Ek Boond Ishq 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 16th January 2014 Written Update

LIVE Update

The epi starts with Radha uttering MJ’s name in sleep. Kala also near her. She wakes and says to let her go she wants to prove MJ innocent. She asks kaka whether he is with rp/kala and he won’t leave u after the job is done. She pleads to let go

Tara sees MJ’s clothes missing and wonders where he went. Ts comes and asks about MJ. She says his wounds are not properly healed and he went out. Ts says first she must heal the wounds in his life and ask to go and take him

MJ taking to his person to find proof against rp. Tara hears all this she hides before MJ cud see her. She looks disturbed.

Lawyer abd ts talk about the case. Ts shows him the proof of flight ticket. Nimmy hears all this and is worried. Tara comes abd says to do

everything fast as MJ wants to go back to jail she asks to tc of the proof properly.
Rp in car removing the kala attire. Nimmy calls rp and tell him about the proof and she is worried. She asks him to find the person who attacked them in rally and only he can di that. Rp says she is right and only gr can find it. MJ’s car was following him all along. He sees enuches opening the door for him and him going inside abd wonders what enuch are doing with him. He tries to go inside but is stopped by the security who says its private place.
MJ calls his person and asks to find rp relation with enuch

Tara waiting for MJ she thinks its MJ when adi comes. He introduces his friends to Tara. Meethi shows Tara the dishes she cooked. Tara asks joseph to take the dishes and to give to his wife abc kids. Tara asks her to listen to her.

Adi intro meethi to his frnds and praises her cooking. Meethi tells him she din make the food and gives the idea to have food frm outside. Adi agrees meethi happy and tells Tara she wishes MJ gives her all the love. Tara sad thinking what’s the use if love when he wants to leave her and go to jail. (All like to bless Tara for MJ’s love)

Coming up. Tara has MJ’s sketches of a girl. Don’t think she noticed it

Police gets Tara’s bag and gun. Frm tge rally siteThe senior officer asks di find the owner of the bag. Omg Tara in trouble.

MJ in his room. Vasu comes abd asks whether he has headache. MJ says he will miss her. Vasu asks whether he going somewhere and understands what he is saying. She says that he won’t leave her abd go and ts is trying to fix the puzzle Tara hears all this and is happy

(If adis frnds misbehave with vasu then MJ is sure gonna get angry but don’t think they will be showed again)

Tara comes to him and asks about his missing clothes and aHa whether he’s packed them for going back. She gets angry on him for his talks of going back to jail and takes his bag to take everything out. In between this his sketches spreads all over the room. Tara collects it. It’s a painting of a girl. She says she will get the proof to prove his innocence holding the painting. Neither Tara or MJ notice this. Epi ends

Precap. Police officer calls rp to tell him about the bag and that it belongs to Tara rp is happy hearing this. (Now Tara is in trouble MJ won’t sit back. Tara might also repeat the dialogues MJ said ki mujhe jail Jana hai. She might use his own medicine against him

Detail update will follow later..

Update Credit to: Dilsha

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  1. Ohh
    Me god.
    Oh I don’t want mj to go jail and tara to be in trouble
    Hope rp/ka gets caught soooooooner

      1. Also nothing happens to Radha

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