Mahabharat 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 18th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with jaydrath shouts from behind the trees to confuse draupadi n nakul,he succeeds wen hearing that draupadi comes out running and asks nakul to find out wats wrong , wen nakul leaves jaydrath comes in front of draupadi n introduces himself draupadi asks him to sit down n offers him water . nakul goes to find yudishtir but he finds him safe , on asking wat nakul is doing here he tells wat happened, here sahadev n bheem also realise draupadi is troble all leave toward draupadi meanwhile jaydrath takes draupadi away on his rath. Bheem tries to save draupadi by running after rath but fails.

Here mamashri n duryodhan are waiting for jaydrath n are happy to see him draupadi, on jaydraths way to duryodhan arjun comes n stands between jaydrath n duryodhans all are shocked to

see him . mamshri asks duryodhan not to lift any weapon unitil sunset. Arjun yells at jaydrath on his dare attempt to kidnap draupadi, he lifts his weapon to kill him but jaydrath hides behind druapdi ,arjun hits the arch on the ground n theres lots of breeze due to it , in the mean while arjun elopes with jaydrath n draupadi , duryodhan on this says we need to find the three before sunset. Here arjun puts jaydrath in feets of yudishtir, yudishtir says jaydrath the penalty of kidnapping a married women is death n so u will be killed now, on this jaydrath says i have done this on orders of duryodhan u have to kill him aswell. Yudishtir looks at bheem n orders him to kill jaydrath, draupadi says curse him in such a way that no other man every tries to do this. Arjun says don’t kill jaydrath as his our sisters husband we will deal with the consequences later.

Duryodhan n mamashri tries to find the 3, bheem says though not to kill but we need n have to punish jaydrath for his doing, bheems asks for arjuns arch ,on other side duryodhan is still in search, the pandavas see duryodhan n mamashri , the pandavas cut jaydraths all hair leaving only five n asks jaydrath to show it to duryodhan saying the pandavas no more will spare anyone now n elope for there.

Duryodhan n mamashri finds jaydrath but find no one else there.

Duryodhan is still thinkingon how did pandavas eloped , mamashri says don’t ask who ask where n we have to find them before their vanvas ends, duryodhan says u have failed mamashri again on mamashri says it was pandavas luck n remember one thing u don’t have strength to fight against the pandavas n to defeat the pandavas u don’t need strength of not oneman but a very big army, a big army to defeat the pandavas on this duryodhan says i no more trust ur words mamashri i want war, mamashri says of coarse there will be war after one year wen the pandavas wil kill us so now we have to find the pandavas befor the end of this year …

Precap: Mamashri asks the soldiers to find the vir(mighty) pandavas n the worlds most beautiful lady…!!!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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