Ek Boond Ishq 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 17th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
The video turns off. Kala says to surraiya should I slap you now ?
Guru ji comes to mj and says wow this was so pleasant. He says lets see what happens next. Guru ji asks how you figured that kala is gonna attack today ? He says when I found that i left my eyebrow there I knew she won’t wait. Guru ji says the real fight will start now. He says the tears that she has given to my tara and my family, will be multiplied by hundred for her. She will be insulted like she did to my family. Guru ji says you will win for sure.

Scene 2
Kala is so angry. She is hitting the tables. She says I never faced this much insult. Their leader is moving 4 steps ahead from us. Tara says listen I did what you asked for, I took you to their place. Now kill me. Kala says you must have enjoyed my insult. Must be so pleasant for you. Are you with them ? Tara says why would I ask you to kill me if I was with them. Won’t have I just fled ? Kill me kala. He knows that I took you there, he won’t leave me. Before him you should kill me. Kala says death is certain for you, You have already transferred the property to me.
I am shooting you. She points a gun at tara. Tara holds it to her forehead and says shoot me here so I can die in a moment. Kala says now you will tell me. I won’t shoot you. Kala says okay lets make a deal tell us the details of the leader. Surraiya says a worker can draw the sketch.

Scene 3
Adi comes to the house. He asks nandu why have you called me here ? She hugs him. SHe says till when will you stay away from me ? Adi says I just divorced meethi nnot made you mine. She says what will you do tell me She is throwing the things away. She throws his and meethi’s photo as well.

TTara is worried how will she tell the details. She takes a breath and start telling randomly. When Tara looks at the sketch it is of mj. Kala says what have you made ? Her worker says I made as she directed me. Kala says what is this tara ? Kala knows everything. You have not seen their leader. That is why you got scared when I asked you to tell his facial details. And then you told details of this dead man. I am doing you have favor I am sending you to your husband. Kala asks surraiya to take her to the jungle and cut her into pieces. Kala says killing with ease is not the style of kala. That is why kala is famous in south.
Nandu shouts at adi and says you hit me ? Well you touched me if we look it from the other way. Adi is leaving. She says stop do what I said. I gave you money but you’re not agreeing. I have to show the divorce papers to jairaj. You will be punished. I knew what I had to do if you bounce from your promise.

Scene 4
Guru ji asks mj what are you thinking? He says Kala want tara to draw my sketch. He says tara haven’t seen you. He says that’s the problem when she will figure out that tara hasn’t seen me she will become useless kala. Guru says so its the next step time. We should semd the lawyer to rudra. Mj asks did the spy tell you where tara is ?
Tara is bound with a tree and surraiya and her mate are getting the axe ready. The wear the rain coat.

Scene 5
Meethi gives jairaj tomato soup. Mirmala tells him that meethi has developed a kitchen garden most of the vegetable come from there. He says she is the best part of our family. Nandu comes and says why are you saying that to the who is not part of this family. Adi comes in. Nandu says ask her what she has been hiding from you. She gives him the file. He says I have seen them already. Nandu says look at them once again. He is dazed to see the signatures. Nandu says did you see them before ? He holds his heart. Meethi goes running to get the water.

Scene 6
kala is dancing in the lounge. He looks at dada ji’s picture and says the kala you always concealed own this whole house. The same kala is the owner of this house. Can you stop me now ? I can do whatever you want ? Yeah sometime she has to become rudra but with my own will. The lawyer is coming to me. I know he is coming to congratulate me legally. If you had accepted me you won’t be on this wall.
The lawyer comes in. Rudra says you must have received the papers. I will sign them. He says those papers are useless for now. According to your dad’s will tara can’t transfer the property to everyone before six months. Rudra asks what if something happens to tara before that ? He says that’d be even worse. If she dies then it will all go to a trust.

Precap-Surraiya and her mate are moving towards tara. Rudra is calling them over and over again but their phone are out of reach.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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