Ek Boond Ishq 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
vidant and om listens to gun sound and goes towards tara’s room, nandu says I should leave, she takes some things and leaves the house.
mj has got the bullet in his hand saving tara, jackey says balli you are doing wrong but I will do my work, he points gun at tara but mj stands inbetween, om knocks on tara’s door, jackey runs from there, mj thinks that if jackey tell anything to laado then pari’s life cane be in danger, mj runs from there too, vidant breaks the door and they come in her room, om checks tara and says she is fine, mannat is shocked and says how she got saved, why she didn’t die, om ask what are you blabbering, mannat says thank god sia is fine, om and vidant leaves. mannat finds gun in tara’s room and hides it.
vidant comes in

hall and finds nandu leaving the house, he runs behind her asking who are you.
mj grabs jackey on road and beats him. nandu is cornered by police and vidant, she is tensed, vidant takes of her hat and says you, robber, he says if you wouldn’t be a women then I would have.. vidant says you were trying to kill sia? nandu says I never killed an ant, vidant ask why you went there? he finds jewelry in her bag, he ask police man to take her to police station while he leaves, nandu sprays something infront of police man and he becomes unconscious, nandu runs from there.

Scene 2
mannat calls laado, laado says congrats your work is done, don’t say thanks, I fulfill my promise, when will you give me remaining money? mannat says money? you should be shameful, I feel like giving contract to kill you, if I had given this work to anyone thug then he would have done it, laado is stunned.
om is scolding guards, he says you all will get punished now, guard says sorry, please forgive us, om says I can do mistake too and your family will be dead, he says if you want one chance then go and find who came in house. vidant comes there and says the one caught was a robber, she cant kill anyone but the one who came here, his mission was to kill sia, om ask why would anyone want to kill sia.
mannat says to laado that I did mistake to trust you, you should leave this contract work and start begging on signal, laado says talk with respect, mannat says you cant do one work properly, you are useless, now contract is cancelled and your men should not raom around my house otherwise it will not be good, laado says you are threatening me, my man did mistake so I am silent but I can do many things, mannat says that the chawl in which you are living, you deserve that dirt only, when your man comeback to you then make him wear your lehnga, start dancing work, she cancel the call.
vidant says that in room, bullet was fired but sia was lying unconscious, there must be some evidence here. mannat is tensed.

Scene 3
tara is blabbering mj’s name in sleep and recalls how she met mj in party, how he showed his face to her and how she hugged him and asked him to not go away from me, she wakes up and has a hangover, she looks around for mj and says mj was here, he came to me and someone snatched him from me, I wont leave him like this, she comes in hall asking where is mj, vidant, om and mannat looks at her, tara ask where have you sent him, he came here, tell me where is mj, vidant says who mj? tara says my husband, mannat says there was no mj in party, tara says you did something with him, I know he came here, vidant says someone attacked you, you need rest come with me, tara sees gun in his jacket and takes it, she points gun at om. tara ask tell me where is my mj, he cant hide from me, you did something with him, vidant says I am your brother, he is your husband, what are you doing. she says only mj is my own and for own I cant point gun at strangers. tell me where is mj, I touched him, tara feels dizzy and becomes unconscious.

Scene 4
laado is angrily cutting nuts, she recalls mannat’s words and how she insulted laado.
om checks tara and says to vidant that sia didn’t drink wine, vidant says what she did in party, om says it was not wine but sia was given tablets so she was inebriated, vidant says I am leaving now, he leaves, om says to mannat that I will not leave the person who tried this, I didn’t serve sia for 5 years so that when she becomes conscious someone tries to kill her.
mj is beating jackey, jackey hits at mj’s hand and runs from there. jackey comes to laado, laado ask did you do the work? jackey says no, your ploy ba..

PRECAP- tara is sleeping, mannat says that if I wanted I could have killed you when you were in coma but then my brother wouldn’t have much pain, she puts pillow on tara’s mouth and blocks her breaths, tara struggles but soon she loses her breaths and her hand falls off bed, she is dead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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