Ek Boond Ishq 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 18th April 2014 Written Update

lawyer says that if tara dies before six months then property will go to trust, rudra is worried and says that i have some urgent work go now, lawyer leaves. in jungles surriya is about to hit tara, rudra is calling her again and again, he says if tara dies today my game will spoil, everything will be finished, he gets angry seeing dadu’s pic.
in stable, adi gets angry on nandu, nimmo ask her not to, jairaj says i am fine, tell you both took that decision on your own will? nandu says its all true, adi never liked meethi, she is not of his standard, jairaj says i am not talking to you, he ask adi to tell truth, adi says i love meethi alot but i had to do this for money which nandu gave on this condition,nandu says they are divorced and cannot live in house.

Scene 2
in jungle, surriya is about to hit tara with an axe but phone rings, surriya says if pick phone then kala will ask whether i finished my work or not so we will pick after killing her.
in stable, adi says to jairaj that i am sorry but had t do this, he says sorry meethi i hurt you alot, nandu says enough of this drama, she ask meethi to go from here, nimmo holds her hand, jairaj says she will not go anywhere, relations doesnt break on papers but when love vanishes from it, adi and meethi loves each other, he says court can deny these papers if husband and wife denies for divorce, only meethi is our daughter in law, nandu says to adi that you will have to pay for it, adi says you have no proof that you gave me money, i love meethi and want to spend my life with her, nimmo says get lost from here, she leaves.

Scene 3
in jungle, mj’s gang members comes there, and takes surriya from there on gun pint, rudra is on way to find tara, he calls surriya, mj takes it and says i am leader of my gang, your men are kidnapped, rudra ask tara is alive? mj says yes but not for much time, mj says i am angry man, rudra says dont do anything to tara, i will give money, mj says i dont need it, rudra says i will give you 2lacs, mj says i am not fool, i need 10 crores, rudra says its too much, they decide on 5 crores, mj says i will tell you place. tara says to guru that i dont understand anything, kala si paying money for me? guru says you will get it, guru says you won her trust by signing papers, tara says your leader did a wonderful job, how he made kala a joker, she is laughing, mj sees her from outside and thinks after how much time i am seeing you laugh i only want this smile on your face. he leaves. guru says after sometime kala will come with money for your life, tara ask why? guru tells about property papers condition that tara needs to be alive for six months to transfer it, tara says i will transfer it to baba after six months, guru says maybe you will not need it.

Scene 4
rudra is takes off mattress from bed and money is there, he is packing it in bag, nandu comes there telling adi’s deny of divorce, rudra tells her about condition of property. nandu says then bring tara back, rudra says she is not with surriya, nandu says this much money, rudra gets cal from mj who says i will message you about place where to come and come alone, rudra says no bring your people i will bring mine, mj says tara is with me so listen to me, he says okay you can bring upto four people, he messages rudra about address.

Scene 5
mj, guru and tara are going to that place, tara ask why we are taking money? guru says so kala dont doubt that you are with us, kala is going there too. tara says i dont understand one thing how you know so much about my family, about nandu, baba, dadu. guru says mj told me about your family in jail. tara says think once again before going, guru says think this meeting with kala as last, think after six months kala will kill you, she will torture your family and your wise to take revenge will remain a wish, tara says no i am with you and will do what i am being told, i have trust on you and your leader.

PRECAP- mj’s gang and kalavati’s gang are facing each other, guru says tara will start walking towards you and your man will come to us with money, mj comes out of car and looks at kala.

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