Jhalli Anjali 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv shouts to leave him..Doctor gives him injectin,,He falls asleep..Anjali is shocked..On another side balwinder tries to tell tauji but Amisha closes her mouth tightly…Taijii asks what happened,,,Amisha tells nothing balwinder wants phone..Her mother asks how can she manage Amisha tells its okey..And goes..Dhruv is fainted Babli Chadda goes..Amisha gives her phone to ballu..Anjali is still waiting outsite the cottage..Amisha calls Anjali as the phone rings BAbli chadda hears and tell her gang members to search for the person who is hiding Anjali gets worried tells that she has came for rescue of Dhruv but she trapped..What to do now..Babli chadda comes in the direction where Anjali is standing..shows the pistol but does”nt find anyone..Anjali hides back of a jeep..Babli comes slowly and slowly and searches near jeep…till that phone of a worker rings..Babli shouts at him,,,BAbli comes and asks doctor if kidney is available or not Doctor says it is not Cash insert a card and take out money..BAbli chadda says it worth rs 5lakh..SHouts that the Work should be done soon..Anjali sees doctor operating dhruv..Anjali goes to dr snd says that babli chadda refused to do the operation..Doctor goes..Amisha takes Balwinder piggy Bank..
Doctor cmes to Babli and tells that if operation is not done also he will take full money..BABli asks who said to stop the operation..Doctor says her assistent..BAbli gets shocked and goes to check..Anjali tries to awake Dhruv but he is still unconscious..Anjali gets an idea…Anjali brings a trolley of worker and goes..Babli comes in the Rooom but doesnot find Dhruv she shouts…Anjali still hiding and trying to escape…Amisha and pinky slowly goes Tauji and Taiji catches and asks where she is going finally balwinder comes and saves her…Amisha leaves….Anjali is worried tensed dont know what to do….Anjali takes Dhruv in a room and hides…Babli comes carrying a knife in hand…Room smells foul…Doctor tells no one Can stay in this foul smell for long time..Babli tells he is right and goes..The room is Dark and there is no light Anjali shouts as her leg is injured..Anjali sms the location to Amisha..Amisha is in the Car along with Pinky arranges the money recieves the message and gets worried…BAbli shouts and tell his gang members to find the girl..She tells to clean the room..Anjali gets happy as she can easily get out of room..Anjali covers herself with shawl,,wears a cap and covers the face…Anjali comes out along with trolley..covers the trolley…Comes out Babli asks what is this Anjali tells she is a worker and the trolley contains dead rats and some rice..Babli tells ok and tells her to go out….Amisha comes and gives the Money to Anjali thinking she is member of BAbli..Anjali tells she is Anjali..Anjali sits in car dhruv is still unconscious…BAbli finds out that Dhruv escaped…BAbli runs..and finds Amisha”s car nearby …Amisha gets worried..BAbli raises pistol at Anjali…Anjali gives tell 50thousand is ready show the envelope..Falls on the ground she slowly pick ups the sand and throws in Babli Chadda eyes..Amisha starts the car and they Escape.. BAbli shouts saying coming at her place they decieve her and gone..

Precap:VP opens the door BAbli comes and raises pistol against Anjali..Dhruv ,,Amisha and VP is shocked..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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