the papers which rudra signed, she says it must have hurt rudra, mj says rudra will not leave nandu now, he says both will bite each other. PRECAP. tara recalls how once she was angry with mj and he was trying to make up for it, he searches here and there, tara ask what were you finding? he says I was finding your voice, tara smiles. PRECAP. fb ends. mj says what happened? you make it go again? smile was looking good on you, tara thinks it is my doubt or what, but he talks like mj, mj thinks what I am doing she will doubt me if I talk like this. he ask tara to go, tara is about to slip but mj holds her close, they keep in each others eyes, tara makes distance and says I need to leave, she leaves, mj couldn’t stop her.

Scene 3
nandu comes to adi who is acting like unconscious, she opens him and takes him on wheel chair, he thinks where is she taking me? she comes in room, kala is there, she says what if he sees me? she says he is unconscious, she says I will make him mine today, he says you will romance him in my room in front of me, she says don’t stop me, you cant do that as half property is mine too and if you have so much problem with him then throw him out and fulfill which I need, kala says okay do what you want but I cant stay here, what if he gets conscious, adi thinks tara was right, rudra is kalavati, kala says but don’t forget that we didn’t get property till yet, she says I love adi but not more than money. if adi gets up the.. nandu shows him knife and says I will use it then, kala says now you talked like lioness, go and play, kala leaves. adi thinks what should I do, if I get conscious then she will kill me.

Scene 4
mj looks at earring that fell when he held tara, tara on her room finds her earring lost. mj thinks that I couldn’t share my happiness with you today. tara thinks it would be great if mj found his mom like leader, I got happy listening to him, what is happening to me, when he held me why I kept looking at him? mj thinks that I shouldn’t have talked to you like this, you must be founding mj in me. tara thinks that it was just a coincidence that I was falling and he caught me, I cant get attracted to anyone, this is wrong, I am just of mj and will remain his, guruji comes to mj and says some big problem happened. he tells him that when nimmo came in jail to meet me she found that you are her son, now someone wants to know who came to meet me, mj says it must be kala, guru says I removed records of my meeting from jail register but kala got cctv footage. mj thinks.
kala ask surriya to play cctv video to know who came to meet govind, she ask her pause, kala says oho she came to meet govind, niramala singh sikhawat. their story is old.

PRECAP- rudra threatens nimmo and ask her why she went to meet govind? she says who govind? rudra says you will not tell till I cut your fingers one by one, he picks knife, nimmo is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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