Beintehaa 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 1st May 2014 Written Update

Surayya prepares food for her family. Barkath likes it and asks Aaliya to take this tasty food to Zain’s office. Aaliya says ok.

Aayath and Ghulam pack their bags. Ghulam asks about Shabana and goes in search of her.

Zain asks his staff about their new hotel’s inauguration. Staff says Aaliya is chief guest of the inauguration. Zain thinks it is good, Aaliya’s mood will change. Staff then says Aaliya Bhatt is coming. Zain is surprised to hear that. Zain’s friend comes to his cabin and says he wants to keep his items in his cabin as his house is under renovation. Zain agrees. His other friends along with Rizwan come there. They all watch football match.

Meer Khan plays chess with his friend and tells about his plans. Ghulam comes there. Meer Khan is surprised to see his brother. He tries to hug his brother, but he stops and says he is going tonight and wants to explain him that he should not trouble Usman as he is a good guy. He forgive him because of Barkath. Meer says in 20 years, Ghulam did not change, but he changed and wants his forgiveness. He hugs him. Someone takes their pics. Ghulam asks Meer to stay away from Barkath and Usman’s house.

Zain checks his friend’s goods and finds explicit magazine says he cannot keep these in his office as his brother and father may see it. He takes them out and is about to throw them when Aaliya comes and sees him with those magazines. She gets angry on him and says mamu and mami will feel ashamed if they see him with these magazines. Zain says she is thinking him wrong. Aaliya says she saw his true colours yesterday night itself. Zain says it is kartar’s magazines and he kept them here as his house is under renovation. Aaliya asks him where is bhaad. He says her room is bhaad. He says she wants him to ask sorry in front of everyone. He then tries to hold his ears and asks her sorry. Ishq ka jazbaa…. song plays in the background. Aaliya runs towards him and asks him not to hold his ears. She says she will leave now and asks him to come home on time.

Barkath asks Shabana to stay for some more days. Shabana says she came for her and asks her to come and stay with them in Bhopal. Surayya asks where is Zain. Zain comes with a news paper with Aayath’s cartoons. Shabana says these are her cartoons and someone who stole it has published it. Zain says Rizwan gave her cartoons and his other friend liked it and published in it. He offered her a job. Surayya asks Aayath to stay here and concentrate on her career. Usman backs Surayya and asks Ghulam’s opinion. Ghulam says he also thinks the same.

Zain thinks Aaliya will come and thank him for stopping Aayath from going to Bhopal, but she does not know how much he thinks about her. He wants to talk to her face to face. Aaliya thinks kitkat wants to talk to her and she is very nervous. She goes near the swimming pool and thinks what he wants to speak, he has prepared his questions, she will have to prepare her answers. Zain gets a call that Aaliya Bhatt is coming to their hotel tomorrow. Zain thinks he will meet Aaliya Bhatt tomorrow. Aaliya thinks why is she nervous, she will answer his questions, and if he says he likes her, she will says she also likes her but not to walk around nude. She prays god to help her. She comes to her room and sees asleep. She thinks he wanted to speak to her, but slept instead. She goes near him. He holds her hand in sleep and says Aaliya I love you repeatedly.

Precap: Usman goes in search of Barkath and finds Meer Khan standing behind Barkath. He starts following him. Barkath hits Usman’s head with cane.

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