Ek Boond Ishq 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epi starts with kala men locking the door. FC asks kala to leave him as he did what she told him and asks not to harm MJ. Kala asks his chamcha what u told FC he says we gave dhamki that if u tell balli the truth we will kill balli. Kala asks whether u told him the consequences of lying and says I hate people who lie and u lied u to MJ so u hav to suffer the consequence kala comes with a rod. FC is shocked and pleads not to kill him. But kala hits him with a rod(is FC dead?or is it like what happened with Radha and MJ. rip FC for now)kala says MJ u will always remain balli the last thing that linked u to ur past is gone

Om is jogging Tara comes with juice. She thinks she has to get rid of the bodyguard. She comes to Om and says she wants to watch fight. He suspects her of having some intention behind this but grants her permission to go
MJ is exercising pari comes with badam asks him to eat he asks where did u get the money frm for this. She says he won’t dare ask me. MJ says this us wrong and the money I am going to get is for ur education

Tara leaves for the match after asking permission from Om. Mannat asks him where she went. He says she said she’s going for a fight but he knows better mannat asks then why did he let her go. He says he wants to know the truth he will follow her. Mannat decides to accompany Om to know what she is upto.

Nandu tries to get fired frm her job but is unsuccessful (seems like nandu’s good luck at making successful plans have vanished after meeting vedant)

MJ and the guy fighting match. Tara comes along with her bodyguard. Tara acts surprised to see Om enter and asks why is he here. He says she is Not the only one who is interested in watching fighting match. Mannat recognises MJ as Laado men and thinks of taking Om away before he comes to know about the supari she gave. But Om I insists to leave after the match. Om also recognises MJ from his previous encounter
MJ is declared as the winner
He sees Tara who is clapping for him and thinks why she came here.
Tara thinks this is the moment I was waiting for and gives Om the idea of MJ johny fight. Om dismisses the idea Mannat says u can’t put a persons life in danger Tara replies it’s his duty to put his life in danger for me. Om agrees for the fight. Mannat thinks Om is agreeing to everything said by Tara like he did with Sia and Tara is slowly becoming Sia for him.

Referee asks whether there is anyone to challenge balli. Tara says johny’s name.
The fight starts MJ is loosing at first he falls Tara is in tears.
MJ sees pari and Tara
Referee is counting
MJ gets up to fight
MJ wins
Tara says johny that u hav disappointed me I had faith in u. Mannu tries to support humbly saying he tried his level best
Om says it’s a big thing
Tara thinks now I need to do something to make MJ my bodyguard

Precap. Om and his manager has come to mjs house with money to hire him as bodyguard kala is happy to get money MJ enters not looking pleased

Update Credit to: Dilsha

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