Beintehaa 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aayath/Rizwan’s engagement party starts with Zain and other family members welcoming guests. Surayya asks Shaziya if Gauhar came to know about their plan. She says no, but she does not want to come. Surayya says tell her that I am calling her.

Zain remembers telling Aaliya that he wants to re-engage with her and remmary her along with Aayath/Rizwan. He searches Aaliya, but she is not around. He then sees Aaliya coming wearing his gifted dress and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Shaziya informs Surayya that Gauhar is not picking her call.

Fahad requests Aayath and Rizwan to come forward for their engagement. They both come foward. Everyone clap for them.

Gauhar reaches engagement venue. Aaliya greets her in and says it is Rizwan/Aayath’s engagement today. Gauhar is shocked to see Rizwan with Aayath, starts crying, and says Rizwan is the father of her child. Aaliya is shocked to hear that. Just before Rizwan exchanges ring with Aayath, she stops him and says this engagement cannot happen. Everyone are shocked to hear that. She says Rizwan is betraying Aayath as Gauhar is pregnant with his child. Surayya and Shaziya smirk seeing their plan getting successful. Rizwan asks what rubbish she is talking and says Aayath that Aaliya is telling lie. Nafisa asks Gauhar to stop her drama and get out from here. Gauhar says she should not have come here listening Aaliya. Aaliya says if she is telling truth, Rizwan has to marry her instead of Aayath.

Nafisa asks Aaliya how can she say that when she knows Rizwan well. Even Rizwan asks Aaliya the same. Surayya asks Aaliya if she wants to break her sister’s engagement. Aaliya says Zain she cannot allow Rizwan marry Aayath. Nafisa asks Aaliya if she does not know how Shaziya and Gauhar are, they can stoop to any level for their gains. She asks Shaziya if she would not have called Gauhar, then why would she come here. Shaziya says she did not call her. Gauhar says she called, but she did not want to come, only afte she came here she saw Rizwan/Aayath’s engagement. Nafisa says Gauhar you both sisters are betrayers. Gauhar says she got betrayed instead. Rizwan says Gauhar that she wanted to trap Rizwan but came into his room instead and they got intimate while inebriated. Zain asks where were she all these months, why did not she inform Rizwan about this. Gauhar says her family did not support her, so she did not speak to him. Nafisa says she kept quiet as her child is not Rizwan’s and says it is both sister’s conspiracy towards her and Rizwan. Zain says Aaliya she was against Gauhar, now why is she helping her. AAliya says it is a matter of her sister Aaliya’s life and asks him to keep away from it. Zain is surprised to hear that. Surayya asks Zain that Aaliya wants you to keep away from her family matter. Zain says he believed Aayath more than her sister and now it is his friend Rizwan’s life, so he will not keep quiet.

Precap: Ghulam informs everyone that engagement will…….

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  1. Ohh..wats going on…dis is the drama of cheapstar suraiya…

  2. Wht the…..
    I m nt liking it at all

  3. Are in sab k bich me zaya ki fight…pls dont seprate dem…

    1. hmmm… but it is really boring plan

  4. Yup…you’re r8…

  5. well lets see wht happens nxt…

  6. I thnk tht aliya will later be blamed as putting an allegation……..

  7. engagment is off

  8. madhubalaRISHABkundra

    Whoo s the father of tat gals’s child??? Or s she really pregnant?????

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